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Lest We Forget: WWE The Great American Bash 2006

March 22, 2013 | Posted by Maxwell Baumbach
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Lest We Forget: WWE The Great American Bash 2006  

Have you ever watched a professional wrestling match that was so bad that you wished you were no longer alive? I’m willing to watch each and every match that has given you that feeling. Let me know what the worst matches you’ve ever seen were in the comments section, and I’ll review them in my series, “I’d Rather Be Dead Than Watch ________”

WWE Great American Bash 2006
Live from Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana
July 23, 2006

The opening video welcomes us to the land of opportunity, where everyone can pursue their dreams. This goes on to hype The Great Khali’s feud with The Undertaker, who he will meet in a Punjabi Prison match tonight. Additionally, King Booker has a chance to dethrone World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio.


World Tag Team Title Match: Paul London and Brian Kendrick (c) vs. The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash)

Kash and London tie up to kick things off. Kid Kash hits a shoulder block and jawjacks his opponents. London sends Kid Kash off, but Kash scores with another shoulder block. Kash pounds away and goes for a hiptoss, but London counters and scores with the dropsault. London goes to the apron and slingshots in with a headscissors. London tags in Kendrick, and London launches Kendrick onto Kash with a rocketbuster for two. Kendrick scores with a series of armdrags, but Kash regains control and tags in Noble. Noble hammers away with basic strikes. Noble sends Kendrick into the ropes and tries for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Kendrick comes down on top of him for a two count. Kendrick tags in London, who double stomps a standing Noble in the back. Kendrick tags back in and hits an atomic elbow off the top. London tags in again, and he comes off the top with an axe handle onto the arm of Noble. Noble pulls London down face-first onto the second turnbuckle. London and Kendrick take out Noble with a double team hiptoss. Kid Kash tries to put a stop to the action, but both he and Noble are dropkicked to the floor. LONDON AND KENDRICK SAIL THROUGH THE ROPES AND WIPE OUT THEIR OPPONENTS WITH DUELING SUICIDE DIVES! Kendrick tries to go up top, but Kid Kash pull at his foot and Noble throws him off of the top rope. Noble covers for two. Noble fires vicious kicks into Kendrick’s back and tags in Kash. Kash and Noble score with a double shoulder block for two. Kendrick hits a headscissors and tries to get the tag, but Noble tags in. Noble misses a move on Kendrick, and London tags in. London takes out Noble with a slingshot clothesline. London fires away on Noble and scores with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Kid Kash charges inside, but London drops him with a flapjack. Noble drops London to the apron. London tries to skin the cat, but Noble dropkicks him in the gut, sending him crashing to the floor! Ouch. London gets back inside, but Noble stomps a mudhole in him. Noble covers for two. London mounts some momentum, but he comes off the ropes into a leaping knee strike from Noble. Kash tags in and stomps away on London. Kash chokes London, and the referee makes him break the hold. Kash works London over in the corner. Noble puts his boot up on the ropes, and Kash sends London’s face into it. Both Pitbulls chop London, and Noble covers for two. London fights off both Pitbulls, but Kash prevents the tag by grabbing his leg. London kicks Kash off, sending him into Noble and knocking him to the floor. London goes to make the tag, but Noble pulls Kendrick to the floor. London slips out of a back suplex and makes the tag to Kendrick! Kendrick soars inside and wipes out Kash with a springboard dropkick! Kendrick is a house of fire, taking out both of his opponents. Kendrick plasters Noble with a big boot and hits a leg lariat on Kash. Kendrick covers, but only gets two. Kendrick hits a hurricanrana, but Kash breaks it up. Noble knees Kendrick in the head and looks for a Tiger Driver, but London breaks it up with a spinning heel kick. Kash lays out London while Noble rolls to the floor. Kendrick hits a dropkick on Kash, who also goes to the outside. Kendrick leaps up top and FLIES TO THE OUTSIDE, TAKING OUT NOBLE WITH A CROSS BODY! Kid Kash rolls inside and has London in Brainbuster position. London tries to fight out. Kendrick goes up top and tries to sunset flip Kash out of the position. London tacks on a dropsault, and Kendrick has the sunset flip! ONE, TWO, THREE! London and Kendrick retain at 13:29.

