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Leighty’s 205 Live Report 06.05.20

June 5, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s 205 Live Report 06.05.20  

-One of the positives from the lack of sports is the networks having to replay classic games and it’s given me a chance to watch and record a lot of stuff featuring Pitt, 49ers, Pirates and Pens. For instance, tonight I was able to watch the Penguins clinch their second Stanley Cup in 1992 with a game 4 win in Chicago. That has me in a good mood and now it’s on to 205 Live which I’ve enjoyed covering the last few weeks. Let;s get to it!

-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Oney Lorcan vs. Tehuti Miles

-Last week Miles pulled off the upset of Birch and now he gets to face his partner. Lorcan shoots for the leg, but Miles gets to the ropes to break. Lorcan then looks for an arm, but is shoved off to keep him at bay. A lockup and Lorcan immediately gets a takedown into a head scissors, but Miles is able to kip up to escape. He makes the mistake of fixing his hair and eats a heavy shot. Hasn’t anyone learned from Disco Inferno? Miles decides to bail and he gets into a shouting match with Birch. Lorcan sneaks up from behind and decks him before sending him back into the ring. Some nasty chops from Lorcan, but Miles is able to get a flapjack to turn the tide. Miles pounds away in the corner and uses his boot to wash Lorcan across the face. Miles is very deliberate here as he kicks away and uses the middle rope to choke Lorcan. He kisses his elbow, drops a couple and then goes back to showboating with his hair. Lorcan takes advantage with a strike, but he is still a bit out of it as Miles gets in a kick to the chest. A neckbreaker gets a two count as this one is kind of losing steam. Miles gets another two count off a back elbow and then goes to work on the arm as I guess the pace was too fast. The arm wringer is turned into an armbar as Lorcan is then able to fight to his feet. The comeback is cut off by a knee to the midsection. Miles talks trash and fires off chops which only angers Lorcan. He fires up with chops of his own and then a charge into the corner connects. Miles gets a roll up and uses the tights like last week, but Lorcan is out at two as the ref catches the pull of the tights. Lorcan then gets his own roll up and uses the tights to get the win at 7:47.

Winner: Oney Lorcan via pin at 7:47
-I wasn’t a fan of this as it was just an average match that seemed to drag. Miles still needs some work and working with Lorcan and Burch will help him. The ending played off last week, but roll-ups are becoming a tiring trend on his show. I want CW to finish matches in impressive fashion. **

-This past week on NXT Swerve got a win over Nese even with Gallagher trying to distract him. We get Gallagher vs Swerve later on tonight.

-Hype video for Edge/Orton as they use “The Greatest Show” reimagied from Panic at The Disco. My wife has the movie soundtrack and I have heard that so much that even I had to accept it was great and will catch myself singing songs from it often.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

-I like when guys have nicknames part of their ring name and we need more of that. Cautious start as Swerve avoids some leg kicks. Gallagher is able to grab an arm and controls easily with his catch wrestling style. Swerve is able to counter to a short arm scissor as Gallagher basically had to feed him his arm. Gallagher escapes rather easily but lets Swerve get to is feet and that is more his speed as he delivers a nice middle rope uppercut to the back of Jack’s neck. Back to the top, but Jack rolls away to create distance. Smart! Swerve charges on the apron but gets caught by his boot and pulled into the ring post. Nice spot! Gallagher shows some nice aggression and toys around by laying the boots into Swerve’s face. Jack throws some rights and then works the body, but Swerve fires back with strikes of his own. House Call follows, but Jack is able to roll to the floor. Swerve heads to the apron and delivers a running kick to the face. Back inside we go and Swerve springs into a roll into a Flatliner for two. Yes kicks to the chest but Jack suckers him in and catches him with a guillotine. Swerve is able to stay on his feet and powers into a brainbuster to break. Sweet! A blind charge from Swerve eats an elbow. Jack heads up top, but Swerve meets him up there. He looks for a belly to back, but Jack floats over on the way down for a nice near fall. Jack fires off some more elbow strikes and rolls into an amrbar, but Swerve rolls with him and turns it into a roll-up for the pin at 9:13.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pin at 9:13
-I enjoyed this as they got a decent amount of time and built things into a good match. Jack is fun with his catch style and ground work but knows how to keep it interesting and not just a rest hold. I like the fire Swerve has been showing and this was fun overall. Again though, enough with the roll-up wins. ***

-Nese is out and attacks Swerve to keep that story going. Jack makes me laugh by talking trash to Swerve as he lays out on the floor.

-We go back to NXT as The CW Tournament concluded with:

WWE Cruiserweight Title Tournament Finals: Drake Maverick vs. El Hijo Del Fantasma

-A handshake to start, but Fantasma tries to take advantage as he gets a near fall off a roll-up. That was actually a great move as he used Drake’s emotion against him. They do some mat work and it ends in a stalemate. A lock-up and again neither man can get an advantage. Back to the ground as Fantasma gets an armbar followed by a monkey flip and then a crucifix pin for two. Maverick gets separation to regain his composure as the story is him trying to get out of his own head and into the task at hand. Drake snaps off a head scissors that sends Fantasma to the floor. They fight down there and Drake gets a rolling dive off the apron as that leads to a commercial break for USA, but this is the WWE Network. So we are back immediately with both men in the ring as Maverick hits a missile dropkick which sends Fantasma to the floor. Drake follows and gets caught with a sit-out powerbomb on the floor. He sells the pain like a champ as his screaming in agony is on point! Fantasma targets the injured back and that leads to a Romero Special and then into a pin attempt but both men had their shoulders down, so Fantasma releases. Backdrop Driver gets a two count and a second one is escaped. Drake avoids a knee in the corner and tries to come off the middle rope, but gets caught in a Boston Crab. Drake talking shit on himself is great as he yells at himself not to say quit. These PC guys and girls must love Drake because the heat for this has been better than anything I’ve seen from the “crowd” since the WWE started this. Fantasma goes back to the sit-out powerbomb, but Drake is out at two again. Drake continues to give himself a pep talk and decides to slap Fantasma in the face. That wasn’t smart as he continues the damage to the back. Drake finally fires up with a clothesline out of the corner. He goes nuts with crazy fists in the corner and gets a bulldog. He heads up top and drops an elbow for two. They fight on the top rope and both hit the floor after a headbutt from Drake. The masked men who have been kidnapping people are out and Drake takes both out with a dive. That is his downfall as back in the ring he eats a kick and The Phantom Driver gets Fantasma the Cruiserweight Title at 11:31 (shown).

Winner and New WWE Cruiserweight Champion: El Hijo Del Fantasma via pin at 11:31
-This was a lot of fun and had a fantastic story. I loved Drake being jittery early and then doing everything he could to fire himself up to stay in the match. He took a beating, but stayed in the fight and a lapse in focus cost him in the end. Fantasma winning was the right choice and we will see what he can do as the focus of the division. ***1/2

-After the match Drake sells that his WWE run is over as he sheds some tears while the PC crew chants “Thank You Drake.” As he heads up the ramp, HHH comes out to offer him a NXT contract for the happy ending. I enjoyed this moment and I know people are angered and disgusted they would use this as a storyline considering people lost their jobs during a pandemic. My thoughts are yes, it sucked the WWE let people go, but perhaps they did offer some of them a job back and Drake may have been the only one to take the offer at a lesser amount. Some of the other guys may have just been happy to get out of the WWE and others might be content with staying and waiting for something new.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
More of the same as this was a no nonsense, straight wrestling show. The opening match was disappointing, but Jack/Swerve was good and showing the CW Finals in full was appreciated. That match helped the rating here as it was a very good match and was a fine way to end this show.

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