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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.11.20

September 11, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 9.11.20  

-Sept 11: We Honor, We Remember, We Never Forget!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak
-WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Ashante “Thee” Adonis vs. The Brian Kendrick

-The former Tehuti Miles with the name change. This is a rematch from two weeks ago that Kendrick won. Let’s see if the name change helps. Lock-up to start and Kendrick grabs an arm which forces Adonis to find a rope to break. Adonis is kind of annoyed and shoves Kendrick to the mat. Brian gets in a kick and then a shoulder in the corner. To the other corner and Adonis uses his quickness to avoid and then gets a crossbody for two. Adonis fires off kicks and a sweet drop kick that caught Kendrick flush in the face. Nice! Kendrick gets in a shot to the throat and boot to the face for two. I like when CW hit each other hard! Kendrick grounds Adonis with a stretch plum and fires off elbows to the jaw. He transitions to a facelock and then into a double underhook suplex for two. Again, Nice! Adonis gets in a few rights but misses a second crossbody as Brian suckered him into that one. Back to the stretch plumb as I see a few fans eating dinner on the video screens. Adonis breaks in the corner with force and then charges out with a clothesline to leave both men out. Kendrick is the fresher of the two and is on his feet first, but misses a boot and gets caught with a clothesline. Another one follow and then Adonis fires off right hands. He talks trash to Brian and gets a two count off a spinebuster. Adonis waits on Kendrick but misses a head kick. Kendrick gets a roll-up for two, but walks right into the head kick for two. Adonis pounds away in the corner, but argues with the ref and eats a single leg lariat. That gets a two count for Brian. Captain’s Hook is escaped and Adonis snaps off a DDT. He takes his time on the cover to talk trash and that costs him as Kendrick turns it into the Captain’s Hook for the tap at 7:37.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick via tap-out at 7:37
-Another loss from Adonis, but the story is that he is getting closer and closer. He made another mistake with the late pin attempt and it cost him. Working matches with guys like Kendrick will continue to help. Overall this as very solid with a decent story and good action. **3/4

-Kendrick offers a handshake and some advice to Adonis as he tells him he is a star in the making.

Ever-Rise vs. Andrew Lockhart and Erick Lockhart

-Ever-Rise is pissed and jump the Lockharts at the bell. They double team one of the brothers with a backbreaker into a head kick. Martel with a sweet looking German Suplex that sent the poor kid flying across the ring. More double team with the drop toehold into the step up elbow drop. Parker stomps away and then sends Lockhart into his brother to make a tag. Parker beats on both of them for a bit. Lockhart gets a flash of offense, but gets cut off by Martel who hasn’t shut up the entire match. Flapjack into the top buckle and the Assisted Code Breaker finishes this at 2:15.

Winners: Ever-Rise via pin at 2:15
-A bounce back SQUASH for Ever-Rise as they showed great aggression and a much needed piss off attitude after last week’s beat down from LDF. SQUASH

-We travel back to last week to see LDF interrupt the Ever-Rise vs. Lorcan/Burch tag match. They lay out both teams and it seems the WWE Universe picked Lorcan/Burch to get the shot at LDF tonight.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Legado Del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza)

-Escobar is at ringside sporting a pimp white tux. Lorcan starts us off with Wilde and he quickly gets a key lock into an arm scissors. Wilde gets in a dropkick to the damaged arm. Tag to Mendoza and he smartly goes to work on the arm as well. Quick tags from LDF as they take turns working the arm. Mendoza gets caught with an elbow and the tag is made to Burch. He fires off European Uppercuts and gets a crucifix pin for two. He yanks on the arm a bit and then goes to a side headlock. Mendzoa shoves off, but Burch grounds him again by grabbing hold of the leg. Lorcan back in and a double suplex gets a two count. Tag back to Burch and Mendoza dives out of the ring to escape and gets a top rope crossbody for two. Burch cuts that off with a Euro Uppercut, but Wilde distracts him from the apron as he attempted to come off the middle rope. Mendoza yanks him off the ropes and now Burch is your face in peril! Mendoza hits a basement dropkick and makes the tag to Wilde. Burch throws a few strikes but Wilde stops that with a well placed right hand. A dropkick is missed, and the hot tag is made to Lorcan. He runs wild on both men and gets a blockbuster on Wilde. He makes the tag to Burch and they hit an elevated DDT, but Mendoza makes the save. Lorcan and Mendoza brawl to the floor. Burch gets a German Suplex as Escobar gets on the apron. Here come Ever-Rise and Escobar gets cornered. They get in a few shots on Santos as he tried to escape by heading into the ring. This distracts Burch who gets caught with a roll-up with a handful of tights by Wilde for the pin at 7:16.

Winners: Legado Del Fantasma via pin at 7:16
-Standard formula tag match that was solid, but I was hoping for a little more. Ever-Rise getting involved made sense from a storyline perspective, but took away from the finish. You would think a 3 Way Tag Match is coming from all this at some point. **1/2

-Thanks for reading and check out my Talking Smack review tomorrow morning.

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The 411
A solid show that has been hurt by the change to a 3 match format. It's been a bit of a give and take as they are getting storylines and angles for the division, but with 3 matches the match time has been shorter. Still an easy show and fun show to watch. Hopefully when it comes time to blow off feuds they will revisit the one match or two match show formula to give the guys a bit more time.

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