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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 11.26.21

November 27, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Solo Sikoa
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 11.26.21  

-So our plan of driving back home in one day were shot, so I am in a hotel in the middle of North Carolina which gives me time to catch up on 205 Live. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness (sporting a Chase U sweater with the sleeves cut off)
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Valentina Feroz vs. Elektra Lopez (with Legado Del Fantasmo)

-Lockup to start and Feroz tries to use her BJJ, but Lopez is too strong. Feroz does grab an arm, but gets dumped rather easily. She maintains and gets a hammerlock, but Lopez breaks with a slap to the face and then a slam transitioned into a Rock Bottom. She goes to a nerve hold and throws some forearms to the back. Back to the nerve hold on the traps and that goes on for a bit. Feroz tries for a roll-up, but just ends up eating a kick. Another slam from Lopez and then a running elbow in the corner which gets two. Another charge misses and Feroz gets to run wild for a bit with leg kicks and a rana. Dropkick gets a one count and she is rather annoyed by that. Feroz gets caught and a modified sit-out powerbomb finishes at 3:48.

Winner: Elektra Lopez via pin at 3:48
-Basically what it needed to be as they see something in Lopez just by the fact, she is part of LDF. Barely more than a SQUASH which is fine. *

-Hulu commercials!

Erica Yan vs. Amari Miller

-Yan is the second Chinese Superstars signed by the WWE and this is her second match. Miller is coming off a loss to Tiffany Stratton. Collar and elbow to start as they battle for position. Miller gets a go behind into a hammerlock, but that gets reversed. Side headlock from Miller, but Yan breaks and gets one of her own. Miller gets run over by a shoulder, and Yan follows with a hip-toss into an armbar. Miller reverses and Yan reverses back. She plays mind games with a cartwheel and flashes the smile painted on her hand. Miller is not impressed as he gets Yan to the apron and hits a running kick. Miller goes to a submission as she works the arm and neck. Crucifix gets a two count and then a superkick to the throat gets another two count. Yan lands a drop toehold and then a small package for two. They fight over a backslide, but no dice for either, so Yan opts for a suplex which gest two. She repeatedly goes for a cover and Miller is out each time. Miller slips off Yen and hits a jumping knee. She finishes with by driving Yan’s face into her knee for the win at 4:33.

Winner: Amari Miller via pin at 4:33
-Basically similar to what we got in the first match but with different ladies. This was a bit more competitive, but it was all about getting both women out there and putting Miller over. *

-Since this is the Hulu version Austin Theory vs Big E (and the story about Mr. McMahon’s egg) is included. Others have recapped it, so I don’t need to here.

-Hulu commercials!

-WrestleMania Dallas: tickets on sale now!

-Back to NXT 2.0 three days ago as Joe Gacy gets a CW Title shot against Roderick Strong because weight limits don’t mean anything now.

Andre Chase vs. Solo Sikoa

-Chase cuts a promo before the match on Solo as he is the perfect opponent for him. Solo has never learned being a street fighter will get you nowhere. The crowd lets Andre know that “Solo is gonna kill you.” I still love Chase having a student section as he at least has some personality and a character that is working.

-Chase gets a go behind, but Solo gets a standing switch. Chase breaks that with ease and goes to work on the arm. Chase clowns him a bit as what he did was a teachable moment. Chase back to the arm, but Solo reverses. Chase rolls to break and talks some more trash, so Solo just punches him in the face. Solo stomps away and tosses Chase to the floor with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Nice! Solo fires up the crowd and goes to work with headbutts. He goes for a Samoan Drop, but Chase stomps the bare foot and gets a swinging neck breaker for two. Chase does his C-H-A-S-E stomp that lets his student section interact. Solo fires back, but Chase snuffs that out with a Russian Leg Sweep for two. Chase works a chinlock for a bit as the crowd gets into a dueling chant. The chinlock goes on for way too long as I start nodding off after a 10 hour drive. Solo finally makes the comeback with a backsplash and splash in the corner like Rikishi. Spin wheel kick gets a two count. Solo goes for another charge in the corner, but Chase bails to the floor. He gets in a cheap shot and lands a DDT for two. Sikoa fires back with a Samoan Drop and comes off top with a flying splash for the victory at 8:30.

Winner: Solo Sikoa
-This was just boring as Solo is still figuring things out and you could see the wheels moving as he was trying to think of where he needed to be and what he needed to do. Just put him on the Main Roster with The Bloodline and see if he can sink or swim with them teaching. **

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Please just change the name of this show to anything else at this point. Nothing bad this week as they showcased talent they want to push and didn't have them out there long enough to get exposed. Just boring at times!

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