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Lena Yada on Becoming Travel Buddies With Victoria After Joining WWE

November 21, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Victoria Lisa Marie Varon WWE Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

– During a recent interview with Ring the Belle, former WWE talent Lena Yada discussed becoming friends quickly with Victoria (aka Lisa Marie Varon) when she first joined WWE, and many were warning her that Victoria was not nice and didn’t like divas. Going by Lena Yada’s account, that was not the case. She stated the following on Victoria (via Fightful):

“Going into the women’s locker room, everyone said, beware of Victoria, she is not nice and she doesn’t like divas, just stay clear. Of course I’m walking in and the first person I see when I walk into the dressing room is Victoria. She’s like, ‘Hi, hi!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, okay okay.’ Off the bat we hit it off and it took me a couple of days to mention it to her but I told her that and she’s like, ‘What? I hear this a lot and I don’t feel like I am.’ Immediately I felt at home with her like she was a sister. We ended up being travel buddies on the road.”