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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 12.01.23

December 1, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 12.01.23  

-Last week there was no new episode as instead they ran a clip show of matches from earlier in the year. I assume it was all due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Blake Howard
-Taped: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Von Wagner (w/ Mr. Stone) vs. Luca Crusifino

-Luca is 1-0 against Wagner, though he won that match by DQ when Wagner put him through a table. Von dominates early and no sells some chops from Luca. Von mauls him in the corner and hits a discus punch. Luca avoids a charge in the corner, but Wagner drops him with a leaping clothesline. Luca is able to get in a shot and follows with a reverse neckbreaker for one. He catches Von with a back elbow and falls on his ass with him. That gets a two count. He hooks a neck crank as the crowd rallies behind Von. He gets to his feet and punches his way out but Luca fires back with right hands. Von no sells and hits a series of clotheslines. He sets too early on back drop, but no sells the kick and gets a belly to back suplex. Running splash in the corner followed by a double under hook suplex. Rotating Powerbomb finishes at 4:24.

Winner: Von Wagner via pin at 4:24
-Basically a SQUASH and it needed to be, so I am cool with this. I do like the new direction they are going with Wagner. SQUASH

-Brinley Reece gets an interview backstage. She is making her Level Up debut tonight and she was a fitness that helped people become the best version of themselves. That could be a heel gimmick down the line.

-Royal Rumble commercial! Right now I would say the top 3 choices for the Men’s Rumble would be Cody, Punk, and GUNTHER.

-WWE Shop!

Elektra Lopez (w/ Lola Vice) vs. Brinley Reece

-Call Lopez up to be paired with Santos Escobar now! It is the perfect spot for her and a feud with Vega is right there. Lockup and they jockey for position. They collide in the ring and neither budges. Another go and this time Lopez runs Brinley down. Clothesline is ducked twice and Reece gets a flying shoulder followed by an arm-drag into an armbar. Another series of arm-drags and back to the armbar. Reece does some push-ups on Lopez while maintaining the armbar. Lopez breaks and levels Reece with a right hand. She connects with an elbow in the corner and drops another on the mat for two. Lopez uses the top rope to choke and connects with a knee to the face. Basement dropkick gets a two count. Head-butt by Lopez followed by a neckbreaker for two. She hooks a modified Cobra Clutch and that goes on for a bit. Reece fights to get a backslide for a two count. Lopez misses an elbow and Reece makes her comeback. She delivers some elbows and gets a slam. She hits a back flip into a splash that didn’t work the way she likely wanted. A handstand flip into a clothesline looks a lot better. She breaks out a TKO for a two count. Vice gets involved as she grabs the leg and that lets Lopez hit the Choke-Bomb for the pin at 5:10.

Winner: Elektra Lopez via pin at 5:10
-A little rough in spots, but it fit in fine as a debut for Reece. She got to how off her athleticism, but Lopez gets the win in the end. Again, pair her with Santos again! *

-WWE Network on Peacock commercial!

-Next Saturday is NXT Deadline! We will see how much it messes with AEW’s ratings that night.

Tavion Heights vs. Drew Gulak (w/ Dempsey, Kemp, and Borne)

-The three match format is back! This could be good. Lockup and Drew quickly gets a go behind. Heights breaks and cartwheels across the ring. He gets a leg trip and works the ankle. Drew kicks away, but gets slammed down and Heights goes back to the ankle. Rope running sequence ends with Heights getting a slam for two and he goes back to the ankle. Drew kicks his way out and they trade standing switches. Drew uses leverage to run Tavion through the ropes. Borne eats one for the team which lets Dempsey land a forearm to the back. In the ring, Drew hooks a a kneebar and connects with a dropkick to the knee. Gulak with a crossface, but Heights gets to his feet and fights for an inverted atomic drop to break. He gets caught by Gulak on the apron as he drops Heights throat first on the top rope. Drew heads up top and comes off with a clothesline for two. To the corner where Drew lands some punches, but Heights fights back so Drew kicks him in the gut. That just delays the comeback for a second as Heights throws some strikes and gets an overhead throw. Sling blade follows! Heights decks Borne on the apron and throws Dempsey into the ring. Just a mistake by Heights as he gets caught with a rolling elbow for the pin at 6:08.

Winner: Drew Gulak via pin at 6:08
-This was solid as you would expect. Gulak makes everything look easy and I am shocked we don’t get more matches with him and the kids on Level Up. **1/2

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
The SQUASH was kind of fun and the Main Event was solid. The middle match was a little rough, but it was a debut and that's what makes this show a necessity. Easy watch as always!

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