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Lest We Forget: WWE Survivor Series 2006

May 8, 2013 | Posted by Maxwell Baumbach
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Lest We Forget: WWE Survivor Series 2006  

An opening video hypes the event, mentioning that Survivor Series started twenty years ago. Team D-X vs. Team Rated RKO in a traditional Survivor Series match, Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker in a First Blood match, the World Heavyweight Title match between King Booker and Batista, and the Team Big Show vs. Team Cena matches are highlighted.

The opening pyro is absolutely stunning. Great use of the set.

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, and Ron Simmons w/ Arn Anderson vs. The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Mikey, Johnny, and Nicky) w/ Mitch

Mikey starts off with Ron Simmons. Mikey shoves Simmons, but is met with a shoulder tackle after hitting the ropes. Mikey applies a side headlock, but Simmons lifts him up and throws him. Mikey goes to the eyes and pounds away on Simmons. Mikey hits the ropes but gets caught with a powerslam. The Spirit Squad crash the ring, but Simmons cleans house. Mitch trips Simmons to the floor, and Simmons goes after him. Mitch backs into Arn Anderson, who sends him into the ring post. Simmons comes in, but he was counted out.

The official ejects Mitch from ringside. Simmons plants him with a spine buster and takes Mitch to the back with him. Arn Anderson is then kicked out as well. Sgt. Slaughter comes in next. Nicky tags in. Nicky tries to salute him, but Slaughter is not amused. Slaughter goes for a handshake, and kicks Nicky in the gut. Slaughter drops Nicky with three scoop slams. Slaughter wrenches the arm and tags in Dusty. Dusty drops a bionic elbow onto Nicky. Dusty wrenches Nicky’s arm and works it over with an elbow. Flair tags in and lays into Nicky with chops. Slaughter tags in, and he drops Nicky with a clothesline. COBRA CLUTCH TO NICKY! The referee checks Nicky’s arm, but The Spirit Squad run in. Johnny “hits” a spinning kick on Slaughter. Nicky covers for three.

It’s down to Flair and Dusty for the legends. Dusty drops an elbow and covers for three! Nicky has been eliminated!

Mikey comes in and jumps Dusty. Johnny tags in, but Dusty cleans house on everybody. Nicky manages to use his quickness to regain control. Kenny tags in and fires away on Dusty, but it’s to no avail. Dusty hits some jabs and a bionic elbow! Dusty misses an elbow in the corner, and KENNY ROLLS HIM UP! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Flair is at a 3-1 disadvantage. Mikey comes in and lands some shots on Flair. The crowd rallies behind Flair, and he hits an Atomic Drop on Mikey. FLAIR GETS HIS FEET ON THE ROPES FOR A COVER! ONE, TWO, THREE! Mikey is out!

Kenny immediately jumps Flair and hits a back body drop. Kenny goes for another, but FLAIR GETS A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE, TWO, THREE!

It’s down to Johnny and Flair. The two exchange blows. Flair hits a shin breaker and follows up with a chop block. FIGURE FOUR! Johnny taps out! Flair has overcome the odds at 10:36.

Sole Survivor: Ric Flair
This match served it’s purpose, which was to leverage nostalgia and get the crowd into the show. Flair overcoming the odds got a huge pop from the crowd, and he and Dusty were particularly great. That said, the early goings were rough to sit through, and it’s not exactly compelling these years later. 0 for 1.

After the match, The Spirit Squad jumps Flair. Johnny has an Indian Deathlock on Flair, and KENNY ADDS ON A TOP ROPE LEG DROP! It’s good that The Spirit Squad got their heat back, and it made them look like jerks by gang-beating a defenseless old man.

A video package hypes up the recent feud between Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero. Benoit thinks that Vickie and Chavo’s actions have to do with Eddie Guerrero’s estate. At least Chris Benoit’s family didn’t have to fight over his estate…

United States Championship Match: Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero

