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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.17.20

September 17, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Bianca Belair WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 9.17.20  

-Thanks for the feedback on the recent WWE Timeline series I have been covering. The latest episode that dropped yesterday focusing on Trish vs. Mickie can be found here. With that plug out of the way, we move on to see if we can get another decent episode of Main Event this week. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Michael Cole
-Taped: WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Bianca Belair vs. Billie Kay

-Wow, they have Cole slumming on Main Event this week. Byron points out Cole was the announcer for the first ever episode of this show eight years ago. Speaking of returns, The Queen of Main Event has returned and so has Kay who is solo now since The IIconics were forced to split. We have seen this match previously. Bianca controls with a side headlock , but Kay stomps the foot to break and get one of her own. Bianca shoves off, but misses a clothesline. Kay tries a roll-up, but Bianca is too strong. They counter moves and it ends with Bianca getting an abdominal stretch that Kay turns into one of her own. Bianca breaks and runs Kay down with a shoulder and then a drop kick. A split legged splash gets a two count. They fight on the apron and Kay eats a knee. Kay throws a right and then connects with a boot to the face. Nice! That gets a two count back inside the ring. Kay fires away with strikes and sends Bianca into the corner. Some good elbows to the back of the head and Kay goes to a reverse chinlock. The virtual fans cheer on Bianca who gets to her feet, but no further as she gets sent into the buckle again. Kay whips her into the middle buckle and stomps away showing some good aggression. Kay takes time to pose and gets caught with a boot to the ribs. Bianca floats over and bounces Kay from buckle to buckle. A slam follows and then she works the lower back. The handspring moonsault gets a two count. Irish whip is reversed and Bianca gets sent into the buckles. Kay grabs some hair, but gets sent into the buckle and the KOD finishes at 5:42.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pin at 5:42
-The undefeated streak continues! This was a solid match that you would classify as perfectly acceptable wrestling. **

-Back to SmackDown 2 weeks ago to cover Jey Uso winning the Fatal 4 Way to be the #1 contender to Roman’s Universal Title. Heyman’s promo was good as it explained their alliance well and explained that the WWE moved on without Reigns when he only needed a little time off.

-Now back to SmackDown last week as Uso teamed with Reigns to take on Corbin and Sheamus. Uso holds his own for a while as Roman is nowhere to be found, but he shows up late, tags himself, wins the match and leaves.

-2 weeks ago on RAW The Mysterio Family bond over a family caning of Murphy.

-Back to RAW where Rollins beats Dominick again, but this time in a cage match. This feud has been going on for months and perhaps this is the blow-off, but who knows. I would like to see what Dominick can do against someone else, and after Rollins beat down Murphy a match between those two should be coming at some point.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Mustafa Ali

-Cole keeps calling Byron, Bryan and says it’s because he is excited to be back on Main Event. He says this may be the highlight of his career. Cole is good when he can cut loose and be snarky. Sportsmanship to start and away we go as Ali gets an arm. Carrillo flips out and gets a side headlock. Carrillo avoids a charge in the corner and showboats with some flips. Ali charges and gets caught with a deep armdrag. Carrillo gets another one to frustrate Ali who powders to the floor and starts kicking things. Humberto offers a hand and Ali shoves as he feels he is being disrespected. Well, that gives us the heel/face dynamic for this one. Ali hits a nice knee and then slams Humberto back first into the security wall. Damn! That had great sound and looked nasty. I’d be down for an aggressive, heel leaning Ali after seeing this. We take a commercial break.

-Back from the break with Humberto getting caught with a neckbreaker for two. Ali sends him into the ropes and blasts him with a forearm for another two count. Ali talks a little and lands some clobbering shots to the back. Humberto fires back with strikes but gets caught with a Russian Leg Sweep into the buckles. Nice! That only gets a two count and the frustration continues for Ali. He goes back to the ground game, but Carrillo fights out and gets a springboard head kick. That gives Humberto the break he needed to get back into this one. He fires off some punches and snaps off a ran. A spinning kick sends Ali to the corner. Humberto charges, but misses and Ali catches him with an elbow. Ali tries to roll into a move but gets caught with a sit-out powerbomb. A suplex is slipped and Ali gets a Tornado DDT for two. Ali is running out of answers so he just opts for kicking a man while he is down. That works! Ali heads up and tries the 450, but Carrillo moves so Ali rolls through. He charges and gets caught with a Spanish Fly. Ali kicks out and at the same time hooks in the Koji Clutch for the tap at 9:07.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via tap-out at 9:07
-Good match here with Ali showing some good aggression as he leaned heel for this one. Ali should be doing more, but I will live with him giving me solid to good matches on Main Event each week. Same for Carrillo. ***

-Back to SmackDown where Bayley explains why she turned on Sasha. Basically she knew Sasha would be it to her as she knew Sasha was using her, so she beat her to the punch as she was using Sasha. I appreciate they are giving reasons for these turns instead of just the old “I don’t owe you an explanation.”

-Recap of Drew/Randy and how they have spent the past few weeks knocking each other out with punt kicks and Claymores!

-Back to RAW where Lee vs Drew is made, and they tease tension which boils over and leads to a brawl in the backstage area of The ThunderDome. They have the match to close RAW and you knew a non-finish was coming as neither man should be losing. The question was would it be Orton or someone else and it ended up being Retribution. RAW closes with a giant brawl as The Hurt Business comes down to get some of Retribution. Lee and McIntyre recover, and each hit a dive from the ring onto the pile of bodies brawling.

-Thanks for reading!

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The 411
A solid match and a good match make for a fine show this week. The ThunderDome dynamic also helps greatly compared to the stale environment of the PC. The recap stuff is what it is at this point as they are now covering things they already covered from 1-2 shows ago. As along as the two matches they deliver are solid then this show gets a thumbs up from me.