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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 06.25.20

June 25, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Bianca Belair WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 06.25.20  

-So, yeah the pandemic has hit the WWE and is causing issues with them and AEW. It’s just a crappy situation all around and hopefully all make a full recovery. I do find it ridiculous that people on both sides of the “war” are taking joy in one side being forced to change cards or looking bad with all of this. Between this and the sexual assault issues you would think people would realize this is more important and more serious than AEW vs WWE. Then again, I have not really taken sides in the war anyway as I enjoy both, but for the records I do watch NXT Live and catch AEW on the West Coast feed. With all that said we move on to another episode of WWE Main Event. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and MVP
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Ruby Riott vs Bianca Belair

-It’s a rematch from a show I covered on May 28th which was a rematch from a previous Main Event. Phillips brings up that Riott has yet to knock off Belair in all their meetings. Slow start as Ruby looks cautious. Bianca wants a test of strength and that doesn’t seem smart for Ruby to accept. Sure enough Bianca controls easy and gets a near fall. Bianca continues to clown her for a bit, but gets suckered into a roll-up for two. Bianca slows things back down with a headlock and they go fighting to the corner. Bianca gets a clothesline and tosses Ruby all over the ring. Ruby finally gets breathing room by stomping the foot and works the arm. She sends Bianca into the buckles and hits a Flatliner for two after Bianca cartwheeled out of a different move. Back to the corner where Ruby stomps away as the “fans” finally make noise. Man, it was so quiet I forgot they were even there. Ruby delivers a knee as MVP questions her slow and methodical pace. Ruby gets a front facelock and fights off any escape attempts. Belair gets a roll-up for two after she escapes and connects with a suplex. Riott misses a charge in the corner and eats a spinebuster. Belair tries a springboard moonsault off the ropes, but it hits knees. However she shakes that off and the KOD finishes at 5:56. Belair moves to 3-0 vs Riott on Main Event.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pin at 5:56
-I enjoyed the match from a month ago more as Riott didn’t get anything here and this was no more than an extended SQUASH for Bianca. It was a perfectly average match that continued Belair’s dominance of this feud. **

-On SmackDown AJ Styles has Daniel Bryan hand him the IC Title and strap it on his waist. Daniel congratulates AJ and tells him he thinks he will be a great IC Champion and have the chance to be the greatest IC Champion of All Time. AJ isn’t about giving handouts and says everyone will have to earn it. Matt Riddle makes his WWE debut to confront AJ and informs him that he is The Bro that runs the Show! AJ is rather annoyed by that and the fight is on! AJ challenges Riddle but makes sure to note it’s not for the IC Title.

-We join the match in progress with Riddle hitting suplexes and then a Bro-Ton for two. He rolls AJ into the Bromission, but AJ uses his leverage to get Matt’s shoulders pinned which forces him to release the hold. AJ counters a move into the Calf Crusher, but Riddle gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. AJ pushes Daniel on the floor, but he is held back by some of the other superstars around the ring. AJ taunts Bryan and that is his downfall as the Phenomenal Forearm is missed and Riddle finishes with the Bro Derek. Fun debut for Riddle and gives him an immediate feud.

-Back to RAW where Dolph Ziggler returns to RAW to confront his former partner, Drew McIntyre. Dolph informs us that he and Bobby Roode were compensation for AJ Styles going to SmackDown. Dolph says nobody is happier to see Drew as WWE Champion than him. Dolph takes credit for bringing Drew back from his lowest point. Drew came to RAW because of Dolph and they were dominant tag champions because of him. I know most are tired of Dolph and don’t want him in the WWE Title scene, but they have history and need challengers for Drew to run through so this is fine. Drew brings up that Dolph has lost a lot since he no longer has “Big Daddy Claymore” around anymore. Well, that’s not the best way to build up your next challenger, but Big Daddy Claymore gave me a chuckle. Dolph has become an entitled jackass and Drew mentions he was given The Scottish Psychopath nickname by Dolph. He asks Dolph if he is sure he wants this match and Drew confirms, so we have a Title Match at Extreme Rules.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs. Austin Theory and Murphy

-I’m telling myself not to get my hopes up like I did for Ricochet/Andrade last week. I need to remind myself this is Main Event and they don’t get a chance to kick things into a top gear. With that said this should be good at least! RAW has a solid tag scene right now and need to let these teams loose with The Profits, Viking Raiders, and Andrade/Garza. Murphy and Ricochet to start as Murphy works the arm. Ricochet reverses to a top hammerlock and then into an arm wringer. Murphy kicks out and they exchange take downs and it’s a stalemate as each flips out. Nice! Each opts to make a tag so Fury and Cedric have a go. Theory gets an arm, but Cedric escapes easily. Theory gets in a heavy shot to the back, but Cedric hits a dropkick to the face. Theory fights back with a forearm and makes a tag. All four men are in the ring and we get stereo head-scissor takedowns that send Theory and Murphy to the floor.


-Back with Murphy stomping Ricochet down in his corner. The tag is made and Ricochet eats a double suplex. Theory hooks in a front facelock and makes another tag to Murphy. He fires off some stiff shots to the back and cuts off a comeback with a snap DDT. Sweet! DDT is my favorite move of all time! Murphy connects with a PK to the spine and then hooks in his own front facelock. Ricochet tries to break in the corner but gets sent face first into the middle buckle. Murphy takes too long to capitalize as Ricochet rolls into a dropkick to leave both men out. Murphy cuts off the tag but eats an enziguiri. The hot tag is made and so is the tag to Theory. Alexander runs wild and gets a Tornado DDT for a pin, but Murphy is in to save. All four men in as they fire off moves and escapes. It ends when Theory takes out Ricochet with the ATL. Theory then makes a blind tag to Murphy and he murders an unsuspecting Alexander with a knee strike to finish this one at 8:28.

Winners: Austin Theory and Murphy via pin at 8:28
-They need to give people at least 10 minutes if they are going to jam a commercial break in there. This was fun but way too short and as expected didn’t get a chance to kick into a higher gear. These guys deserve more, and I am not even saying a PPV match, but a 10-15 minute match on RAW would be fine. Murphy and Theory winning is the right call though as they are paired with Seth and are right now being treated as the bigger stars. **3/4

-Back to SmackDown as Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House returns, but Braun Strowman interrupts to say their story is over. Wyatt laughs as he says he has resurrected the dead. Their story is just getting started as backwoods Bray Wyatt is back. I am a sucker for the character and performer, so I am all for this.

-Back to RAW 2 weeks ago as Dominick attacks Seth Rollins and escapes with his life. Now this past week, Rey makes his return and gets stalked by Seth and his followers (Murphy and Theory), but Humberto and Aleister make the save. It’s good to see them back on RAW again. It’s a fun brawl that nearly ends with Seth getting his eye taken out on the steps, but Murphy and Theory save which leads to Dominick getting threatened with eye trauma. Black and Carrillo make the save though as this feud continues. I enjoyed this!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
Another easy show to watch with perfectly acceptable and solid wrestling. The potential is there for so much more, but this is not the show for that as the goal is to let underused talent get some work in while recapping what happened from the week that was on RAW and SmackDown. This show is never bad, but never more than average to solid which is fine.