The two brawl off the bat, and Benoit hits a scoop slam. Benoit follows up with an elbow drop, then immediately hits a backbreaker. Benoit takes it to Chavo in the corner. Chavo fights back into the match momentarily, but he gets cut off with chops. Benoit hits a snap suplex for two. Chavo sends Benoit into the corner and tries to capitalize, but Benoit headbutts him. Benoit hits a clothesline on Chavo for two. Chavo hits a knee to the gut and mercilessly beats Benoit down. The crowd rallies behind Benoit. Benoit reverses an Irish whip and LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE! Vickie puts Chavo’s foot on the bottom rope to break the hold! Benoit hits a back suplex for two. Chavo sends Benoit shoulder-first into the ring post to reverse the momentum. Chavo hits a side suplex for two. Chavo goes to a top wristlock to try and wear down the champion. Benoit gets to his feet and hits a Samoan drop! Benoit hits the ropes but is caught with a standing dropkick. Chavo covers for two. Chavo pounds away on Benoit. Benoit ducks a clothesline and hits a SERIES OF ROLLING GERMAN SUPLEXES! Benoit tries to go up top, but Sharmell grabs his foot! The referee gets her off. Benoit goes for the DIVING SUPLEX, BUT NO ONE IS HOME! Chavo pounds away on Benoit and hits a vertical suplex. Chavo goes up top- FROG SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Benoit kicked out! Chavo can’t believe it! Chavo slaps Benoit, but Benoit trips him up. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter, but Chavo shoves him off. Benoit goes for it again as Vickie gets on the apron. Chavo kicks Benoit off and HE KNOCKS VICKIE TO THE FLOOR! Benoit diverts his attention to Vicky, and CHAVO ROLLS HIM UP! ONE, TWO, BENOIT ROLLS THROUGH INTO A CROSSFACE! CHAVO TAPS OUT! Benoit retains at 8:24.

Winner: Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit delivered, as he almost always did. His intensity kept thing interesting from the get-go. Chavo did a great job here and his offense looked believable. Both guys worked smart and put on a highly enjoyable match without doing too much. 1 for 2.

A commercial is shown for December to Dismember. I can’t wait to sit through that show!

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Edge, and WWE Women’s Champion Lita. Todd asks Lita if she is still retiring tonight. Lita says she will beat Mickie James and go out as the greatest Women’s Champion of all-time. Lita takes off. Edge says Lita doesn’t care about the crowd, but the respect of the company and here peers. Meanwhile, Cryme Tyme sneaks into Lita’s locker room in the background. Edge says Rated RKO will take out everyone on their opposing team tonight. Cryme Tyme sneaks back out of Lita’s locker room with a box full of stuff. Grisham catches them, and JTG tells him that “you ain’t seen nothin’.”

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Lita (c) vs. Mickey James

Lita doesn’t get as many boos as normal, probably out of respect. Mickie slaps Lita off of the bat and then catches her with a drop toe hold. Mickey works over Lita in the corner. Lita reverses a whip and sends Mickie into the bottom turnbuckle. Lita fires away with some mounted punches. Lita throws Mickie to the mat, but Mickie pops up and clotheslines her. Mickie goes for a rope-assisted headscissors, but Lita drops her face first onto the mat! Lita taunts the crowd and draws some massive heat. Lita targets the midsection of Mickie James with some basic offense. Mickie starts to land some strikes, but Lita hits a Russian leg sweep and floats over for two. The fans chants, “She’s a crack whore!” So much for the whole respect thing. Lita hits a snap suplex for two. Mickie gets to her feet, but Lita applies a backpack sleeper and takes her down to the mat with it. Mickie gets to the ropes. Lita goes up top and goes for a cross body, but no one is home! Mickie goes up top but Lita catches her. LITA BACK SUPLEXES MICKIE OFF THE SECOND ROPE! The two women exchange strikes, and Mickie gets the best of the exchange. Mickey gets a back elbow for two Mickie hits a series of kicks and TOPS IT OFF WITH A SPINNING BACK KICK! ONE, TWO, NO! Mickie hits a Fisherman’s suplex for two! Mickie sets up for a DDT, but Lita shoves her into the buckles. Mickie goes for a headscissors, but LITA ALLEY-OOPS HER ONTO HER FACE! Lita goes up top- MOONSAULT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Lita goes right back to work. Lita tries for a DDT, but MICKIE HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES! FOLDING PRESS BY MICKIE! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Lita gets an inside cradle for two. Mickie slips out of a slam and gets an O’Connor roll- One, two, Lita reverses and grabs the trunks! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Mickie hits a kick to the gut- SWINGING DDT! ONE, TWO, THREE! Mickey James beats Lita in her farewell match to win the title at 8:19!