Winners: Paul London and Brian Kendrick
If you looked up “perfect opener” in the professional wrestling encyclopedia, there might very well be a picture of this match. The Pitbulls were gritty, working a grinding, grounded style while the babyfaces flew all over the place. The pace was relentless, and it got the crowd hot without doing too much and burning them out. I loved every second of this match. 1 for 1.

Backstage, Great Khali and Daivari yell at each other. Apparently, Khali wants to call out Undertaker now, but Daivari wants to wait. Khali picks up Daivari while he yells.

General Manager Theodore R. Long makes his way out to the ring. He has bad news- Bobby Lashley has elevated liver enzymes, so he can’t compete tonight. Lashley comes out to the ring in his gear, because that’s what he wears around when he’s chilling with his bros. Lashley takes the microphone and says that he doesn’t think anything is wrong with him. Lashley wants his title back and is ready to fight. Teddy tells him that he wants Bobby to compete, but that can’t happen tonight. As Lashley starts to head to the back, Finlay comes out with William Regal. Finlay and Regal do stereotypical black handshakes with Teddy Long. Finlay seems to think that Lashley is faking his illness because he is afraid. Finlay asks Teddy to raise his hand and declare him the winner via forfeit. Teddy refuses, and makes a match between Finlay and Regal for the U.S. title.

United States Championship Match: Finlay (c) vs. William Regal

The crowd doesn’t quite know what to make of this at the bell, as both men are heels. Regal checks under the ring Hornswoggle, then known as “The Little Bastard.” Regal goes to leave, but Finlay school boys him for two. Regal responds by punching Regal in the face. The two tie up, and roll out to the floor. Still tied up, they grapple up to the ring apron and back into the ring. Regal pushes Finlay into the corner, and punches him on the break. Regal takes down Finlay with a single-leg, and ties up Finlay’s ankle. Finlay spins free, sending Regal down to the mat. Both men tie up again, and Finlay gets a side headlock. Regal sends Finlay off, but Finlay flattens him with a shoulder block. Finlay goes back to the headlock. Regal sends him off, but this time Regal moves out of the way and sends Finlay to the floor. Regal gets an uppercut on the apron, but The Little Bastard grabs his foot! The Little Bastard hits Regal with the shillelagh! Regal runs away, but somehow The Little Bastard gets behind him! Regal runs back inside in fear, but he ends up being beaten down by Finlay. Both men exchange stiff European uppercuts. Finlay goes to the eyes and gets a schoolboy for two. Finlay pounds away in the corner before whipping Regal into the opposite buckle. Finlay presses the advantage, but Regal catches him with a boot to the face. Regal follows up with a butterfly suplex for two. Regal goes to the edge of the ring and reaches under the apron, but The Little Bastard bites his hand! Finlay stomps on Regal’s hand, and appears to have found his target. Regal catches Finley with a knee to the gut. Regal takes Finlay down and applies a side headlock. Finlay kicks Regal in the head to break the hold. Finlay levels Regal with a clothesline, and then sits down on his chest. Finlay takes Regal to the floor and drops him chest-first on the apron. Finlay drives Regal back-first into the side of the ring. Back inside, Finlay applies a headlock. Regal fights up and tries to break out by sending Finlay into the buckles, but Finlay fires back and both men clunk heads! Regal gets the better of it and stomps away on Finlay. Regal dropkicks Finlay’s knee and covers for two. Regal hits a T-Bone suplex, and then drops a knee. One, two, no. We actually get a “boring” chant from the crowd. Regal tries to dive on Finlay on the outside, but Finlay crotches him with the ring apron. Finlay nails a forearm smash and sends Regal inside. Regal has lost a boot, and Finlay stomps on his foot. Finlay misses a spear in the corner and Regal school boys him for two. Regal grabs the shillelagh, but The Little Bastard comes out and hands Finlay Regal’s boot! The referee confiscates the shillelagh from Regal, and Finlay nails him with the boot! Finlay covers with his feet on the ropes- ONE, TWO, THREE! Finlay picks up the hard-fought victory at 13:50.

