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Leila Grey Names Her Current Wrestling Inspirations

October 3, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Leila Grey Image Credit: WWE

In a recent appearance on MCW Backstage Pass, Leila Grey (formerly Cat Cardoza) talked about who she’s currently inspired by in the wrestling industry (via Wrestling Inc). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the star referenced her Baddies stablemates, among others. You can watch the full interview and read a few highlights below.

On renewing her ties with wrestling and finding inspiration along the way: “That’s a tricky question, because, growing up, I didn’t really watch wrestling like that anymore,” Grey explained. “I watched it as a little kid, then I kind of drifted away, then found my way back to the sport. But when I started wrestling, I really loved Sasha Banks. I really admire her and her whole attitude, her whole look. So she’s definitely someone that I’m inspired by. Also, Trish Stratus.” 

On her appreciation for her allies in AEW: “I’m inspired by all of the Baddies. All the Baddies of pro wrestling — those are the women that inspire me. Like Melina. I wish I could do [the Melina split], but I’m going to work on it next time I’m in the ring with her. I’m going to challenge her to the split-off. Like her and Sasha did.”

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