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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 6.10.21

June 10, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Mustafa Ali WWE Main Event 6-10-21
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 6.10.21  

-I got a chance to get this show done earlier than the last few weeks which means I don’t have to work on it after Dark Side of The Ring tonight. Let’s see who we have on the show this week now that our regulars are popping up on RAW again. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: WWE ThunderDome (Yuengling Center), Tampa, Florida

Angel Garza vs. Mustafa Ali

-Sweet! This could be fun! I’ve always like the dynamic of heel vs heel matches and especially when they both try to out cheat each other. Stiff lockup to start as they mean business. Ali gets a take down into an armlock, but Garza gets a go behind to reverse and then a hiptoss. Garza talks some smack and we have another go. Ali gets a side headlock, and lands on his feet on a suplex attempt, but gets caught with a dropkick. THE PANTS ARE OFF! Garza talks some more trash, and eats a chop for it. That only angers him as he responds with one of his own. Ali gets the upper hand with a shot to the knee followed by a neckbreaker for two. Ali sets for a suplex, but Garza floats over and gets a roll-up for two. Ali beats him to his feet though and connects with another neckbreaker for two. He goes back to the chinlock and Garza punches his way out. He oops Ali in the air and hits a kick as he falls to the canvas. Garza unloads with right hands, but walks into a back elbow. Ali tries to come off the middle ropes, but ends up diving into heavy right hand for two. Slow-motion looked great on that. Ali bails to the floor and Garza goes to the hair, but the ref forces a break which lets Ali get in a trip. He then spins Garza around so that his head cracks off the ring post. Ouch! Garza is out of it after that and The Koji Clutch finishes this one 4:56 as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via ref stoppage at 4:56
-This was a fun 5 minute match and I want to see more. Good aggression from both and the ending make perfect sense as the head shot off the post made Garza easy pickings. More of these two please! **1/2

-Back to SmackDown as The Usos want Tag Gold and Reigns tells them they better deliver.

-Back to SmackDown as The Mysterios and Usos did battle. Dominick got the pin, but replay showed Jimmy had his shoulder off the mat before three. This did not please our Tribal Chief: “you lost to a child.” Roman tells them he wants this fixed tonight! So we get Round II later in the night and we join that match in progress. At some point The Usos are going to get the tag titles back and I would wait to pull the trigger at SummerSlam. Roman Reigns interrupts the match and lays waste to Rey and Dominick. Roman destroying Rey at Hell in a Cell is a fine placeholder until they rev things back up when fans return.

-We go back to last week’s RAW to recap Drew’s win over Kofi that earned him another shot at Lashley and his WWE Championship.

-Commercial for Bianca vs Bayley at Hell in a Cell!

-Back to RAW for Lashley/McIntyre contract signing. MVP wants this to be Drew’s last shot at the Lashley’s Championship if he loses. Drew agrees, but he wants the match inside Hell in a Cell and Lashley agrees. In a unique twist on the standard contract signing, Lashley destroys the table with a sword. Points for originality! If this was Mick Foley he would find a way to work the sword into being used during the match. Probably on himself too!

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jinder Mahal (w/ Veer and Shanky)

-These two would pop up every now and then when I first took over for this show last May. I assumed we would see some newer faces now that Mansoor, Ricochet, Carrillo are on RAW now. Lockup to start and Shelton offers a clean break. Shelton seems preoccupied with Jinder’s friends on the floor and is a bit apprehensive. Jinder gets a takedown and please, as this is Shelton Benjamin we are talking about and he schools Jinder on the mat. He gets some good riding time while talking a bit of trash. He catches Jinder with a slam and then another. He locks in a reverse bearhug, but Mahal elbows out. Shelton comes back with a spinning heel kick and sends Mahal to the floor with a clothesline. Slingshot plancha follows and Shelton gets distracted by Veer and Shanky. That lets Jinder get in a shove that sends Shelton to the steps as we take our standard break.

-SummerSlam commercial just to add some time while we wait for the actual Hulu commercials!

-Back with Jinder in control with a chinlock. Shelton rallies to break, but charges into a back elbow. Jinder stomps and uses his shin to choke. He releases before the five count and rains down with some heavy blows to the back. More stomping! Shelton bumps across the ring on an Irish whip and that leads to more stomping. Suplex from Jinder gets two and back to the chinlock. Couldn’t this have been the 5 minute match? Shelton gets a belly to back to break and it’s a race to a vertical base. Shelton gets kicked in the face, but catches a charging Jinder with a nice lariat. Running knee in the corner followed by a German Suplex. Shelton gets distracted by Shanky again and eats a superkick. The Khallas finishes at 8:53.

Winner: Jinder Mahal via pin at 8:53
-Not a fan of this as Jinder relied on headlocks and stomping way too much and needed his muscle to help him get any kind of advantage. When Shelton was on offense this was solid, but that didn’t happen enough. The cliched ending didn’t help either. *1/2

-Recap of Shanya/Bliss issues from last weeks RAW. I guess I should say Bliss/Lily issues.

-Eva Marie returns on Monday!

-Back to RAW as Shayna was the guest of Alexa’s Playground. Shayna calls Lily a stupid doll again and Bliss attacks. That doesn’t go well for her and then Shayna stomps on the doll and we get a weird camera view of the fatal stomp. The video boards all go funny and pyro goes off around Shayna as she freaks out a bit. Shayna bails and the lights continue flicker backstage as things nearly fall on her. She escapes to a room and locks herself (and the cameraman) inside the room while barricading the door. The lights flicker again, and Lilly appears in a mirror. Yep! Shanya breaks the mirror and screams as we fade to black.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Check out the fun 5 minute match from Garza and Ali and skip the rest as this was one of the weaker episodes of Main Event we have had in a while.