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Lance Storm Shares Story of Vince McMahon Thinking He Was Dead

June 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lance Storm

– Vince McMahon thought that Lance Storm was dead in 2010, and Lance Storm shared the story on Friday. Storm posted to Twitter to recall that he’s been labeled as dead by Wikipedia twice, and that at one point even Vince McMahon thought it was true.

In the Twitter thread, which you can see below, Storm said that McMahon confused him for Lance Cade, who died that year. Storm said that he was on vacation and got messages from Dave Meltzer that McMahon had called him to talk about Storm’s death. Storm noted that he was confused at the time as to why McMahon would want to talk to Meltzer about it, speculating that Vince thought the industry would be “doomed” if Storm died young due to drugs: