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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 11.25.21

November 25, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Mansoor WWE Main Event
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review: 11.25.21  

-Happy Thanksgiving. What better way to start this holiday than with an episode of Main Event? Let’s get to it!

Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
Taped: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Drew Gulak vs. Mansoor

-Hey, Mansoor is back on Main Event. They announcers discuss his win over Ali being the biggest of his career which is true, yet here he is back on Main Event. It’s also a rare appearance of someone from SmackDown wrestling on Main Event. Mat wrestling to start as they exchange holds and reversal. They work off a side headlock for a bit as they each are able to grab the hold. Gulak gets a few knockdowns, but gets caught with a reverse atomic drop. Mansoor throws some chops, but gets punched in the face. Gulak with some heavy blows to the back and then an elbow drop gets a one count. Gulak works the knee, but Mansoor kicks off. Gulak gets a leg whip and hooks a single leg Boston Crab. Mansoor rolls over and lands some kicks from his back. He catches Gulak with a knee in the corner. He tries a vertical suplex and they fight over that. Mansoor rolls through and gets a deadlift suplex followed by another inverted atomic drop into a spinebuster. Mansoor goes to his own single leg Boston Crab, but Gulak gets under the bottom rope to break. They fight on the apron which is where Mansoor wants to be and sure enough the slingshot neckbreaker finishes at 5:42.

Winner: Mansoor via pin at 5:42
-Solid Main Event match with the right person going over. **

-Recap of The Mysterios issues with Bobby Lashley.

-Don’t Try This at Home Ever!


-Back to RAW as we join Lashley vs The Mysterios in a handicap match. Lashley wins without breaking too much of a sweat. I mean he easily kicked out of a double pin. Dom gets put out with The Hurt Lock.

-Back to Survivor Series as we get highlights from SmackDown vs RAW Men’s Elimination Match. It comes down to Hardy vs Rollins and that ends as you would expect. Rollins can crow about this for a while now.

-Women’s match only gets still photos as Bianca gets the victory for team RAW.

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-Back to RAW as we join Queen Zelina and Carmella challenging Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H in progress. The change was made and it’s probably for the best as it gets Ripley back in the single’s division and continues the run Zelina has been on since The Queen’s Crown Tournament win. Carmella celebrating with Graves announcing it for her was a fun moment.

-Back to Survivor Series as we get video highlights mixed with still photos of Charlotte vs Becky. Hard hitting match that Becky cheats to win!


The Viking Raiders vs. Los Lotharios

-Here I thought Angel and Humberto were done with Main Event when they were drafted to SmackDown. It’s SmackDown vs SmackDown on Main Event! Ivar overpowers Angel to start, so Angel begs off and gets in a cheap shot using the beard. Tag to Humberto and he pounds away in the corner. Ivar fights out of the corner and rolls to get a tag to Erick. He fires off kicks and forearms and gets an overhead release suplex and then one for Humberto as well. The tease stereo dives to the floor, but Los Lotharios dive into the crowd to avoid as we take our Main Event Main Event commercial break.

-WWE Day One: Live 1/1/22


-Back with Ivar getting punched in the face by Humberto, but a blind tag is made to Erick who gets a slam and then slams Ivar on top of Humberto. Angel gets the tag and we get a double team back elbow and off come Angel’s pants. Tag back to Humberto as Erick ends up in The Tree of Woe which lets Los Lotharios hit a double dropkick. Erick knocks Angel out with an elbow to the face which he sells like death and the hot tag is made to Ivar. He runs wild but misses charge in the corner. No matter as he squashes him and hit Humberto with a clothesline. Erick rocks Humberto’s jaw with a knee and then Ivar hits a cannonball off the apron onto both Los Lotharios. Charge in the corner, but Bronco Buster misses as Angel pulls Humberto out of the way. Angel tosses in his pants to distract Erick and Humberto hits a flying chuck kick while Angel gets a leg sweep to finish this one at 8:17.

Winners: Los Lotharios via pin at 8:17
-Solid match as you would expect, but the break killed what could have been a better one. Right winner again at least. **

-Now to the real star of this show and WWE at the moment: The Egg! So Vince McMahon was apparently gifted Cleopatra’s Egg from The Rock and it’s worth $100,000 million dollars. Someone steals it at Survivor Series and Vince wants answers!

-We head to RAW where Vince promises a reward for whoever finds the egg and everyone goes crazy looking for it. Sami Zayn cracks the case and brings in Austin Theory who apparently stole the egg. Theory just wanted to take a selfie and was scared off by security. Sami is great sucking up to Vince and trying to throw Theory under the bus. Vince is impressed by Theory and gives him a WWE Title Match with Big E. Sami flips out as it feeds into his Conspiracy Theory gimmick. Vince: “nobody likes a snitch.”


-Still photos from Survivor Series of Big E vs Roman Reigns. Roman wins which shouldn’t shock anyone as he isn’t losing anytime soon.

-Back to RAW as we join Austin Theory vs Big E in progress. Theory’s push since being drafted to RAW is going well and he didn’t look out of place in this spot. Rollins and KO get into a shouting match on the floor which distracts Theory and leads to Big E getting the Big Ending for the win. KO and Rollins continue their issues, but Big E has had enough and decks both of them. KO bails to the floor, so Rollins ends up getting dropped with The Big Ending.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Average
The 411
This was an average show and having SmackDown taking part would seem like a nice touch, but it was all the people who used to be on the show when they were on RAW.