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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.24.20

July 24, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE 205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.24.20  

-It’s Friday Night and that means 205 Live! Also means I have to tear myself away from the Pirates season opener and maybe they will get back in this game while I am away. I was also flipping over to SmackDown and I enjoyed the 4 way IC Title #1 contender’s match and it gives us something different. Now back to 205 Live. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph, Drew Gulak
-205 Live Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Leon Ruff vs. Drake Maverick

-Drake is still selling the beating from Santos and his crew in this one which is nice to see. Lockup and into a rollup for two by Ruff. He gets another surprise roll-up that also gets a 2 count. Drake looks flustered as they lock up again. Maverick controls with an armbar into a wringer. He then turns into a hammerlock. Ruff elbows out but can’t follow up as the ref checks on Drake’s nose. Drake is pissed and unleashes a heavy clothesline. He follows with another clothesline and then a leg lariat. In the corner with a forearm then a bulldog followed by a senton to the back. I like angry Drake! Sunset flip bomb and then Drake heads up top. He seems conflicted as he perches up there but then decides to drop the elbow to get the win at 3:46.

Winner: Drake Maverick via pin at 3:46
-This was cool o watch Drake, of all people, squash someone. I liked seeing an aggressive side as the man should be angry considering the beatings he keeps taking. SQUASH

-Commercial for Shop WWE

-Commercial for Taker: Last Ride. Amazing documentary!

-Video package on Swerve and this always help to connect the wrestlers with the fans. More of this please! Swerve talks about his match with Gargano and has a message for Santos as he promises to win the CW Title. Nese and Swerve will apparently be teaming up next week.

Ever-Rise and Tehuti Miles vs. Mansoor, Danny Burch, and Oney Lorcan

-Mansoor and Miles start to continue their rivalry, but Miles wants none of that and tags to Parker. Lock-up to start and Mansoor gets a go behind. Parker reverses and gets a hammerlock. Mansoor escapes with a trip and gets a hiptoss. Martel gets a blind tag, but charges into a hiptoss as well. The tag is made to Lorcan and he controls the arm. Burch is next and we get a double arm wringer. Burch stomps away on the hand and then tags back to Lorcan. He fires off some uppercuts and then an atomic drop. Mansoor gets the tag and he continues the abuse of Martel’s groin with an inverted atomic drop and then a dropkick for two. Mansoor gets caught though and the tag is made to Miles. Now he is ready to fight and fires away with fists. Mansoor fires off a clothesline and everyone is the ring for the big stare down. Things settle back down and Lorcan gets caught in the wrong corner. He gets worked over in the corner by everyone. Parker heads up and drops an elbow from the middle rope. Ever-Rise double team Lorcan including a step up elbow drop for two. Martel goes to a chinlock as he keeps Lorcan on his team’s side of the ring. Parker is back and heads to the middle rope, but one time too many as he eats a boot to the face. Lorcan crawls and makes the hot tag to Burch just as Martel gets the tag. Burch runs wild as he takes out both members of Ever-Rise with a middle rope seated dropkick. Miles charges in and he gets mauled as well. Mansoor gets the tag and they prep for a double team move, but Parker pulls Burch to the outside. Mansoor hits Search and Destroy, but Miles rolls to the floor. Mansoor follows out with a dive. Back in the ring Ever-Rise double Burch, but Lorcan takes them out with a double blockbuster. Back to Mansoor and Miles as Miles slips the springboard neckbreaker. Miles tries for a backslide, but Mansoor rolls through and then gets a roll-up of his own for the pin at 8:10.

Winners: Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Mansoor via Mansoor pin on Miles at 8:10
-This was fun and had the right winner. Mansoor has now pinned Miles on three consecutive shows. They crammed a bunch in the 8 minutes they were given and the ending sequence with all six men firing off moves was nice. **3/4

-With that we are out this week. As a quick update my Pirates are back in the game against the Cards. Thanks for reading!

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The 411
A fun show this week with Drake's SQUASH and a pretty solid 6 Man Tag. This show continues to be a breeze to watch and is just 20 minutes of solid wrestling. Nothing blow away, but easy to digest and everything makes sense.

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