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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.16.21

September 16, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.16.21  

– WWE Main Event Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
– Taped: TD Garden, Boston, MA

Jaxson Ryker vs. Drew Gulak

-Nice to see Drew back in the ring after a few weeks away from this show. These two have faced off on this show before and it didn’t go well for Gulak. Perhaps this is the wee…eh, who am I kidding? Lockup to start and they jockey around the ring for position and Ryker offers a clean break in the corner. Another go and Ryker gets control with a side headlock. He then mows Gulak down with a shoulder and grabs the left arm, but nothing comes of that. Now Gulak gets Ryker into the corner and fires off a chop instead of offering a clean break and that tics off Ryker. He fires back with chops and spins Gulak around a bit before dumping him with a slam. A falling headbutt gets a two count. Gulak uses the ropes to put on the brakes and catches Ryker with a kick as he prepped for a backdrop. Gulak takes things to the mat with a side headlock as the announcers talk about Priest vs Hardy from this past RAW. Ryker nearly breaks with brute force, but Gulak regains control and takes things back to the mat. I walk away for a second to forward the TV for my 11 month old as he hates commercials. Back and Gulak still has the hold, but Ryker finally breaks with a belly to back suplex to leave both men down. Both up at the same time and Gulak loses the striking battle. Slingshot release suplex from Ryker and then he sets Gulak on top and brings him down with a rana. The modified Boss Man Slam finishes at 5:23.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker via pin at 5:23
-This was fine though the headlock in the middle made the match seem a bit longer than just over 5 minutes. Gulak had no hope here and sadly didn’t get much to do as outside of his headlock this was a SQUASH. *1/4

-Back to SmackDown as Roman Reigns tells MSG that he and The Bloodline run NYC and MSG. He would like to be acknowledged and a good portion of the crowd does just that. Then Brock’s music hits and the place goes crazy. Heyman wants to know why Brock wants to go after The Universal Title and then Brock cuts him off. Lesnar asks Paul why he didn’t tell Roman he was going to be at SummerSlam. MSG: “You fucked up,” and it’s left in here. Heyman basically begs forgiveness and allegiance to Reigns who just walks away from him. Now Heyman switches gears and gets back into advocate role as he goes through his spie with Brock Lesnar. Paul is great! Lesnar laughs and then cuts off Paul and wants him to accept his challenge before Roman fires him. The challenge is for a Universal Title match and when Paul doesn’t answer within 5 seconds, Lensar preps for F5 but Roman is back with a Superman punch. Lesnar catches Reigns for F5 but Usos break that up with a superkick party, but let’s get serious here as he steamrolls The Usos and it’s Suplex City time. Everyone was great hear and one of the best opening segments from WWE in a good while. Just so much fun!

-Don’t Try This at Home or Anywhere!

-Back to SmackDown as we join The Usos vs The Street Profits for Tag Titles in progress. Roman causes a DQ and chokes out Ford while The Usos take out Dawkins. Now the crowd is booing Roman out of the building. Roman accepts Brock’s challenge as he is going to smash him after he smashes Finn Balor. The lights go out and it’s the return of The Demon and MSG is very excited to see him. Just great ending to the best SmackDown of the year as the WWE turned out for MSG. At Extreme Rules it will be Roman Reigns vs. The Demon!

-Back to RAW 2 weeks ago as Shayna causes Nia to get distracted and then pinned by Charlotte.

-WWE Draft 10.01.21 on SmackDown and then 10.04.21 on RAW!

-Back to RAW as Charlotte beats Shayna thanks to Nia. Just reversed roles from the previous week. Still waiting for Shayna to be unleashed on the division. Alexa shows up with Lilly and a present for Charlotte. It’s a doll for Charlotte known as Charly. Everyone deserves a friend and this is one for Charlotte from Alexa. Charlotte is not receptive and throws the doll at Bliss. That sets her off as she mounts Charlotte and plants her with the sunset powerbomb to a nice pop. Crowd loved Alexa here!

-Back to SmackDown as Becky Lynch and Bianca signed the contract for their rematch at Extreme Rules.


Lucha House Party vs. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo

-So after a year of feuding on this show, Carrillo and Garza are tag partners. I mean, they are cousins so they should be forgiving of each other, or this will just be another partners that don’t like each other team. Carrillo and Metalik start us out and they immediately start flying all over the ring. It’s a stalemate and the crowd appreciates what they are seeing! They shake hands and then a tag is made to Dorado. He comes off the top with a head scissors and then Metalik gets alley-ooped onto Garza. The LHP hit stereo flips to the floor on the cousins as we take a break.


-Back with Metalik getting a falling splash off Dorado’s shoulder onto Carillo for a two count. Carrillo fires back with chops and escapes a slam. A blind tag is made to Garza and he catches Metalik in the with a boot as he attempted to hit a handspring. Backbreaker gets two for Garza. Tag back to Humberto and he gets two off a falling powerbomb. Suplex gets another two count as Carillo is showing some heel tendencies in this one. They fight up top and Metalik walks the ropes and brings Carillo down with a rana. Nice! Double tag and Dorado gets a stroke and then a heel kick. He misses a move in the corner, but connects with a superkick. Carrillo eats one too and Dorado gets a flying crossbody for a two count. Garza eats the handspring stunner. Metalik and Dorado run through their series of moonsaults, but Humberto makes the save. Carrillo flies over the top to the floor on Metalik. Back inside the Garza rips the pants off to a nice pop and The Wing Clipper finishes at 8:07.

Winners: Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo via pin at 8:07
-This was solid fun though the commercial break ate up over 2 minutes. Lot of flying around and no rest hold makes for a happy crowd. Garza and Carrillo have potential obviously. **1/4

-Back to SmackDown as Rollins gets his win back against Edge and sends him packing in an ambulance.


-Back to RAW as Big E tells Orton and Lashley he intends to cash in MITB tonight.

-Finally we join Lashley defending his WWE Title against Randy Orton in progress. Good match between the two as you would expect. Lashley wins with a spear and then destroys Riddle and Orton after the match. Lashley damaged his knee in the chaos and cue Big E with his Money in The Bank contract. Lashley isn’t down with this until Big E slaps him in the face and it’s on. They do a nice of teasing Lashley getting away with a win, but Big E kicks out and The Big Ending sends the crowd into fits of joy as Big E is your new WWE Champion. Great moment! Woods and Kofi join him in the celebration in a perfect touch!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
The Tag match was fun, but noting special and the opener was an extended SQUASH, but everything involving Reigns and The Big E cash in make this one of the rare weeks where I cared about the recap stuff. Those 3 segments make this a good show.