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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 10.22.20

October 22, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Main Event Ricochet
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 10.22.20  

Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 10.22.20

-Welcome to the latest edition of Hulu’s WWE Main Event. We have run through The Draft and Season Premieres and are in the final days before Hell in a Cell. Let’s see who gets Main Event honors this week. Let’s get to it!

Announce Team: Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips
Taped: WWE ThunderDome, Orlando, FL

Ricochet vs. Gran Metalik

-I was thinking Ricochet was going to show up this week since he was missing from RAW. This could be really fun though. Handshake to start and Ricochet gets a cover off a single leg takedown for one. Metalik tries a head scissors take over, but Ricochet flips out on his feet and tells Metalk he needs to do better than that. They have another go and this time Metalik gets to flip out and a chance to show off a bit. They go a 3rd time and each gets flustered as they mirror each other with counters and escapes. Nice! Ricochet opts to throw a right hand and gets an elbow drop for two. Metalik gets alley-ooped to the middle rope and gets the head scissors takedown and follows with a dropkick for two. A suplex is next and that also gets two. It just dawned on me Daniel Bryan has been vocal about having a match with Metalik and perhaps he needs to politic for a Main Event spot. Ricochet springs off the middle ropes and gets a moonsault press. Metalik charges in the corner and gets put on the top rope. Ricochet brings him down with a rana and the standing shooting star gets a two count. Ricochet throws some blows, but eats a back elbow. Ricochet flips out of a move though and then catches Metalik with a powerbomb attempt that Metalik flips over into a sunset flip for two. Great! Metalik lands on his feet off a moonsault attempt and looks for The Metalik Driver, but Ricochet escapes and hits a nasty suplex. The Kick Back finishes at 5:50.

Winner: Ricochet via pin at 5:50
-About as fun as you can get with only six minutes. On the surface it was 6 minutes of cool moves, but that was the story of the match as they kept countering and escaping each other until Ricochet got the final counter which lead to his win. Fun sprint! **3/4

-Back to SmackDown where Roman continues to rule as he ran through Strowman and debuted a guillotine submission to make him even more of a bad ass. Jey Uso interrupts the celebration and gets a little revenge as he wears Roman out with a steel chair. I am looking forward to seeing what Reigns and Jey can do inside the Cell on Sunday.

-Back to SmackDown as Sasha and Bayley have a contract signing, except Bayley hasn’t signed the contract yet. Sasha’s promo was great and I loved the “I am Sasha Banks and my name is bigger than your belt” line.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

-205 Live has broken out on Main Event this week and I’m not complaining. Lockup to start and Garza quickly gets an arm to ground Carrillo. Of course this is all a set-up to Carrillo to flip out, but Garza know it’s coming and catches him with a strike to the ribs. Carrillo comes back though and gets a side headlock, but Garza pushes off to break. They have a sequence where they run the ropes and it ends with Carrillo springing off the top rope and getting the side headlock again. Garza breaks again, and gets a sunset flip, but Carrillo rocks back into his own pinning sequence and they take turns doing that for a bit. They head to the floor and Carrillo gets caught upside in the ropes which gives Garza a chance to land a superkick. We take a break!

-Back with Garza in control, but he charges into a right hand. Humberto heads up, but gets tripped and Garza hits a sweet running kick. Nice! That gets two for Garza. He works the arms a bit, but goes back to the front facelock. Carrillo breaks with some right hands, but can’t follow up with much. Garza charges again and nearly gets sent to the floor. Instead he is back on Carrillo who finally gets some separation and lands a springboard kick to the face. Both men are down for a bit but Carrillo gets rolling first as he snaps off kicks. They battle on the apron and Carrillo then heads up top and comes off with a swank missile dropkick for two. Carrillo preps for Torture Rack position, but Garza escapes. Humberto still controls though as he springs again, and this time connects with a headbutt for two. Garza gets a roll-up but gets caught using the tights. Carrillo tries to take advantage but eats a superkick and the Wing Clipper finishes at 9:27.

Winner: Angel Garza via pin at 9:27
-This was fun as expected and they got some time. Garza is great and obviously the win shows the WWE is higher on him than Carrillo. I loved the ending as normally you would expect Garza to eat the loss after arguing with ref like an idiot, but instead he just casually kicked Carrillo in the face and ended it with his finisher. ***1/4

-Recap of Drew/Orton as this feud is deserving of The Hell in a Cell Stipulation, but needs to end there as both men need to move to something else.

-Back to RAW as Orton delivers his go home promo inside the Cell and Drew interrupts. He uses bolt cutters to enter the Cell, but we are desperately out of time as RAW ends without showing the fight. I was fine with that ending as it was a throwback.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
A good episode of Main Event but that was kind of expected based on the talent used this week. Even the recap stuff was solid and had a purpose with a final push to Hell in a Cell. Again, all of the guys involved today should be getting a better chance on RAW, but I'll take getting them each week on this show.