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Lance Storm Hated WCW’s Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title Name, Talks Winning Three Titles In Succession

October 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lance Storm WCW

Lance Storm memorably won three titles in short order in WCW and recalled the situation during a new interview with Fightful. Storm captured the United States, Cruiserweight and Hardcore Titles in 2000 one right after the other, then renamed them to the Canadian, 100 Kilos And Under and Saskatchewan Hardcore International Titles. Storm talked about hating the name of the latter (the SHIT) and more in the interview, highlights and video of which are below:

On the WCW Hardcore Title being renamed the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title: “I hated that name.”

On winning the United States, Cruiserweight and Hardcore Titles in quick succession: “Well, the thing is, that was never pitched to me. Because they were making it up as they went along. So, it’s, ‘Okay, you’re going to win the US title.’ ‘Okay, cool.’ That one I knew about several days ahead because Johnny Ace, who was the agent at the time for it, he called me with, ‘You’re getting a big push, you’re winning this tournament. We need to come up with what your finisher is going to be.’ ‘Cause I had been using the half-crab up until that and he was undecided or unsure whether he would be able to convince all of these guys to tap. So, he was thinking we should probably do a pinfall finisher. But, after several minutes of debate he was finally like, ‘Ah, screw it, I’ll just make them all tap out.’ I was like, ‘Okay.’

On winning the Hardcore Title: “I think it [was] the day before, because I know there was still argument going on. Because Big Vito, who I beat for the Hardcore title, he was really tight with Russo and he had talked to Russo the day before and at that point I was beating him in a US title match on Nitro and he was beating me in a Hardcore match on Thunder or vice versa. We were each going to defend our titles against each other and successfully retain. It was that day of that they decided, ‘No, let’s put two titles on Lance.’ Because he was arguing and complaining about having to lose the title at the show.”

On having to carry all three titles around: “So, it was last minute that they decided that and the other one I found out, again, an hour before it happened. So, I never had a chance for anything to sink in. It’s just boom-boom-boom. It’s like, ‘Oh, okay.’ So, you’re busy doing the job and you don’t really think about it until you have to go to the airport and realize you have three title belts in your carry-on and security is going to be a real nightmare.”

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