Winner: Finlay
These guys were put in a pretty crappy spot here, as they were both heels. On top of that, Regal served as the fill-in for Lashley, who was over big as a babyface at the time. The crowd was irked from the get-go, which is probably why they received the unjustified “boring” chant. Although they were dealt a bad set of cards, these guys beat the tar out of each other and pulled off some solid comedy. I’m going to disagree with the audience here, as I felt this match was worth my while. 2 for 2.

After the match, The Little Bastard tries to steal the title, but Finlay kicks him under the ring.

A commercial airs for Dusty Rhodes’ DVD.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is joined by Chavo, who says they are like family. Chavo talks about how proud he is of Rey. Of course, Eddie Guerrero’s name is exploited here, and Chavo says he will make sure dreams come true tonight.

Non-Title: Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy

I CAAAN SLAAAAAP A TORNADO! JBL puts over Helms like nobody’s business, much like he always did. Matt Hardy is apparently too big for the cruiserweight division. Hardy gets an armdrag and the crowd rallies behind him. Hardy ducks under a leap frog, and then mocks Helms’ former Hurricane persona to a big pop. Helms tries to charge, but Hardy takes advantage and clotheslines him to the floor. Hardy then wipes out Helms with a plancha. Hardy takes it back inside and covers for two. Helms rolls to the apron and drops Hardy throat first on the top rope. Helms capitalizes with a neckbreaker for two. Helms chokes Hardy on the rope, and appears to have kicked it into second geat. Helms hits another neckbreaker for two. Helms applies a front chancery. Helms adjusts to a sleeper as Hardy gets up, and Hardy drops him with a chinbuster. Hardy tries to capitalize but he eats a clothesline. Helms applies a arm-in chinlock while the crowd rallies behind Hardy. Hardy rolls free of the hold, but eats a boot when he rushes Helms in the corner. Helms mocks Hardy before coming off the second rope into a punch to the gut. Hardy hits a Russian legsweep for two. Helms cuts Hardy off, but Hardy counters an Irish whip for a Side Effect, which Helms counters out of with a roll up. Helms tries to go up top, but Hardy puts a stop to it. Helms fights Hardy off, and both men are up on the buckles. HELMS HITS A SWINGING NECKBREAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE! Helms covers- ONE, TWO, Hardy gets the ropes! Helms rolls Hardy to the center of the ring and covers Hardy twice for two. Helms sends Hardy to the mat and drops an elbow before going to a side headlock. Helms switches to a double underhook hold, and he knees Hardy in the head a few times. Hardy starts to power up. Hardy drives Helms into the corner to break free. Hardy charges but eats a back elbow. Helms tries to take advantage, but both men end up exchanging blows. Hardy takes control, and hits a side effect. Cover- ONE, TWO, NO! Hardy sends Helms into the buckles. Hardy hits a clothesline and then immediately tacks on a bulldog for two. Hardy goes for something, but Helms slips behind. He looks for the Eye of the Hurricane, but Hardy counters for a Twist of Fate. Helms reverses that and drops Hardy to the mat with a unique inverted bulldog type move for two. Helms tries for the Shining Wizard, but Hardy ducks. Hardy goes for an O’Conner Roll, but Helms holds onto the ropes. SHINING WIZARD! Helms covers- ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Helms is in disbelief. Helms places Hardy backwards on the second. Helms goes up top, but Hardy elbows him off. HARDY WITH A MOONSAULT PRESS! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Hardy goes up to the second. Bionic elbow off the second by Hardy gets two. Hardy fires away on Helms in the corner, and then lands some mounted punches before Helms hits him with snake eyes! Helms gets a schoolboy with the trunks! ONE, TWO, THREE! Helms gets the surprising victory at 11:44.

Winner: Gregory Helms
This was a nice win for Helms. I was annoyed when he did a second neckbreaker because I thought it seemed lazy to do the same move twice, but in hindsight, it built to something really awesome with the super neckbreaker. I could have done without Hardy kicking out of his finisher, though. That said, these guys had the crowd biting on every nearfall, and did a great job of keeping them into the match. It was also nice to see a champion actually win a non-title match. You sure as heck don’t see that often today. 3 for 3.