Winner: Mickie James
I was not to excited for this one going in, as they had a stinker at Cyber Sunday. However, they put on a solid match here. Lita was not as good as a heel because she had to be on offense more often, and a lot of her stuff was not crisp. On this night, though, she did a great job and got the crowd behind Mickie. The finishing stretch was fantastic. 2 for 3.

After the match, Lita demands that Lillian Garcia get in the ring. Lita makes Lillian tell the crowd to give it up for the greatest Women’s Champion of all-time. When the crowd boos, Lita gets upset. Lita grabs the microphone and calls the crowd disrespectful. Cryme Tyme’s music hits, and they come out to the ring with a box of Lita’s stuff. Cryme Tyme says they found a box full of her stuff. Shad says that they are going to have a “Ho Sale.” They sell off one of her bras, and medication for a yeast infection. JBL purchases her panties. He pays them with a $100. They take the bill and throw the panties to someone else. Cryme Tyme pulls out a large vibrator. They sell it for $25. This whole segment was tasteless. I know that it fit the characters involved, but this was a terrible way to send off one of the best women the company ever had. This gets a massive thumbs down from me.

An interview from earlier in the day is shown where Michael Cole sat down with Batista. Batista stared straight forward and didn’t answer the first two questions. Cole brings up the fact that it’s Batista’s last chance at the title, but he still wont say a word. Cole throws it to a clip of Batista signing the contract for the match. After Batista signed the deal, Booker jumped him and beat him down with his scepter. Cole asks for Batista’s thoughts, but he still won’t speak. Cole asks Batista has anything to say, and Batista claims that he will leave tonight as World Heavyweight Champion.

The babyfaces on Team D-X make their way out to the ring. Triple H grabs a microphone. They faces fire up the crowd. The whole arena is into it before a single word is spoken. A loud “CM Punk!” chant erupts in a moment that was highlighted on his DVD. Triple H says he needs to have a question answered. Punk asks the crowd if they are ready, and Triple H asks it again. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEET’S GET READY TO SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team D-Generation X (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and CM Punk) vs. Team Rated-RKO (Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Gregory Helms, and Mike Knox) w/ Melina and Kelly Kelly

This is the in-ring pay-per-view debut for CM Punk. The same thing can be said for Mike Knox, but that’s not as historically significant. Triple H gets Kelly Kelly up on the ring apron. She is about to flash D-X, but Mike Knox stops her. SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO MIKE KNOX! ONE, TWO, THREE! Mike Knox has already been eliminated!

Another “CM Punk” chant starts up as Nitro and HBK lock up. A nice exchange sees HBK go to the floor and put his arm around Melina, startling her. Michaels chops Nitro. Jeff Hardy tags in. Jeff does some quick work and tags in Matt. The two hit a double back elbow and a frontflip senton/leg drop combo. Helms tags in but he eats and elbow from Matt. Matt goes up to the second, but Helms drags him to the canvas. Edge tags in and pounds away on Matt. Helms tags back in. Helms hits a vertical suplex and tags Orton in. Orton kicks away at Matt, who is bleeding from the mouth. Nitro tags in and beats Matt down. Matt catches Nitro with a Side Effect! Matt tags in CM Punk, Punk hits some kicks and forearms. Punk connects with a running knee in the corner and follows up with a bulldog. Nitro misses with a clothesline, and Matt drops him throat-first on the top rope. Punk hits a uranage and slaps on an ANACONDA VICE! Punk wrenches the hold, and NITRO TAPS OUT!

Edge comes in and jumps Punk. Edge charges in the corner but is met with a boot. Punk goes for a 10-punch, but Orton pulls him down onto the top rope. Edge chokes CM Punk before tagging in Orton. Orton hits a standing dropkick for two. Helms is tagged in, and he nails Punk with some strikes. Helms applies a front chancery and knees Punk in the head a few times. The crowd rallies behind Punk, but Helms drops him with a jawbreaker on the knee! Orton tags in. Orton and Punk exchange strikes Orton ducks a clothesline and HITS AN RKO! Orton covers- ONE, TWO, HBK breaks it up! Orton tags in Edge, who sets up in the opposite corner. Edge goes for a SPEAR, but Punk evades it! Punk tags in Triple H as Edge tags in Helms. Triple H cleans house. Triple H hits a high knee. Orton comes in and eats one as well. Helms goes for a back body drop but eats a facebuster to the knee. Edge stops a Pedigree, and all hell breaks loose. JEFF HARDY AND SHAWN MICHAELS FLY TO THE FLOOR TO WIPE OUT EDGE AND ORTON! Triple H plants Helms with a spinebuster, and tags in Matt Hardy. TWIST OF FATE! Jeff goes up top- SWANTON BOMB! Matt Hardy covers- ONE, TWO, THREE!

