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Lance Storm Has One Match He Wants to Do Before He Retires

October 25, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lance Storm

Lance Storm says he isn’t entirely done with his in-ring career, with at least one match left on his docket. Storm spoke with Fightful Select and said that he doesn’t consider himself full retired yet and still plans to complete his pact with Chris Jericho to have their last matches together, if Jericho is down for it.

Storm and Jericho have both noted in the past that they agreed to do a last match together to bookend their careers, as they had their first match together. Storm mentioned it as recently as back in April. He told Fightful that he still feels great despite not having wrestled in public since 2016 and is open to the match.

Storm also discussed his voiceover cameo in an upcoming episode of Corner Gas, noting that it is a new experience for him as his previous voiceover work just consisted of recording grunts and taunts for Acclaim’s ECW game.