Backstage, Khali is still on a rampage. Daivari wants him to settle down, but it’s to no avail. The Undertaker shows up and then beats up Daivari. Undertaker is ready to go at it with Khali, but the ECW Champion Big Show jumps him! Officials hold him back, but then Khali adds insult to injury. Show and Khali seem to be proud of their work.

Cole and JBL wonder about the condition of Undertaker, and set up a video package for the Punjabi Prison match with Khali. They did a great job of making it seem like Khali may actually end Undertaker’s career.

Backstage, Daivari gloats with Khali and Show. Fear not, Teddy Long is here! Teddy Long says that instead, it will be Big Show vs. Undertaker in a Punjabi Prison match! Long says that even though Show is on ECW, things under his jurisdiction when Show is at a Smackdown event. I appreciate that they actually tried to have that make sense. However, the build up for Khali is now all for naught. The reason for this was Khali also having elevated liver enzymes.

Non-Title Punjabi Prison Match: Big Show vs. Undertaker

The commentators do a great job of putting over the structure. For some reason Cole announces the rules instead of Tony Chimel. Big Show is acting way too fearful for a guy who had been built up as a wrecking machine at this time. Show jumps Taker off the bat to gain the early advantage. Both men exchange punches, and Taker takes control. Big Show knocks Undertaker into the bamboo, and the commentators sell it like death, which seems really silly. Undertaker clips the knee of Big Show and then hits a basement boot to the face. Undertaker tries to work his way out of the first structure, but Big Show crotches him on the bamboo. JBL says that this match is more dangerous than the barbed wire steel cage match he was in. “If that isn’t the epitome of hyperbole…” – Brian Regan. Big Show drives Taker into the corner, and then hits a big boot. Big Show hits a clothesline and then an elbow. Undertaker fights his way back into the match. Undertaker drives Big Show into the structure. Undertaker then throws all of his weight into Show, sending him into the not-so-strong-or-sturdy wall. Big Show goes a chokeslam, but BIG SHOW COUNTERS WITH A DDT! A countdown clock starts to run, and the door to the first structure will close if it expires. Big Show stops Undertaker from exiting the door. Big Show knocks Taker to the mat. Big Show rips a strap off of the structure. The crowd counts down, and the small door shuts to really cheesy music to no reaction from the crowd. Show works over Taker with the whip. Show chokes Undertaker for a little bit, and then exposes a turnbuckle. Undertaker gets to his feet while Big Show struggles to expose the buckle. Show doesn’t really pull the buckle off, and Taker fires away with strikes. Undertaker hits what was supposed to be a clothesline as a Lou Thesz Press. The door opens up again. Big Show tries to get out really slowly, but Undertaker kicks him in the head. Taker tries to crawl out, but Show grabs his leg. Undertaker and Show exchange strikes, and Big Show hits a CHOKESLAM! Big Show crawls for the door, but it shuts. Big Show is not happy about this, and he chews out the official. Big Show wears down Undertaker. Big Show exposes the buckle a little bit, and sends the deadman’s head into it. Taker has been busted open, and Big Show headbutts his open wound. The crowd tells Big Show that he sucks. Show punches away at Taker’s cut, and then tries to climb out of the first cage. Undertaker low blows Big Show! Show is perched on the top rope. Taker goes up top. SUPERPLEX TO BIG SHOW! That draws a small “Holy Shit!” chant from the crowd. The door opens, and Undertaker escapes the first cage, and has one more to go. JBL compares Undertaker at this stage in his career to Michael Jordan with the Wizards. Big Show escapes the first cage. Big Show stops Undertaker from leaving the second cage, and he sets up some sort of table. Big Show sends Taker through the table. Big Show puts Undertaker back into the ring, and the door shuts. Undertaker is now stuck back inside the first structure. Big Show starts to climb the outside structure while The Undertaker watches on. Undertaker climbs the inside structure. Undertaker gets out, and hops to the top of the outside structure! Big Show tries to knock taker off. Undertaker then uses a rope to Tarzan dropkick Big Show off of the second bamboo cage. Big Show leans over a table, and The Undertaker leaps up and legdrops him through the table! That was actually pretty impressive. Undertaker lands a few punches while Show tries to stumble away. Undertaker sends Big Show into the door of the first structure a few times. Daivari and Great Khali come out, and Undertaker climbs up the first structure. Big Show is bloody and confused. Undertaker leaps off the cage, but Big Show catches him. Big Show falls/throws The Undertaker, and both men fall out. The Undertaker wins, even though I think Big Show hit on the outside first. The match is mercifully over at 21:33. Khali scales the cage, but it’s too late.