It’s now Edge and Orton against five men. Edge and Orton grab the tag belts and walk off. The Hardy’s chase them down! Edge and Orton get sent inside. Triple H dumps Orton to the floor. POETRY IN MOTION TO EDGE! SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Michaels covers Edge- ONE, TWO, THREE!

Randy Orton must now face five men. Orton tries to leave through the crowd, but Punk and The Hardy Boys stop him. Orton is sent inside. SWEET CHIN MUSIC! PEDIGREE! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Survivors: Team D-Generation X (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and CM Punk
While the pre-match segment was great, the match itself was a burial. It was hard to get into as the babyfaces weren’t met with any sort of adversity. Unless you are a massive CM Punk fan and want to hear people chant his name a lot, this is not worth watching. 2 for 4.

JBL and Cole set the stage for the First Blood match between Mr. Kennedy and The Undertaker. A video package is shown, and Kennedy says that he will end The Undertaker’s career where it started, at Survivor Series.

Backstage, Mr. Kennedy is about to be interviewed, but MVP cuts him off. MVP talks about beating Kane in a cage match, and says he will eliminate him in their match tonight. MVP mentions that Kennedy fed him to The Brothers of Destruction, but that he is on a new path. MVP says Kennedy will bust The Undertaker open, and that if things go wrong, he has his back.

First Blood Match: The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy immediately uncovers three of the top turnbuckle covers. Kennedy immediately rolls to the floor, but then comes back inside and pounds away on The Undertaker. Taker shrugs in off and levels Kennedy with one punch. Undertaker takes Kennedy to the floor and slams his head into the Spanish announce table three times. Kennedy tries to roll away behind the table, but The Undertaker follows him and throws him into the table a few more times. The Undertaker rocks Kennedy with a punch that sends him over the barricade. The Undertaker lands two headbutts and throws Kennedy back into the ringside area. Taker hits a boot to the face of Kennedy. Undertaker tries to throw Kennedy into the steel steps, but Kennedy reverses it! Kennedy then slams The Undertaker’s head onto some of the announce tables. Kennedy goes up to the ring apron and tries to jump on Taker, but he gets caught! The Undertaker drives Kennedy into the ring post! Undertaker takes Kennedy back inside and starts to target Kennedy’s ribs. The Undertaker crotches Kennedy on the top rope and hits a punch. The Undertaker follows him up. Superplex by The Undertaker! Taker continues to target Kennedy’s ribs. Kennedy hits a low blow! Kennedy hits the ropes but The Undertaker hits a big boot! Th Undertaker slams Kennedy’s head into an exposed turnbuckle. The Undertaker continues to go after the ribs to try to cause internal bleeding. Kennedy hits another low blow! Kennedy rolls to the floor, and he is bleeding from the mouth! MVP runs down to the ringside area and hands him a towel while the referee is attending to The Undertaker. MVP starts to walk Kennedy to the back, but then rolls him back into the ring! The Undertaker slams Kennedy’s head into the exposed turnbuckle! The Undertaker pounds away and lands some punches in the corner. Kennedy sort-of hits snake eyes on the top turnbuckle. Kennedy slams The Undertaker’s head into the exposed turnbuckle! Kennedy fires away with more punches. MVP comes into the ring with a chair, but the referee stops him. MVP sends the referee to the floor. MVP hits The Undertaker with the chair by mistake! The Undertaker is busted open! The Undertaker stalks MVP, but Kennedy jumps him and nails some right hands. The referee stops the match, and Kennedy wins at 9:20!

Winner: Ken Kennedy
This match was plodding and cliché. The whole, “heel wrestler bleeds and gets away with it” thing is overdone and annoying. 2 for 5.

