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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.30.20

July 30, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Shayna Baszler WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 7.30.20  

-Another Thursday and another episode of WWE Main Event on Hulu. Last week bored me and I am hoping for a little better this week. I miss the days of Ricochet and Alexander, but having them on RAW is better. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and MVP
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Riddick Moss vs. Titus O’Neil

-Well, I guess it couldn’t be Humberto for a 3rd straight week since he was back on RAW. Moss is 2-0 since his return to Main Event and Titus is also coming off a win in his last Main Event appearance. MVP quickly brings up that both men have D1 college football backgrounds. It’s Golden Gophers vs Gators! Lockup to start as they jockey for position. Moss shoves off a clean break and then bails to the floor as he plays mind games. He tries to pull Titus out, but he kicks off and they brawl on the floor. They head back in the ring where Titus hits a shoulder tackle and then a slam. Moss gets to the apron and drapes the arm of Titus over the top rope, but makes the mistake of charging in and eats a clothesline from the other arm. Moss gets in a shot to the damaged arm and then sends Titus shoulder first into the corner. That gets a two count and from there Moss hooks in an armbar. Titus fights back, but gets mowed down with a tackle. Back to the armbar, but Titus uses leverage to send Moss flying into the corner. Titus fires off some rights and hits a trio of clotheslines. A splash in the corner, but the damaged arm prevents Clash of the Titus. Moss kicks Titus in the knee and then hits his neckbreaker for the win at 5:03.

Winner: Riddick Moss via pin at 5:03
-This was better than expected and they stayed in their comfort zone. The result was the correct one and it went about the length it should. I have no problems with this one as the arm work even figured into the finish. Credit to Phillips for mentioning Moss just pinned a former Tag Champion. Small things like that can help in getting people over. **

-Firefly Fun House intro leads to a recap of the Swamp Fight. I dug the Alexa cameo as it plays on their time in the Mixed Tag Challenge and Ride Along. Now we get the Firefly Fun House as Bray talks about family reunions warming his soul. The severed head lantern speaks to Bray, but he says his job is done for now and he can’t let him out again. He had his chance and it’s HIS turn now.

-SmackDown getting all the love this week as we head back to The Bar Fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy from last week. Most people assumed SmackDown would tank in the ratings with baseball back, but it saw a small increase so perhaps people were interested in this fight. As far as WWE Cinematic Matches go this year, this was one of the better ones. Jeff gets new life from the Hat of Reincarnation and gets the pin after a Swanton off a ladder. Jeff then turns back into Jeff Hardy as this should end this feud with the right person winning.

-Recap of RAW Women’s Title Match at THSAER. Sasha “wins” the Title after Bayley takes over as the ref. The next night on RAW Stephanie McMahon pops up and makes Asuka/Sasha for the Title the following week with the title changing hands on any outcome.

-With that we go back to RAW and join Sasha/Asuka in progress. There two are great together and this was no exception. The tease of Asuka being counted out when she had her knee dropped on the announce desk was a wonderful spot as she timed that perfectly. Asuka takes control and looks to have the win, but on the PC Tron we see Bayley beating on Kairi in the back. Asuka is conflicted and chooses saving her friend over her title. Sasha gets the win and Title by count-out and that is it for Sane in the WWE as well. Sasha gloating over winning the Title, even in that manner, should be great! You can’t say the WWE isn’t running with these two.

Shayna Baszler vs. Ruby Riott

-Ruby is back on Main Event and I don’t like her chances, but let’s see how this goes. Lockup and Shayna gives a clean break, but then sweeps the leg as she is having fun with Ruby. She attacks the arm, but Ruby gets to the ropes to break. Ruby gets a leg sweep of her own and Shayna is annoyed now. Ruby ducks a slow clothesline and gets a weak roll-up for two. More sloppiness as Ruby sets to early on a charging Shayna. Shayna takes over with clubbing forearms and then gets a unique submission where she steps on her back while pulling on her leg. MVP jokes you usually have to pay good money to get stretched out like that. Ruby escapes and Shayna powders to the floor as we take a break.

-Back with Shayna hooking in a neck crank. She then ties up Ruby’s legs as well as she continues to work on the neck. Ruby breaks with right hands but moves out of the way from a charge in the corner. Ruby hits a nice looking superkick and follows up with right hands. Standing STO is next and then a Senton gets a two count. Shayna fires back with strikes and hits a Shining Wizard for two. That looked great as well as Ruby’s head snapped back off the bottom rope. Shayna talks trash as she delivers some hard kicks. She wants Ruby to give up, but Ruby wants her to bring it and gets a roll-up for two. Shayna has had enough and hits a modified cutter, then a running knee followed by the Kirifuda Clutch to finish at 8:03.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via submission at 8:03
-Sloppy to start but got better when they ditched trying to wrestle and just decided to hit each other hard. The result was never in doubt so there wasn’t a chance to build any drama. **

-Back on RAW Randy Orton wants Drew’s WWE Title and Drew accepts to set our SummerSlam Main Event. Then Drew makes his match with Dolph an Extreme Rules and they had a particularly good brawl to end their issues for good. Dolph was a perfectly fine challenger of the month and put over Drew clean as a sheet in both matches. Again, sucks there are no fans, but they are doing well with Drew’s reign compared to what Braun is going through on SmackDown. Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere to end the show and get the first shot in on Drew as their battles start. I’m all for this match as it makes the most sense and I assume Orton should be motivated.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was a perfectly average show as the two matches were short and average. This show is shifting to more of a recap show as the matches continue to get shorter and shorter it seems. At least the recaps this week were of good matches so that helps the rating for this one. Again with Main Event you know what are getting and this was better than last week.