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Leighty’s 205 Live Report 9.04.20

September 4, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s 205 Live Report 9.04.20  

-Uso vs Reigns for The Universal Title? I’ll buy it and I am sure Reigns will destroy him in impressive fashion to get the heel run over by crushing a member of his family. As for 205 Live, let’s get to it!

-Commentary Team: Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak
-WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Ariya Daivari vs. Tehuti Miles

-Daivari made his return to 205 Live a few weeks ago and delivered a very good match. Tehuti sporting a fanny pack as he makes his way to the ring. Miles is coming off a loss to Kendrick last week. Daivari lands a jab to start and then tells Miles to bring it if he wants to face a veteran. A second jab and then a few more send Miles to the mat. Daivari has seemingly talked a bit too much trash as Miles is heated. He hits Daivari with a back elbow and then beats him down in the corner with rights and kicks. Miles hits a shoulder to the ribs in each corner as Daivari is apparently sorry now. Daivari reverses a whip and sends Miles to the floor. Tehuti gets a trip, but Daivari kicks off sending Miles crashing into the announce table. Daivari gets the mount and lands more strikes. A neckbreaker gets two, so Daivari goes to a chinlock. Miles gets to his feet to break and sends Daivari across the ring. Daivari catches him with a lariat though. Nice! Miles snaps off a DDT to leave both men down. Miles springs to his feet and throws off leg kicks and forearms. Nice spinebuster gets two for Miles. This one is getting good! They fight up top where Miles shoves off. He misses a leap as he tweeks his knee on the way down. Miles gets a quick backslide for two and then another quick pin for two. Daivari drops him with a superkick and then the hammerlock lariat finishes at 6:19.

Winner: Ariya Daivari via pin at 6:19
-This was solid and was kicking into another gear as it came to a close. I love the aggressive nature from both guys and it was just a hard hitting CW match. **3/4

-After the match Daivari offers a hand and then pulls it away to show up Miles.

-Back to NXT Super Tuesday where Breezango and Swerve knocked off Legado Del Fantasma. Swerve vs. Escobar continues to build.

Mansoor vs. Colby Corino

-Yes, that is Steve Corino’s son as there is something else to make me feel old. Gulak is proud to say he broke Colby’s arm in one of his first matches in the business. Mansoor controls an arm, but gets caught with a back elbow. They do a leapfrog sequence and it goes badly for Corino as he gets caught with a clothesline. To the corner Mansoor throws some forearms and then a running clothesline in the opposite corner. A nasty middle rope bulldog drops Corino on the top of his head for two. Monsoor takes a nasty fall of his own as Corino gets in a shot to send Mansoor crashing from the top rope. Corino gets a bit of offense, but Monsoor escapes an abdominal stretch. Northern Light Suplex into a rough looking top rope assisted neckbreaker. Mansoor finishes with the Electric Chair into the DVD at 3:16.

Winner: Mansoor via pin at 3:16
-Seems the new format is to give us one SQUASH a week to get some people over while using younger guys as enhancement talent. Corino took some nasty bumps in this one, but got to show a little. Mansoor stays undefeated. SQUASH

-Recap of Ever-Rise losing to Lorcan and Burch last week and apparently they have beef with Vic Joseph so a rematch is set for tonight.

Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel) vs. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan

-Daivari joins us on commentary and is wondering why it took 4 years to invite him to the desk. Martel threatens Joseph as Ever-Rise makes their way around the ring. Parker starts as they keep Burch in their corner with frequent tags. Sadly for them Lorcan gets the tag and he runs through both members of the team. Lorcan gets a two count, but Parker breaks up the fall to regain the advantage for his team. Martel gets the tag and drops an elbow to the top of Lorcan’s head. Tag back to Parker who gets a two count and then goes to a wristlock. Lorcan gets to his feet, but gets tossed into the buckles and then stomped in the corner. Lorcan charges out but Martel cuts off the tag. Ever-Rise double team with the step up elbow drop and then get in a cheap shot on Burch on the apron. Ever-Rise double team again and nearly get the win, but Burch breaks up the count at just the last moment. The hot tag is made to Burch and he dominates everyone. A middle rope dropkick barely gets a piece of Martel. German suplex and then a clothesline gets a two count. The tag is made back to Lorcan and they look to double team, but Legado Del Fantasma is here with steel chairs to destroy both teams.

Result: No Contest at 5:31
-This was an adequate tag match that was about the same as they other times these teams have faced each other. The non ending was fine as the goal was to get more heat on LDF and set up challengers for the NXT Tag Titles down the line. **

-LDF decimates everyone and even uses duct tape to shut Martel’s mouth. They do the same to Parker and cover his eyes with tape as well. LDF stands tall as we close.

-Look for Talking Smack tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading!

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The 411
Solid show, but the new 3 match format has dropped the in ring quality a little bit. I do like that they are giving storylines and angles to these guys now which gives some purpose to what is happening. Just a fine show overall that has nothing must see, but as always is an easy watch. Shockingly, Main Event gets the nod this week in the battle of the two shows.

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