After the match, Kennedy continues his assault. Mr. Kennedy gets in The Undertaker’s face to announce himself the winner, but he gets goozled! The Undertaker pounds away on Kennedy. THE UNDERTAKER NAILS KENNEDY WITH AN UNPROTECTED CHAIR SHOT! That was vicious! Kennedy is busted open. The Undertaker lays Kennedy on an announce table and continues the beating. The Undertaker sends him back inside. Kennedy tries to get away, but The Undertaker stops him. TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The Undertaker props up Kennedy’s head and takes his right glove off. The Undertaker pummels Kennedy with his bare fist! The Undertaker stands tall.

A commercial airs for Born To Controversy: The Roddy Piper Story.

Backstage, Queen Sharmell is with King Booker. She mentions that after tonight, Batista will never have a shot at his belt. Booker talks about beating Batista with his scepter. He says their will be no fairytale for Batista, and that he will leave as The King of the Ring, The Champion of Champions, and the Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Team Big Show (Big Show, MVP, Umaga, Finlay, and Test) vs. Team Cena (John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Rob Van Dam, and Sabu)

Cena and Umaga start things off. Umaga misses a corner splash and Cena unloads with punches. Umaga misses another corner splash and Cena clothesline him to the floor. Cena pulls Finlay in and tags RVD. At ringside, Umaga rips a montior off the announce tablw. UMAGA LAYS OUT RVD, SABU, AND CENA WITH THE MONITOR! Umaga has been disqualified.

Inside the ring, all hell has broken loose. Rob Van Dam’s ribs have been targeted on the floor. Finlay sits on his ribs and tags in Test. RVD lays into test, but he regains control and tags Finlay back in. MVP comes in and continues to work over RVD’s ribs. MVP applies a headlock, and RVD is bleeding from the mouth. MVP tries for a knee to the ribs but RVD rolls him up and hits a spinning heel kick. RVD hits his back-kick enzuigiri. Finlay comes in and eats one as well. RVD drop kicks Big Show off the apron, but MVP jumps him. RVD starts to mount some offense, but Test pulls him to the floor. RVD slips out of a slam and shoves RVD into the ring post. Kane comes in and hits a CHOKESLAM TO MVP! RVD UP TOP- FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THREE! MVP has been eliminated.


Sabu comes in and school boys Test for two. Test disposes Sabu to the floor and follows him out. LASHLEY WITH A SPEAR TO TEST! Sabu hits a slingshot legdrop. SPRINGBOARD DDT BY SABU! ONE, TWO, THREE! Test has been eliminated!

Big Show comes in. Sabu gets caught in a springboard, and BIG SHOW CHOKESLAMS HIM! ONE, TWO, THREE! Sabu is out.

It’s down to Cena, Lashley, and Kane vs. Big Show and Finlay. Kane comes in, and both big men goozle each other. THE LITTLE BASTARD IS HERE! He runs in the ring and distracts the official. BIG SHOW CHOKESLAMS KANE! ONE, TWO, THREE! Kane has been eliminated.

Cena comes in the ring to a chorus of boos and eats a powerslam. Finlay comes down with all of his weight on Cena’s ribs. Finlay cheap-shots Lashley and gets some extra help from Big Show. Show then tags in. Finlay tags in and hits a battering ram in the corner. Finlay goes to the second but eats a boot from Cena. Lashley comes in like a house of fire and beats up Finlay. Lashley goes for the running powerslam, but Finlay slips out. Lashley hits a spinning uranage and covers, but Big Show breaks it up at two. Cena comes in, and the two faces double team Big Show while Finlay rolls out to the floor. Cena and Lashley clothesline Show, but he clotheslines them as well. Finlay brings The Little Bastard into the ring. He throws him at Cena but LASHLEY SPEARS FINLAY! Cena gets The Little Bastard up on his shoulders while Lashley covers Finlay- ONE, TWO, THREE! Big Show must overcome a two-on-one advantage!

Lashley and Cena hit a double shoulder block for two. Big Show charges Lashley but eats the buckles. Cena tags in, and Lashley and Cena hit a sloppy Double DDT for two. Cena tries to suplex Big Show but can’t do it. Lashley comes in, and they hit a double suplex. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Cena! Cena sets up for the F-U, but Big Show goozles him. Lashley comes in and kind of Spears Big Show. F-U! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Survivors: John Cena and Bobby Lashley
This match felt really rushed. Much like the previous match, the babyfaces were not met with a whole lot of adversity. Cena and Lashley cheated a lot during the final fall, which made it hard to get into them. Had Cena been eliminated and Lashley overcame a two-on-one, it could have been a star-making performance. Instead, two babyfaces took shortcuts to beat one heel. 2 for 6.

