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Les Thatcher Shares Memories of Pat Patterson

December 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Pat Patterson WWE

Les Thatcher has shared his memories of late Pat Patterson following the WWE Hall of Famer’s passing today. Thatcher posted a piece at PWInsider remembering his longtime friend, who died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 79.

You can see the full piece at the above link. An excerpt is below:

“The poster behind me on the wall is from August 8, 1961 in MT Park Pavilion in New England and the second match on that card was Pat Patterson VS Les Malady (later to be Thatcher) two young guys learning their craft. Pat in his signature purple trunks, robe, & boots as he was a big Killer Kowalski fan, & I in my Kelly green jacket & trunks, black boots with a shamrock on the side pushing my Irish heritage, just a little more then a year in idolizing Buddy Rogers, but only dreaming of being as talented as my idol.

That was one of several times I was lucky to work with Pat. We were on a show in North Adams, Ma. in a stadium used for boxing exhibitions with pros like Sugar Ray Robinson, the problem is boxers don’t take bumps and that ring was made of railroad ties & concrete block!!! We each took one bump & decided a stand up match was needed!”