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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.29.21

July 29, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.29.21  

-Taped: T Mobile Center, Kansas City, MO
-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton

Jaxson Ryker vs. Drew Gulak

-Lock-up to start and Ryker powers Gulak into the corner, but offers a clean break. Another go but no clean break from Gulak who fires off a chop. That only ticks off Ryker who responds with some chops of his own. Ryker gets a slam and a jumping head butt for two. Ryker goes to work on the left arm, but Gulak quickly gets to the ropes and then backs Ryker into the corner for some punches. Gulak goes to the knee and gets a quick pin attempt as the announcers put over Ryker’s military background and why he decided to split from Elias. Gulak grabs a hold for a bit and then snuffs out a rally with a backdrop for two. Running boot from Gulak for another two count. Gulak goes to another submission move as the crowd rallies Ryker. He forces a break, but Gulak gets another take down into a crossface. Ryker uses his power again to break and drops Gulak with some double chops and then a corner clothesline. Slingshot release suplex as this crowd is actually behind Ryker. Spinning Bossman Slam finishes at 5:17.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker vs. Drew Gulak
-This was fine as it was power vs technical ability and power won in the end. Gulak did most of the work and Ryker got a small flurry to get the win. It probably should have been more of a SQUASH. Though if this was booked on RAW it would have been a SQUASH. *1/2

-Back to SmackDown in Cleveland as John Cena calls out Roman Reigns. Credit to Cena for going all out during this run with his willingness to work house shows. I wasn’t there, but the house show last week in Pittsburgh did between 8-9 thousand and apparently they moved a decent amount of tickets when it was announced Cena would be there. Cena can still hype a crowd and Roman is in a much better spot and comfort level to spar with his verbally this time around when they get to it.

-Commercial before getting back to see if Roman answers Cena’s Challenge.

-Don’t Try This at Home commercial! Again, AEW needed this before Jericho/Gage last night.

-Oh man, they don’t show us Heyman coming out and doing his rendition of Cena’s theme. Instead we jump to the end of SmackDown as Roman comes out to answer the challenge. Roman handles the WHAT chants like a pro as he runs down Cena for being a nostalgia act and compares it to smashing with the missionary position every night. That was great and even Roman cracked himself up a bit with that line. That was something out of The Rock’s playbook. Roman turns down the match at SummerSlam, but does want someone to step up and Finn Balor answers the call. Roman accepts after the crowd tells him he is scared! Intrigue! Again, built in story there with Finn being the first Universal Champion and he pinned Roman Reigns (in Pittsburgh) his first night on RAW to get that shot to face Rollins for the Universal Title. The crowd is fully behind Balor vs Reigns!

-RAW 2 weeks ago, Bobby Lashley beats the returning Keith Lee and then Goldberg returns to offer a challenge.

-SummerSlam! Vegas! Saturday Night Aug 21! Peacock!

-Back to RAW as Lashley turns down the challenge of Goldberg. It is interesting they are running similar stories for their 2 Champions. Cedric Alexander comes out first with a challenge as he still carries a grudge from The Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin out next as he also wants to challenge Lashley. Simple solution for Lashley as he wants them both in a handicap match. Lashley dominates as you would expect!

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

-The cousins do battle once again! Garza offers a hand and the crowd is all over him for it. Garza bails to the ring and gives a female fan at ringside a rose. He heads back in and Carrillo catches him with a headlock. Knock down by Carrillo and then a cartwheel into another side headlock. They take turns flipping over each other to pop the crowd and Garza throws up his hand to stop Carrillo so he can take off his pants, but Carrillo shuts that down. Garza ends up on the floor and Carrillo looks to fly, but instead opts to slide out. He ends up trying a handspring off the ropes, but Garza lands a kick to the head as we take our usual Main Event Main Event commercial break.

-Back with them exchanging chops in the ring and Garza wins that battle. He grounds Carrillo and taunts him a bit while also fish hooking him, Nice! Carrillo lands some elbows and hits a springing cross body off the middle rope for two. He always gets great height on that. Snap suplex for two! Now Carrillo grounds Garza as he goes to a chinlock while burying a knee in the back. Dropkick from Carrillo gets another two count. Carrillo goes to abdominal stretch for a few seconds just so he can pound away on the ribs of Garza. He beats him down enough that he goes back to the move. Garza pulls the hair and gets a hiptoss to break. Garza gets a monkey flip out of the corner and then a flapjack for two. Carrillo gets a crucifix pin for two and then Garza rolls him back for his own two count. Spinning head scissors from Carrillo and then a handspring into a moonsault for two. Nice! Crowd is digging this one now! Garza ends up on the apron and heads up, but Garza catches him with a head kick. They battle up top and Carrillo shoves him off. He comes off top, but gets caught with a superkick. The pants are now off and The Wing Clipper finishes at 8:15.

Winner: Angel Garza via pin at 8:15
-Good match as you expect from these two. They probably had a blast finally getting to face each other with fans in the building after 17 months of doing it in empty or virtual arenas. Best match we’ve had in a while on Main Event. ***

-Recap of the RAW Women’s Title situation with Charlotte taking the Title from Rhea Ripley and then losing it the next night to Nikki A.S.H due to her MITB contract.

-Back to RAW this past week as Nikki gets her victory speech, but Charlotte interrupts and demands a rematch at SummerSlam. Rhea Ripley is out and she feels he deserves a match at SummerSlam. Sonya and Pearce are out to make it a Triple Threat at SummerSlam. This ends with Nikki challenging Charlotte to a non title match.

-SummerSlam! Vegas! Saturday Night! August 21!

-Back to RAW for the rough piece of business that was Charlotte pinning Nikki. Charlotte then cuts a promo on Nikki who gets to respond by celebrating that she almost won. Which just made her sound like a loser. Nikki wants a rematch next week and Charlotte accepts. Charlotte offers a hand and Nikki, who is an idiot, all of a sudden accepts and gets beaten down. This did poor Nikki no favors unless she gets her revenge in the end and that’s 50/50 at best.

-Thanks for reading!

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The 411
The Main Event was good and that's all there is really to see here. Again having the fans back is great as it helps the atmosphere and the guys seem pumped to be out there.