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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 05.22.20

May 22, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE 205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 05.22.20  

Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review: 05.22.20

-Before I ever became part of the 411 team I was a daily reader and Larry was the person I spent the most time reading. Even after I was brought on the team in 2008, Larry’s reviews were something I would seek out immediately as a show ended. His output was second to none and became the stuff of legends. When I joined 411, Larry was the person that I sought out for any advice and looked at him as my “boss.” He would often go out of his way to throw ideas my way about shows that needed covered and would use reviews of matches I did for special columns the staff would do. I was always honored he did that as his reviews of matches and shows were the standard to which I always tried to reach. I soon realized I couldn’t and opted to go the route of reviewing WWE Network shows and Larry was right there to offer me more. In the last year as Larry had his health issues, I had others from the staff be my contact, but Larry still took care of me as he recommended me for the Backstage gig.

-The best memory I have though is the e-mail I still have that he sent when my son was born in 2017. Larry was a family man and the love for his family was clearly seen by his social media posts. I did coverage of Talking Smack while in the hospital the night my son was born and the e-mail from Larry only wanted to know the details about my son. He knew of the struggles my wife and I had with miscarriages and he was there to listen if I needed someone. I never met the man, but he always told me I was good people because, like him, I was from SW PA. I kind of regret never getting the chance to meet him, but as a fan and then a person that worked with him I feel like I knew him. His writing had a way of making you feel like you knew him and was a source of great enjoyment. Funny enough, I often go back to some of his Hogan Knows Best reviews of all things because I can’t help but crack up laughing. The world lost a great man and the IWC lost the hardest working man in the business. That doesn’t compare though to the loss for his family of a father and husband. My condolences to his family first and to all those that knew him better than me. My heart breaks for everyone that has been affected by his loss whether family, friend, or fan.

-To Larry I say thank you for the years of entertainment and then for letting me write about this crazy business we loved. Thank you for you being a mentor and friend. The IWC world is never going to be the same and I know I will be looking for your reviews out of habit for quite some time. I know it’s going to be hard for you, but rest easy now Boss. You will be sorely missed!”

-Thank you to everyone who read, sent feedback, and commented on my Main Event review. As I mentioned there it is taking a village of writers to cover what Larry did in a week and because of that I am back with my first 205 Live Review. I wanted to do whatever I could to help and picked this show first because of it being on late (like Backstage). With work, a 3 year, and another baby due in Oct, these late shows work best for me and I will always admit WWE shows are much more up my alley. With that said 205 Live wasn’t part of my weekly wrestling routine, so this one should be fun and interesting. I went back and read some of Larry’s recent reviews to get an idea of what I am looking at and it seems things are back to a more normal show instead of showing old matches from the vast library the WWE has. As I mentioned before I’m no Larry, but will do the best in can in reviewing what I can from this crazy pseudo sport we all love. Let’s get to it!

-Location: WWE PC, Orlando, FL
-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Corey Graves

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel)

-I am not familiar with Martel and Parker at all, so this is something new for me. I know they faced off recently on NXT with Burch and Lorcan getting the win. Burch starts with Martel and they lockup to begin. Burch powers to the corner and we get a clean break. Burch goes after Parker on the apron and gets caught from behind. The tag is made to Parker and he gets his leg caught and drug to the corner where a tag is made to Lorcan. He fires away with chops in the corner and again they sound fantastic in the empty PC setting. A tag is made to Martel and Lorcan fires off a forearm and then a chop. He locks in a single leg crab and then all 4 men are in the ring as things get a little sloppy as they crab is broken up. Lorcan then gets trapped in the heel corner and gets stomped down. Parker gets a two count off a neck breaker and goes to dropping elbows to the neck. Martel back in and he goes to a chinlock to ground Lorcan. A strike to the back of the neck continues the damage there. A modified neckbreaker leads to both men being down and a tag is made to each partner. Burch goes wild on Parker and hits a nice release German Suplex. A lariat gets two as Martel breaks up the count. Burch gets caught with a boot in the corner and then eats a double team move for two. Martel sets for a slam, but Burch reverses to a crossface. Parker looks to break, but Lorcan catches him in the crab and with his partner unable to save, Martel taps at 5:47.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan via tap-out at 5:47
-This was fine and Burch looked good. I wasn’t all that impressed on first viewing with Ever-Rise, but it was a sub 6 minute match so there get much of a chance to shine. The right team won and again, overall this was just fine. **

-We go back to NXT to recap the CW Title Tournament. Fantasma knocked off Tozawa to win his Block via the head to head over Tozawa. Drake Maverick got the upset of Kushida to set a 3 way tie in their block. Regal then made the ruling that we will have a Triple Threat next week to decide the winner of that Block: Jake Atlas vs Kushida vs Drake Maverick. The winner gets Fantasma for the Interim Title.

-Last week on NXT Swerve talked crap about Nese being 0 for in the Tournament. That led to Nese attacking him before his match and eventually loss to Jack Gallagher.

Tyler Breeze vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

-Swerve is rather angry and sullen this week. Lock-up to start as they work through an armbar sequence with Breeze getting the upper hand and he poses on the top rope. Back to the lock-up and Scott gets frustrated again. I am kind of liking the story of him getting in his own head about losing recently. Swerve tries a spring to the middle rope, but slips off and eats a kick to the face. I have no clue if that was a botch or just part of the story of Swerve being off his game. Breeze pounds away and gets a two count off a kick to the midsection. A snap suplex gets another two count as the announcers keep harping on Scott being not into this one mentally. A heavy forearm to the back follows and the another, but that seemingly woke Scott up as he is pissed now. He drops Tyler with a right hand and delivers a stomp to Breeze from the apron to the floor. Scott flips into the ring and rolls into what I know as a Flatliner (yes, I’m old) for two. They exchange blows and Swerve leaps off the top, but Breeze hits a kick to the head for two. A suplex is countered by Scott into a back suplex which is then countered by Breeze into a roll-up for two. Swerve gets a dead lift German Suplex for two and is frustrated at not being able to put Breeze away. House Call is missed, but then so is the Super Model Kick. Swerve hits a neckbreaker, but Breeze is right back with the Super Model Kick for two. Things slow down a little as Breeze sells a leg. They battle in the corner and on the middle rope and it ends with Scott hitting The Confidence Boost for the win at 8:43.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott via pin at 8:43
-I liked the story of Scott being off his game due to his poor showing in the CW Tournament. The announcers even brought up Scott was a favorite going in to his block. Breeze is always solid and works well with anyone seemingly. They didn’t get a ton of time, but did well with what they had. Scott finding himself after taking some heavy blows was nice and from there they had a fun closing stretch. The ending seemed a little anti-climatic, but I enjoyed this. ***

-That wraps up the show this week as I was expecting something longer than 30 minutes, but it was an easy watch. Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
My first experience with 205 Live since the show started and it was a decent way to spend 30 minutes. The tag match was your average tag match with the right winners and Burch looking good. The final match had a fun story and a good closing stretch. Again, this was an easy watch with a good "Main Event" and an average tag match.

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