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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 10.08.20

October 8, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Billie Kay WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 10.08.20  

-So with Mustafa Ali now in a prominent spot on RAW, it will be interesting to see who gets shafted to Main Event duty. I am all in on Ali being the heel leader of a group/faction as he has been leaning heel in a lot these matches on Main Event anyway. Using Main Event as a way for guys to work on things like that is actually a good use of the program. Let’s get to it!

-Announce Team: Phillips and Saxton
-Taped: WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay

-Well, I kind of figured this match would be happening on Main Event at some point. Lockup to start and we get lots of screaming as they jockey for position. The epic lockup continues before the ref finally forces a break. They shake heads and we go again. Royce gets a headlock, but Kay switches to one of her own and then gets a shoulder tackle. They each try for a hiptoss, but Kay ends up landing it and floating over into a cover for two. Kay continues to control and it starts to frustrate Royce as Kay tells her she loves her while standing over top of her. Royce avoids a charge in the corner and hits a dropkick. She then shakes her ass a little and they agree they are the same as they laugh about it. Kay then hits a running big boot for two and goes to a chinlock. Royce powers to her feet and tries to punch out, but gets caught with a gut wrench suplex. A forearm gets another 2 count for Kay as she is getting a little annoyed with not getting the pin. Back to the chinlock and Royce gets to her feet, but eats an elbow. Kay charges and eats an elbow in the corner. They start trading blows and Royce gets the best of that exchange until a well placed boot kills that comeback. Royce starts firing off kicks and gets an axe kick. Kay escapes a fireman’s carry and gets a sunset flip for two. Royce tries one of her and opts to just kick Kay in the face. The Deja Vu finishes at 5:51 as she goes 2-0 against Kay.

Winner: Peyton Royce via pin at 5:51
-Still kind of weird seeing them wrestle, but each lady is making the most of it. This was fine if kind of dull at times. **

-Recap of Reigns destroying Jey at Clash of Champions. Heel Tribal Chief Warrior Roman is the best Roman!

-Back to SmackDown as Jey confronts Reigns and agrees that Roman beat his ass, but didn’t break his spirit. If Jimmy didn’t throw in the towel, he would be Champion. Roman calls the night the worst of his career as he just wanted to help Jey by putting him in the Main Event. He wanted him to get the huge pay day. Roman loves him more than his brother. All Roman wanted to do was raise Jey up. All he had to do was acknowledge him as The Tribal Chief! This has been his birth right and he was worked his ass off for this spot. Great promo from Reigns here as he tells Jey that he broke his heart! Again, we have needed this Roman in our life for years. He agrees to give Jey another shot but the stakes will be the highest of any match in WWE history. Also, props to Heyman who has a different role as he emotes now with his reactions instead of being the speaker like he did for Brock. I am cool with this continuing and Hell in a Cell works for this feud.

-Recap of Rollins exposing the Aalyah/Murphy pairing last week on RAW and it leading to Aalyah costing her brother a match against Murphy.

-Back to this past Monday as Rollins wants an apology from Murphy and gets a little too aggressive, so Murphy has had enough, and the fight is on. Great intensity and this match I am excited to see. Aalyah comes out and throws herself on Murphy to stop the beating.

-Recap of Bayley/Banks as they will be facing off on Friday.

Andrade vs. Akira Tozawa

-So Andrade gets the short straw and Main Event duty this week. Tozawa calls on Ninja Power and tells Andrade to bring it. Andrade catches a charging Tozawa with a side headlock. Tozawa escapes a few times, but ends back where he started. To the ground with the hold and Tozawa rolls over enough to get a one count. Andrade hits a shoulder tackle, but gets caught with a kick. The pace picks up as Tozawa hits an armdrag, rana, and then looks to dive to the floor, but Andrade runs away. Tozawa makes the mistake of following and gets dropped on the apron (hardest part of the ring!). We take a break!

-Back with Andrade in control with another headlock, but Tozawa gets to the ropes to break. They start trading blows, so Andrade opts to just toss Tozawa into the air and land face first on the mat. Then back to a chinlock. Andrade lands a boot to the ribs and then back to the chinlock. Tozawa out again and Andrade looks to toss him again, but Tozawa catches him with a rana and then a shining wizard. Up top Tozawa just throws his body at Andrade and that nets a two count. He fires off a flurry of strikes, but gets caught with an elbow. A suplex by Andrade is countered into a roll-up for two. Tozawa gets another roll-up for two, but then walks into an elbow strike. The hammerlock DDT finishes at 7:57.

Winner: Andrade via pin at 7:57
-This was actually pretty boring with the endless run of headlocks and chinlocks. It picked up a bit towards the end, but not enough to make it anything good. **

-Back to RAW as Orton wants Drew in Hell in a Cell. Drew confronts him in the back and beats the crap out of him as a gaggle of refs and officials break it up. Later Drew accepts the challenge and again, at least this feud has been built enough to warrant a HIAC match.

-Later in the show Orton pins Drew with an RKO to get the win for his team in the 6 Man Main Event. Look at Roode closing RAW two weeks in a row!

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
A very blah show as both matches were pretty average in that they were a match that happened and not much else to say about them. The recap stuff is always what is, but Heel Roman is great at least.