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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Report 8.20.21

August 20, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Report 8.20.21  

-It’s 10:00 PM on Friday night Aug 20th and what better place to be in pro-wrestling right now than watching and recapping 205 Live? Sure, a former host of WWE Backstage is likely stepping back in a ring in Chicago, but that doesn’t compare to 205 Live where weight limits are meaningless now. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Andre Chase vs. Ikemen Jiro

-Skip it, I had to pause and go check out the start of Rampage and yeah, that was something special. I couldn’t stop smiling. Ok, back to work.

Andre Chase vs. Ikemen Jiro

-Lockup to start and Jiro gets an armdrag before running into one from Chase. Another from Chase and then another from Jiro and it’s a stalemate. Jiro offers a hand and Chase shakes it before kicking Jiro in the stomach. Jiro counters a hiptoss into an armdrag and then connects with a rana before sending Chase to the floor. Creative spot as Chase pulls out the ring apron to catch Jiro who tried to sling shot out of the ring. Chase pounds away on a trapped Jiro and rolls him back into the ring for a neckbreaker which gets a one count. Jiro escapes a suplex and lands some right hands. Chase runs into a boot and Jiro heads up, but Chase pulls him down as Jiro take a nice back off the buckle. Nice back elbow from Chase gets a two count. I am digging what Chase is bringing here. Chase goes to a chin bar while hooking the left arm. He brings Jiro to the mat with the hold as the crowd tries to rally their hero in the yellow jacket. Nigel informs us that Chase has called his shot and stated he will win this match with the STF. Jiro creates space and they slug it out in the middle of the ring and Jiro wins that because he has the added effect of his jacket with the punches. Jiro hits a kick from the apron and hits moonsault for two. Chase grounds Jiro again and gets the STF and Nigel is calling this match over. The crowd is solidly behind Jiro, and he gets to his feet and rounds around to send Chase to the floor with the momentum. Jiro connects with double boot and then an Asai Moonsault. Jiro goes back up top and hits the Swanton for two. This is pretty dope! The Ikemen Slash is ducked, but Jiro gets a roll up for two. Jiro hits a sick superkick but then runs into a boot. Double underhook powerbomb from Chase gets a two count. Chase sends Jiro to the corner and hits some chops before both men head up top. The superplex is blocked and Jiro starts to punch away. Sunset flip powerbomb is blocked as Chase ties Jiro’s long hair to the top rope. That’s genius, but Jiro escapes and catches a charging with The Ikemen Slash for the pin at 9:52.

Winner: Ikemen Jiro via pin at 9:52
-This was easily one of the best matches we’ve had on 205 Live in quite some time. Definitely check this one out as they had some creative spots and hit each other hard. I definitely want to see more of Chase and Jiro is so over with the NXT crowd that he needs to be featured more. ***1/2

-SummerSlam Commercial for Roman/Cena

Grayson Waller vs. Joe Gacy

-This is obviously a non divisional match due to Gacy’s size, but let’s see what they can do here. Gacy tries to maul Waller to start and he uses his quickness to escape before complaining about a hair pull to the ref. Gacy gets a side headlock and takes it to the mat. Waller counters to a head scissors and Gacy escapes easily. Waller tries to run Gacy over and that doesn’t seem smart. Gacy knocks Waller down and gets a body slam and hiptoss followed by a judo toss. He goes back to the mat and Waller gets to the ropes and bails. He uses as much of the count as he can and once back in lulls Gacy into the corner and lands a kick to the gut. Gacy gets his hands on Waller and again goes to the side headlock. Waller counters to a clinch and delivers some knees. Gacy lands some chops and gets some more in the corner. Waller throws hands back and goes back the knees from the clinch. Big chop from Gacy followed by a forearm to the fact. He misses a pump kick in the corner and Waller connects with a running boot. I will say that Waller has enough size to look believable exchanging strikes in this one. Waller goes to a front facelock as Nigel puts over his MMA experience. Nice dropkick to the knee from Waller and then he uses his foot to choke on the mat. Waller buries a knee in the back while working a chinlock as the crowd tries to rally Gacy. Waller shows some power, but Waller elbows out of a fireman’s carry position. Gacy misses a clotheslines and Waller drops him with a leg trip. Waller comes off the middle rope with the baller elbow drop for two. Waller goes to a body scissor and throws some heavy punches to the back of the head. Nice! Gacy breaks by attacking the ankle, so Waller goes to a sleeper, but Gacy breaks in to the corner like Hogan did to The Iron Sheik. Gacy connects with an overhead belly to belly and then a belly to belly suplex. Gacy clubs away in the corner and hits a spinning Rock Bottom for two. This is wonderful! Waller fights back like a man and hits a spin kick. He shows off the power again with a modified driver. Gacy side steps the leap frog curb stomp. Gacy with a pump kick and then handspring lariat for the win at 9:00.

Winner: Joe Gacy via pin at 9:00
-This was rather good as they hit each other hard and Waller stood in their and went toe to toe with Gacy. ***

-Thanks for reading!!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Best episode in a good while as both matches delivered. Jiro continues to be a bright spot and Chase looked good in the loss and the Main Event was best 205 vs non 205 match we've had since that became a thing. Definitely spend the 30 minutes to check this one out.

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