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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.23.20

July 23, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Humberto Carrillo
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.23.20  

-Back at it again with Main Event and after a week on RAW it seems a Main Event staple is back. Also, I applaud Adam Cole and Pat McAfee for what happened on Pat’s show today. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and MVP
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Bianca Belair vs. Jessi Kamea

-The Queen of Main Event is back after a cameo on RAW. I guess she needs to run that undefeated streak out even longer before getting the permanent move. RAW’s loss is our gain! Kamea is a PC student and is back after losing to Shayna last week. Lock-up to start and Belair taunts Kamea to start. A second lock-up and Kamea taunts Belair. So, we’re even I guess. Bianca mows her down with a shoulder and does it again. She works a chinlock for a bit, but Kamea fights out to escape. Kamea escapes a slam and hits a weak dropkick. She tries a sunset flip, but Bianca tries to stomp and injures the knee. That is soon forgotten about as Bianca throws shoulders in the corner and then a hiptoss. Bianca follows with a slam and then a splash to the back. Bianca is feeling great as she taunts Kamea, but ends up charging into a back elbow. Kamea hits a splash in the corner and then we get some weak brawling in the corner. Glam Slam into the top buckle from Bianca and the KOD finishes 4:31.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pin at 4:31
-This should have been a SQUASH and would have been more entertaining. Call it an extended squash, though not a good one. Kame is definitely a PC student and needs work, but I guess that’s why they have Main Event. 1/2*

-Hey, SmackDown made the show this week as they show AJ and Riddle cutting promos from last week and that mean’s we will be seeing that match next! Well, a joined in progress version of the match.

-We see Riddle pinning AJ in his SmackDown debut last month. That leads to the rematch last week.

-I have decided that instead of recapping a joined in progress match, I will just include the link to the show. So, you can find Acero’s SmackDown review here. Styles gets the clean win, and they shake hands like men after the match. Then Baron Corbin attacks Riddle as that is Riddle’s real first program on the Main Roster.

-We head back to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules with a video package on the RAW Women’s Title Match between Asuka and Sasha Banks. Very good match with a stupid finish.

-Back to RAW as Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupt The Golden Role Models. Steph then interrupts everyone and sets Asuka vs Sasha for next week’s RAW.

-We continue with RAW with Kairi vs Sasha and you can find Acero’s RAW review here. Fun match based on the few minutes that were shown. Sane gets the upset pin and usually that leads to a Title match, but who knows in this case.

-Back to The Horror Show at Extreme Rules where Drew McIntyre beats Dolph in their WWE Title match. That would usually be enough to end the feud, but it’s being stretched out a bit as next week on RAW we get a rematch where Drew picks the stipulation. So Dolph couldn’t win when had had the advantage and now we are supposed to think of him as a threat when Drew has the advantage? Eh, I guess it’s gives Drew another week to run over someone before getting to Orton.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Riddick Moss

-Rematch from last week’s Main Event as Moss got the win after not appearing on WWE TV for quite some time. Again, Humberto went from being on RAW every week to this. They immediately talk about Moss’ NFL background. JR would have a field day if he showed up in AEW. Carrillo gets a go behind but gets caught by Moss. They battle over an arm, and Carrillo flips out and gets a headlock take down. Moss grounds Humberto and goes back to the arm. Humberto flips out to escape again, so Moss just goes with a knee to the midsection. He works a side headlock, but Carrillo pushes off and ends up eating a shoulder. Carrillo is back up and connects with a single leg dropkick. Carrillo fires away in the corner, but Moss gets in a kick. Carrillo shakes it off and hits a crossbody for two. Next is a sunset flip, but Moss is out and tries a kick, but Carrillo ducks and sends Moss to the floor. He looks for a baseball slide, but gets caught and rammed into the barrier as we take a break.

-We are back with Moss throwing shoulders in the corner. Moss tells him that he is in a fight, so Carrillo throws punches to show he understands. He gets caught through and tossed across the ring with a fall away slam for two. Moss talks trash to someone in the crowd as he hooks in a chinlock. Carrillo fights out and hits a spinning kick to the head. He does a back roll into a stand moonsault and that looked a little awkward as I agree with MVP that it was a lot of style with little impact. Carrillo heads up and hits a crossbody, but Moss rolls through for a two count. He looks for a slam, but Carrillo rolls him up for two. Moss is annoyed by that and hits a football tackle in the corner and then his version of a neckbreaker for the win at 7:39.

Winner: Riddick Moss via pin at 7:39
-Well, I guess you can’t accuse them of 50/50 these two. The ending was kind of sudden and Carrillo didn’t get to show much, but I guess that was the point of the match. I liked this better last week as the power vs speed story was better. *1/2

-Highlight package of Rollins vs Rey ‘eye for an eye’ match on Extreme Rules. Rey loses his eye and Seth throws up in disgust. It seems it was supposed to be gorier, but they went with this version for the PPV broadcast.

-Hype package on Big Show and everything he has done in pro-wrestling. I guess you can say this showed that Big Show is a legend.

-That takes us back to RAW as Randy Orton beats Big Show in an unsanctioned match and then punts him in the head. Orton kind of needs to be the next one for Drew because nobody has been booked stronger on RAW. Another program for the WWE Title should keep Orton motivated at least. The match itself was solid and Show and Orton are two old pros that can have a match like they gave us in their sleep.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Poor
The 411
This show just seemed long this week. The in ring work is not good even by Main Event standards, and it's also getting shorter as they fill this show with recaps from RAW and SmackDown. Just not a fan of this week's show at all.