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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 9.09.22

September 9, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE NXT Level up Ikemen Jiro vs. Channing Stacks Lorenzo Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 9.09.22  

-Welcome to another edition of NXT Level Up. A quick plug or two from me as you can find my recap of the latest This is Awesome episode here, and my review of ECW Hardcore Heaven 97 here. Also since this is Friday I will again give a shout-out to my Uniontown Red Raiders who beat Carrick this afternoon for their second straight win. My high school has struggled for some time and it’s the first time they have won back to back games since 2011. Way to go Red Raiders! Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Bodhi Hayward (w/ Andre Chase and Thea Hail) vs. Charlie Dempsey

-Bodhi times the bell and lands some right hands as soon as it sounds. It seems these two have had issues in recent weeks on NXT as Dempsey was brought into Chase U to teach catch wrestling and he went too hard on Hayward. Dempsey controls with a side headlock, but gets shoved off and Bodhi gets a hiptoss. He lands another and lets Dempsey know he is dealing with Chase U. Again, the student section for these Chase U matches is a wonderful touch. Dempsey gets a hammerlock on the ground, but Dempsey gets to his head and tries to break a wristlock with a monkey flip, but Bodhi maintains the hold. Dempsey counters his way out, but Bodhi reverses into an armbar. Dempsey counters that, but Hayward turns it right back. Dempsey gets a Fireman’s Carry Slam, but Bodhi maintains wrist control. Finally Dempsey breaks and he talks chase to Andre on the floor. Suplex gets a one count so Dempsey goes to a standing, twisting armbar. Nigel drops some NWA Title history at Comiskey Park as I continue to love all the announcers bringing up all the history. Dempsey gets another gut-wrench suplex and this one gets two. Dempsey goes back to the twisting armbar, but Bodhi catches Dempsey and traps the arm. Dempsey rolls over and escapes. He pours down with hammer fists and then some knees to the ribs. They start exchanging forearms and Heyward hits a lariat. He gets the running shoulder tackle and again before hitting a standing splash for two. Dempsey transitions into a Fujiwar armbar, but Heyward rolls through which Dempsey rolls into a knee bar. This is fantastic! Dempsey transitions than into STF and he stares down Chase as Bodhi has no choice but to tap at 7:52.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey via submission at 7:52
-This was wonderful as I loved the transitions and counters to other holds. Dempsey just kept waiting Heyward out and ground him until he couldn’t escape. ***

-WWE, Connor’s Cure and V Foundation commercial! TAKEDOWN CANCER!

Valentina Feroz vs. Sol Ruca

-Lockup to start and Ruca controls with a headlock that she takes to the mat. Feroz rolls for a cover, but Ruca rolls back before the ref can even count one. They trade side headlocks before Ruca gets it back to the mat. Feroz kicks off, but Rucan cartwheels over her and goes back to the side headlock. That goes on for a bit before Feroz gets a judo throw. She works the arms and shoulders with a submission. Ruca tries to bridge out, but Feroz yanks her back down. Ruca rolls over and gets arm control which goes for a bit. She gets a Fireman’s Carry into a slam and bounces Feroz off the mat a few times while controlling the arm. Feroz goes for the armbar, but Ruca just lifts her off the mat. Feroz slides down and gets a sleeper. She charges and hits a shotgun dropkick and then one to the knee. One charge too many as Ruca catches her. Feroz slides out of another Fireman’s Carry and gets a backslide for the win at 5:55.

Winner: Valentina Feroz via pin at 5:55
-Very slow to start and get going when Feroz went on offense at the end. Feroz has had more matches on this show and thus looked the better of the two. Okay match! *

-This is Awesome commercial!

-Paul Heyman Extreme Rules commercial!

IKEMEN JIRO vs. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo (w/ Tony D’Angelo)

-Watermelon Jacket from JIRO tonight and that gets a “watermelon” chant from the crowd. JIRO clowns around to start which frustrates Stacks. He gets caught with a leg kick, but gets a standing switch. He works the arm and in a creative spot forces Stacks hand into the pocket of his jacket and uses that to twist. Stacks gets the jacket off JIRO and the crowd is angry. We get a tug of war for the jacket and JIRO wins that and uses the jacket to trip Stacks. Back inside the ring, Stacks runs JIRO head first into the top buckle. He tries again, but JIRO gets a roll-up for two. Stacks buries a knee, but JACKET PUNCHES stop that noise. Somehow Stacks isn’t in a coma from all these punches. JIRO gets a cutter and drops a version of a Five Knuckle Shuffle, but with the jacket assisting. Stack gets caught on top and JIRO brings him down. IKEMEN SLASH misses and Stacks hits a running kick to the face for the win at 5:16.

Winner: Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo via pin at 5:16
-IKEMEN is fun and Stacks is gaining experience. This was fine. **

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
The opener was really good and one of the better matches we have had on this show in a while and the rest is about what we have come to expect from this crew and that's not a bad thing. Still an easy 30 minute show to digest as long as you come in knowing what to expect.

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