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Latest Details on Raw Talent Meeting, Who Reportedly Spoke

November 7, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– The now-infamous talent meeting at Raw addressing the Saudi Arabia travel issues has some newly-reported details. The WON has the details from the meeting, which as previously reported saw Vince McMahon reiterate that the issues were due to mechanical failure and weren’t about issues with Saudi Arabia owing them money.

According to the WON, no one asked questions when McMahon opened up the floor for questions nor did they say anything about the story that was told. The site reports that there was a “feeling” among some talent that speaking negatively wouldn’t help. Randy Orton is said to have said something to break the tension and McMahon said, “Anybody else want to just kiss my ass?” As the meeting was about to wrap, Triple H reportedly called out Karl Anderson for his joke on Twitter about who was going to be the locker room leader on Monday. Anderson didn’t say much in response.

AJ Styles is said to have spoken, but not much, while Rusev mostly thanked Mark Carrano for getting hotel rooms quickly booked for while the talent was stranded. Outside of that, not much was said to be spoken about during the meeting.

As noted earlier in the week, the Observer apologized retracted a report that Seth Rollins had given a “rah rah” speech during the meeting.

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