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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 06.23.22

June 23, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 06.23.22  

-Up early to get this done before I head out to Disney Hollywood Studios. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is calling my name. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: Lincoln, Nebraska

WWE 24/7 Title: Dana Brooke © vs. Doudrop (w/ Nikki A.S.H.)

-As custom, The 24/7 Rules are suspended for the duration of this match. Doudrop misses a butt splash and eats a boot to the face. Dana tries a suplex and that seems unwise. Sure enough Doudrop block and hits a nice looking back splash for two. Cobra Clutch for a bit, but Brooke fights out and gets a bulldog for two. The crowd is into this one. Nikki on the apron to distract and that lets Doudrop slam Brooke off the top and the crossbody gets the win and Title at 2:27.

Winner and New 24/7 Champion: Doudrop via pin at 2:27
-A truly historic episode of Main Event as we have a title change. Match was too short to being anything, but Doudrop has her name in the history books as a Champion in WWE.

-Nikki tries to pin Doudrop, but that doesn’t work out. Tamina is here with a superkick, but Tozawa is out and trips her.

-Tozawa pins Doudrop and he is the new 24/7 Champion!

-R-Truth is out and facebuster gives him the 24/7 Title which pops the crowd.

-Reggie sends Truth into the post and everyone fights over who gets to pin Truth. Nikki comes off the top onto the pile and pins Truth to become the new 24/7 Champion.

-Dana Brooke with a neckbreaker to regain her 24/7 Title.

-I mean, all things considered I would take this every now and then on this show as it at least gets the crowd into it and it’s harmless fun.

-Video package on Reigns/Riddle feud!

-Don’t Try this At Home or Anywhere! Even at Disney World. Where I am.

-Hulu commercials!

-Back to SmackDown as we join Reigns/Riddle Title Match in progress. Wonderful match that brought that ratings for FOX and WWE. Great near fall off the RKO that the crowd was buying. McAfee is still great on commentary! Reigns gets the win and Cowboy Brock Lesnar is here to a huge pop from his hometown crowd. Sure, no Randy to close a stadium show at SummerSlam, so break glass in case of emergency and call Brock.

-Back to RAW last week as Theory and Lashley had a pose down. Lashley wins, so Theory sprays him with baby oil and hits A Town Down.

-Back to RAW where an angry Lashley wants a US Title Match. Theory agrees if Lashley can win a 3 Man Gauntlet.

-MITB in Vegas commercial!

-Back to RAW as Lashley beats Chad Gable and then Otis (by DQ). AA destroy Lashley before Theory enters as the final person in the match. Lashley wins with a cradle to earn a US Title Match.

-Back to RAW 2 weeks ago where Finn Balor joins Judgment Day and then Edge gets turfed from the group.

-John Cena returns to RAW Monday.

-Hulu commercials!

The Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damian Priest) vs. The Mysterios (Rey and Dom)

-This could be good! Rey and Priest start us off and Rey throws some leg kicks. He charges into a boot and then a high kick to the shoulder. Balor in, but Rey escapes a slam and Dom gets the tag. He hits a dropkick and springs off the ropes with an armdrag. Priest in and he gets caught with a dropkick. Another dropkick, but Balor distracts Dom which lets Priest hit a clothesline to turn the tide and send is to break.

-Hulu commercials!

-Back with Balor working Dom over in the corner. Tag to Priest who gets two off a leaping shoulder block. Backbreaker gets another two count. Tag to Balor who works the ribs with shoulders in the corner. Dom shows life, but Finn with a backbreaker for two. I will say this Lincoln crowd has been into this show which always helps. Dom ducks a clothesline and gets a bulldog to make the hot tag to Rey. He runs wild for a bit and hits a springboard crossbody on Balor and lands a shot on Priest. Balor gets a reversal into a Death Drop for two. Crowd doesn’t like Balor which is good to hear! They fight up top and Rey gets a rana for two as Priest makes the save. Snake Eyes escaped and Dom is in with a crossbody from the top. Dom and Priest get sent to the floor. 6-1-9 set up but Priest catches Rey and tosses him into the barricade for the bell at 7:31. WHAT?

Winners: The Mysterios via DQ at 7:31
-I have no clue what this was. I mean, if you want a DQ to keep JD from jobbing then let Priest use a chair or something. This was just stupid. Also, why is Judgment Day losing anyway? Rey is over for life and Dom eating a pin to the new heel team would be perfectly fine. Not a good start to this team and I wonder if Rhea’s injury paused plans for the group. *1/2

-Judgment Day beat down Dom, but Rey makes the save and we get a 6-1-9 to pop the crowd.

-Back to RAW as Carmella wins a 5 way to get the shot at Bianca Belair at MITB. Rhea is out due to injury.

-Hulu commercials!

-This Friday it’s Aliyah vs. Shotzi in a MITB qualifier.

-Back to RAW as Becky Lynch and Asuka met again in a MITB qualifier. Usual good match between these two with Asuka getting the win. Becky doesn’t need to be in the MITB Match and it continues her downward spiral. Usual good match between the two!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Poor
The 411
I mean the crowd was into the two matches, but that tag match decision was baffling. The 24/7 wackiness was what it was which is perfectly fine for this show and popped the crowd. I just wish the tag match gave us more,