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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 06.19.20

June 19, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 06.19.20  

-Welcome to your weekly 205 Live Review. Just when you thought things in 2020 couldn’t get any crazier in 2020, we get the past 24 hours in the world of pro-wrestling. As it relates to 205 Live Jack Gallagher was released by the WWE and he has been a fixture on this show. Let’s just get to it!

-Of note, Jack is still included in the show opening, but I assume they didn’t get a chance to change it yet.

-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Oney Lorcan (w/ Danny Burch) vs. Chase Parker (w/ Matt Martel)

-This feud continues! Lockup to start and as usual we get some mat wrestling and exchanging of holds. Chase works an arm, but Lorcan escapes and reverses rather easily. He hooks in a side headlock as Parker needs three attempts to break, but gets mowed down when he finally does. Chase delivers a knee to the midsection, and sends Lorcan to the corner. Lorcan fires off some chops and Parker rolls to the apron to break. Martel talks trash from the floor which gives Parker an opening. He drops an elbow across the back of the neck for two and then chokes away on the middle rope. A single footed dropkick gets another near fall. Parker grounds Lorcan with a hammerlock and adds in some small joint manipulation. Lorcan gets to his feet and backs the fight into the corner to get a break. He catches a running Parker coming in with an inverted atomic drop and then adds the standard version. Oney gets caught charging in as Parker gets his feet up. He heads up top, but gets caught with another inverted atomic drop on the way down. Rick Rude would appreciate all of this! A reeling Parker gets cut with a running European uppercut and a Blockbuster finishes at 5:06.

Winner: Oney Lorcan via pin at 5:06
-Just an average match that Lorcan won rather easily. I am still waiting for them to turn these guys loose, but instead it’s the same match with partners interchanged. At least Lorcan won with something besides a roll-up. **

-Malcom Bivens is out after the match to distract Bruch and Lorcan and Ever Rise gets the chance to attack them from behind to continue this feud. Bivens calls out his monsters (Rinkuh and Saurav) and obviously they don’t fit the 205 Live mold. They destroy Lorcan and Burch and looked rather impressive in doing so. Fun fact Rinkuh is a former Pittsburgh Pirates pitching prospect (and winner of Million Dollar Arm which Disney turned into a movie) and I kind of marked out when I realized who he was when he debuted.

-Hype video for Santos Escobar and the trio he is leading now.

-Back to NXT as Escobar explains his actions and his reason for ditching the mask. Maverick interrupts and goes right on the attack even though he is outnumbered. Maverick gets in a few shots, but soon gets blitzed and takes a Phantom Driver through a table. That looked sick! Maverick gets loaded into an ambulance later that night.

Jake Atlas vs. “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

-Well, this is awkward now! Again, this show was already in the can and I doubt this show is enough on their radar to make edits on such short notice. Also, it should be pointed out it’s just allegations now unless something has changed since his release was announced. This is Atlas’ debut on 205 Live. Lockup to start as is the norm and they fight over a wrist-lock and Atlas turns into an arm-wringer. Gallagher escapes easily and gets in some shots before hooking a side headlock. Atlas rolls through and tries a kick, but Gallagher ducks. Atlas flips a bit and shows off so Gallagher just kicks him in the face. Atlas goes to more flips and uses his speed to keep Gallagher off balance. He connects with an arm-drag and looks for a Falcon Arrow (I think), but Gallagher escapes and drops Atlas over the top rope on his midsection. He fires off some kicks and knees as he looks to ground Atlas. He backs Atlas into the corner and fires off a combination of strikes. An open hand palm to the face follows and then into a Bow and Arrow. Gallagher gets a two count off that. To the corner again and Gallagher snaps off more shots. Atlas fires up and delivers rapid fire chops as Gallagher screams for him to hit him. Now Gallagher is fired up and delivers a shot to the midsection and looks for an armbar. Atlas rolls through to get a pin attempt which forces Gallagher to release the hold. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring and after a reversed Irish whip, Gallagher hooks in an abdominal stretch. Nice as he has worked the abdomen in this match. Atlas escapes with a high angle belly to back suplex and this one is hitting a nice gear. Atlas continues to roll with some clotheslines and springs into a neckbreaker for a sweet near fall. Gallagher gets to the ropes and gets a standing switch, but eats an elbow. Gallagher catches Atlas charging in with a guillotine and is able to get the fight to the mat. Atlas is able to roll and get to the rope, but Gallagher makes sure to use nearly all five seconds before breaking. Atlas tries to create space on the apron, but Gallagher is having none of it as he stomps away and screams at the ref he has until five. Gallagher argues with the ref a bit too much as Atlas fires off a German Suplex and The Rainbow DDT finishes at 8:39.

Winner: Jake Atlas via pin at 8:39
-This was pretty good and the best match I’ve seen since covering 205 Live (not counting the CW Title match from NXT that was shown). Gallagher brought the intensity and heavy strikes while Atlas countered with his speed and flying. The ending came out of nowhere, but again, I’ll take anything over the weeks of rollup finishes we were getting. ***1/4

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a good show thanks to the Main Event and as always is an easy watch at only 30 minutes.

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