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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 8.06.20

August 6, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Riddick Moss WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 8.06.20  

-Well, my Penguins are one game away from losing to what is basically the 24 seed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I still hold out hope, but if they get bounced all I have is my Pirates (2-10 and losing today, until a walk off by Newman as I am about to post this review) to hold me over until football (hopefully) starts. Also as an aside, I am all in on Pat McAfee working in NXT and thought the angle last night was fantastic. McAfee is a tremendous heel (go watch the promo he cut on Tennessee fans at the NFL Draft a few years ago) and he is totally believable as the former jock that would pick a fight with Cole based on his size. They also made sure he got in a cheap shot last night and smartly made it a punt since McAfee was all decade punter in the NFL. Also, he is a local PA kid that went to Plum High School and to WVU (boo) so I have enjoyed watching him for years. It will also expose NXT to his growing fanbase more and that can only be good for The Brand. Now to Hulu and the latest WWE Main Event. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton
-Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

Humberto Carrillo vs. Arturo Ruas

-Ruas is new to me, but apparently has been in the PC. He has a black belt in jiu jitsu among other disciplines, so that resume has me intrigued. Ruas wrestles barefoot and throws a head kick which Humberto avoids. They grapple around the ring and Ruas gets in a throw. He then locks in an armbar and grounds Humberto. Ruas misses another kick and Humberto connects with a springboard crossbody and then a seated dropkick. He runs the ropes and sends Ruas to the floor with an armdrag. A baseball slide is avoided and after a palm strike Humberto tries to spring back in and gets caught with a knee to the jaw. Nice! Ruas stomps away in the corner and throws some strikes to the ribs. Humberto fires back, but loses the exchange. Ruas starts firing off crossface strikes and goes to a hammerlock. Humberto spins out and catches a charging Ruas with an elbow. Another charge misses as Ruas hits his knee on the top buckle. Carrillo floats over a charging Ruas to the apron and heads up to come off with a crossbody for two. Ruas misses another kick, but Carrillo doesn’t as he hits a spinning kick. He finishes Ruas with the Torture Rack into a facebuster for the pin at 5:29.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo via pin at 5:29
-This was fine and I enjoyed it more than anything we’ve gotten the last few weeks. Ruas has a good look and his different style should give him a chance. Carrillo winning was the right call as he shouldn’t be losing to PC guys. This was on the shorter side of Main Event matches, but it was decent and entertained me. **

-Firefly Fun House: Bray has been out searching for Braun, but he is still wandering the swamp somewhere unless the gators got him first. It seems a part Braun’s soul will be trapped there forever. Now He is awake, and He wants something Braun has. Until He gets what he wants, nobody is safe. “Let Me In!”

-Back to SmackDown where Bayley defended her Title against Nikki Cross. This was good and the ending was tremendous. Cross showed a bit of a heel side as she pushes Bliss away, and walks. That left Bliss alone and The Fiend showed up and placed her in The Mandible Claw. I loved this and thought Bliss did great in the role. It also makes sense as Bray/Fiend continues to torment Braun because he wants his Title. You can also spin it off as what does Cross think knowing she left Bliss alone in that situation.

-On RAW Drew and Randy had a face to face promo. Randy admits he should have been fired but was given chance after chance because he is more valuable to the company than Drew. He is the Chosen One and has always been. I was not a fan of the “shoot” nature of the promo as I don’t really care about whether a guy “helped” others in the business. Now, I did like Drew saying he had receipts for all the legends that Orton has injured over the years. That I can get behind.

Mustafa Ali vs. Riddick Moss

-Ali returns to RAW and is shunted back to Main Event. Moss has been on a roll since showing back up on Main Event. Moss uses his power to start and then talks some trash. Another lockup and again, Moss uses his power to throw Ali across the ring. Moss eats a chop, but just shrugs it off. Ali evades a charge and hits a dropkick. Moss finally catches up to him and runs him down with 2 shoulder tackles and then a clothesline sends Ali flipping like Jannetty. Moss sets too early and gets kicked in the face. Ali uses his quickness to escape a powerbomb attempt and hits a clothesline to send both to the floor as we take a commercial break.

-Back with both men fighting up top. Ali gets pushed off but lands on his feet. He seemingly tweeked his knee though so Moss goes right after him with a chop block. As JR would say that will get you 15 on Sunday but is perfectly legal here. Moss stomps away at the knee first and then locks in a kneebar. Ali crawls to the bottom rope to break. Moss wraps the knee around the ring post and that’s always a favorite spot of mine. Back inside the ring Moss gets a snap suplex for two but wasted too much time celebrating. Single Leg Boston Crab is sunk in, but can’t finish. Moss gets caught with a kick on a charge and Ali follows with a roll into the X Factor for two. Ali tries to head up, but gets pulled down. Moss gets elbowed on another charge, so Ali gets in a Satellite DDT. He heads to the top as he takes his time due to the damaged wheel. The 450 misses and Moss finishes with his neckbreaker at 9:12.

Winner: Riddick Moss via pin at 9:12
-Moss continues to roll on Main Event as he gets another win over a guy that was just on RAW. Kind of sucks for Ali though as he and Carrillo have become what Ricochet and Alexander were for this show a few months ago. The match was solid and got a decent amount of time. Again, big vs small is an easy story to tell and they did well with that here. **1/2

-Back to SmackDown as Sonya attacks Mandy in the makeup area. Good brawl actually and Sonya finishes by cutting off Mandy’s hair. Good stuff from both ladies!

-Back to RAW as Dominick lays waste to Rollins and Murphy to set up Rollins vs Dominick at SummerSlam. They show Joe standing up for Tom and showing he is still a bad ass that can go when needed. I love Joe! Hopefully, this means he is getting close to returning! Dominick uses the kendo stick to take Rollins and Murphy out a second time. The kid had a ton of energy as he hit the 6-1-9 and splash from the top to the floor. Rollins accepts his challenge for SummerSlam. Seth will take care of him out there and I expect a good match.

-That closes this edition of Main Event. Thanks for reading!

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This show was more enjoyable this week and was a solid edition of WWE Main Event. Again, I am not expecting great by any means, but give me some solid wrestling and recap the interesting stuff from RAW and SmackDown and I will be happy.