A video promo hypes the Elimination Chamber at December to Dismember.

The commentators set up the main-event between King Booker and Batista. A highlight package is aired to showcase the path both men have been on.

Theodore Long comes out to the ring prior to the match. Teddy Long adds a stipulation that if King Booker is counted out or disqualified, he will lose the title!

World Heavyweight Championship Match: King Booker (c) w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Batista

YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Batista jumps Booker on the ramp. Batista slams Booker’s head on the ring apron and drops him with a punch. Batista pounds away and sends Booker inside to officially start the match. Batista hits a back elbow and covers for two. King Booker mounts a bit of offense. Some confetti is falling from the ceiling. OOPS! Batista hits a suplex. Batista sets up for the Batista Bomb but Booker rolls out to the floor. Sharmell tells him not to get counted out and to get in the ring. Booker gets up to the apron. Batista drops him throat-first on the top rope. Batista hits a rib breaker for two. Batista follows up with a series of clotheslines for two. Batista chokes Booker on the second rope. Booker hot-shots Batista onto the top rope. Booker slingshots Batista into the bottom rope! Booker hits a shuffle side kick to the jaw for two. Booker lands some chops in the corner. Batista blocks some punches and comes back with a few of his own, but Booker goes to the eyes to stop him. Batista reverses a whip into the buckles and hits a sidewalk slam for two. JACKHAMMER BY BATISTA! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Booker hits a few strikes and goes to the ropes, but BATISTA DROPS HIM WITH A BLACKHOLE SLAM! One, two, no! Both men fight it out on the apron, and Booker goes to the eyes. Batista manages to regain control and throw Booker inside. Sharmell grabs Batista’s foot, and BOOKER HITS A SHUFFLE SIDE KICK THAT SENDS BATISTA TO THE FLOOR! Booker sends Batista’s head into the steel steps. Back inside, Booker covers with his foot on the ropes for two. JBL accuses Teddy Long of being racist for the added stipulation. Batista hits a few strikes, but Booker catches him with a leaping side kick for two. Booker applies a side headlock. Batista gets to his feet and fights free. Batista sends Booker into the corner but he eats a back elbow. Booker charges out, but Batista hits a belly-to-belly suplex! Batista lands some punches and a clothesline. Batista follows up with another, and then hits a corner clothesline. Batista hits a big boot that sends Booker to the floor! Batista sends King Booker into the steel steps! Batista rolls Booker inside and goes up top. SHOULDER TACKLE OFF THE TOP ROPE! Batista covers- ONE, TWO, NO! Batista ducks a punch and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Batista pins Booker- one, two, no! Batista sends Booker into the ropes, but Booker ducks a clothesline and hits THE BOOK END! ONE, TWO, NO! King Booker taunts that it’s over. Booker hits the ropes but Batista hits a kick to the gut. BATISTA BOMB! King Booker rolls toward the ropes as Batista covers. ONE, TWO, THRE-BOOKER GETS THE BOTTOM ROPE! Sharmell hands Booker the title and then gets into the ring. BATISTA GRABS SHARMELL. Batista sets up for the Batista Bomb, but inside sets her down. Booker tries to hit Batista with the title, but he ducks. Batista takes the belt, and HE LEVELS KING BOOKER WITH THE TITLE! ONE, TWO, THREE! Batista has ended the reign of King Booker at 13:57!

Winner: Batista
This wasn’t great, but it was a fitting ending to the title reign of King Booker. I dug the story, and it was smart that Booker’s underhanded tactics finally bit him in the butt. 3 for 7.

After the match, pyro goes off and Batista celebrates with the title.

The 411: It's usually not a good thing when my favorite match on a WWE Pay-Per-View was for the Women's Title. That isn't so much a knock to the women as it is to the rest of this show. Most of the Survivor Series matches felt rushed and were hard to get into. While the main-event was good, it wasn't the epic that one of the "Big Four" pay-per-views deserved. You can skip this show.
Final Score:  4.5   [ Poor ]  legend

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