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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 06.14.24

June 14, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE NXT Level Up Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 06.14.24  

-Announce Team: Blake Howard and Byron Saxton
-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino (w/ Adrianna Rizzo) vs. Shiloh Hill and Jasper Troy

-This is Hill’s debut and he is a former starting linebacker at Stanford. Obviously, a smart man as well as they aren’t just letting anyone into Stanford. Byron notes that Hill has three degrees including a Masters from Stanford. Hill gets caught with an armbar by Luca and punches his way out. He eats a punch in the corner and a tag brings Stacks into the ring. Hill gets tangled in the ropes which lets Stacks unload with forearms. Luca back in with a slingshot punch to the back of the head. CRISS CROSS as Hill doesn’t see the blind tag. All four men end up in the ring. Double Dropkick from The Family. Modified WAZZUP Drop from The Family. Troy enters and has had enough as he throws Stacks around the ring. Splash to the back in the corner. Stacks gets caught with a goozle and gets run into the corner. Hill and Troy with a double chokeslam into a backbreaker for two. Solid belly to back suplex from Hill, who we learn is only 8 months into his training. Jawbreaker from Stacks to drop Troy. Hot tag to Luca and he runs wild. Powerslam, but things get sloppy as Troy makes the save. Hill at 5:55.

Winner: The D’Angelo Family via pin at 5:55
-I wasn’t feeling this one as the crowd was kind of subdued and things just didn’t flow. It just seemed disjointed, but that happens with debuts. *

-Kendal Grey gets promo time. She faces Izzi Dame tonight!

-WWE Shop commercial!

-Clash at The Castle! Tomorrow!

Izzi Dame vs. Kendal Grey

-Grey still looking for that first victory! Dame pushes Grey into the corner and then tosses her across the ring. Grey tries to use her amateur background but Dame controls with her size. Slam from Dame, but she misses an elbow. Now Grey is able to take it to the mat as she controls the arm. Dame reverses a whip and sends Grey into the corner not once, but twice. That second one looked rough as Grey went forehead first into the buckle. Dame with Snake Eyes and Grey nearly kills herself as she goes flying off the buckle and to the floor. Dear Lord! Luckily she was able to grab the top rope to slow down her fall. The ref bails to the floor to check on her, but it seems she is okay. Back in the ring Dame works the arm as the crowd tries to rally Grey. She flips out of a suplex attempt and gets a backslide for the upset pin at 4:12.

Winner: Kendal Grey via pin at 4:12
-Good moment for Grey. They made the most of their four minutes but there were a few times I was concerned for Grey’s safety. *1/2

-Dame attacks after the match, but Karlee Bright is out to make the save.

-ECW gets the bio treatment on A&E this Sunday.

-NXT Heatwave is July 7th in Toronto! That is my mother’s birthday and is also the day Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the nWo at Bash at The Beach 96.

Andre Chase (w/ Ridge Holland) vs. Lucien Price (w/ Bronco Nima)

-It’s always good to see Chase back in the ring and it seems this is Price’s first ever singles match. Well, it makes sense having Chase in there with him. Price uses his power to start, so Chase uses his speed and experience. He sucks Price into the corner and hits a kick. He follows with a head scissors from the middle rope and then a Cannonball off the apron. Nice! LUCHA U! Holland gets too amped up and Chase has to calm him down, which lets Price get in a shot and hit a belly to back suplex on the apron. Back in the ring Price continues to work the back and gets a two count. Chase tries a clothesline and there is nothing behind it. Price with a release Rock Bottom and a running lariat in the corner. Price buries a knee to the back and hooks the chin as he looks for a submission. Chase is able to escape and goes after the knee. He throws kicks to the back of the knee and follows with a chop. Dropkick to the knee! Side Russian Leg Sweep! CHASE U STOMP! That’s the good stuff! Chase heads up, but Price avoids and hits a superkick for two. The crowd is into this one! Price with a running shoulder in the corner and he tosses Chase across the ring. He misses a second charge and Chase heads up again. Cross-body gets the win at 5:47.

Winner: Andre Chase via pin at 5:47
-Solid match as you would expect with Chase. Price looked good with his power moves and Chase kept things flowing. It’s good to have seasoned veterans to work with these kids. **1/4

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
The Main Event was solid and the rest not so much. Good moment for Grey though as she gets that elusive first win.

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