Winner: The Undertaker
Let’s get this straight: I don’t blame either guy for this atrocity. They did their best given the circumstances, and things actually got interesting toward the end. Taker and Show worked in some big spots, like the superplex and the Tarzan dropkick. Some of the execution was sloppy, but for the most part, it was good. The problem was with the silly, cartoony gimmick, and the fact that they made the match so damn long. The Punjabi Prison match is almost Kennel From Hell/Bungee Jump Match levels of stupid. There’s a reason there isn’t a WWE: Punjabi Prison pay-per-view. 3 for 4.

A commercial airs for Summerslam, which is the biggest party of the Summer.

Backstage, Queen Sharmell gives King Booker a pep-talk, and tells him that he will become king of the world tonight. As goofy as this gimmick was, I loved it.


Four-Way Bra and Panties Match: Kristal Marshall vs. Michelle McCool vs. Jillian Hall vs. Ashley Massaro

YOU’RE NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! JUST ANOTHER MAN IN LOVE WITH ME! Ashley and Jillian take it to the heels. Kristal beats down Ashley and removes her shirt. Kristal taunts, but Ashley knocks her to the floor. Michelle comes inside and pulls Ashley by her hair into a backbreaker. That was actually a great move. Jillian runs in and they roll around on each other. Jillian counters out of a scoop slam and hits a scoop slam. Jillian goes up top, but Kristal crotches her, and she ends up in a tree of woe. Michelle kicks Jillian and takes off her top. Michelle and Kristal get whipped into each other. Jillian and Ashley de-pants Michelle and Kristal. Michelle has another skirt on underneath her skirt. CHRISTIAN VALUES AT WORK! Michelle and Kristal roll around on top of each other. Kristal works over McCool, but Jillian sneaks up on her and gets a double leg. Ashley takes off Kristal’s shirt, and the match is over at 5:18.

Winner: Ashley
I can’t recommend this as a wrestling match, but if you want to watch it for umm, your personal use, I guess that’s cool. 3 for 5.

After the match, Ashley and Jillian help each other strip down to their bras and panties, because feminism.

Backstage, The Miz, looking like ADD from Accepted, is with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy says challenged Batista because he will beat him. He says Mark Henry might not have been able to beat Batista. The announcer will announce the winner of the match as MISTEEEEEEEEEEEER KENNEDY…KENNEDY!

Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Batista gets a huge pop. He was supposed to face Mark Henry, but the World’s Strongest Man messed up his knee. Batista jumps Kennedy before he can do his own introduction. Kennedy goes to the eyes to take control, but Batista takes back over. Batista takes the action to the floor, where he drives Kennedy’s ribs into the ring apron. Batista slams Kennedy’s head onto the steel steps, which busts him open. Batista takes it back inside, but Kennedy is ready for him and fires off. However, Batista fights back, targeting the cut of Kennedy. Kennedy rolls out to the floor to stall. Kennedy says he doesn’t have to take this, so he heads to the back. As soon as Batista turns around, Kennedy sprints back into the ring, but Batista sees him coming and levels him with a SPEAR! On to the outside, Kennedy goes to the eyes to catch a breather back in the ring. Batista tries to get back inside, but Kennedy nails him with a pump-kick to the side of the head! Kennedy starts to wear down Batista. Kennedy stomps a mudhole in Batista in the corner. Kennedy charges and hits a facewash. Kennedy is donning a crimson mask at this point. After rolling to the floor, Kennedy whips Batista’s arm into the post. The crowd rallies behind Batista as Kennedy covers for two. Kennedy straps on a chinlock. Batista slowly gets to his feet, but Kennedy clobbers him with strikes. Kennedy hits the ropes, but Batista grabs him by the throat. Batista throws Kennedy into the corner and charges, but takes a boot. Kennedy rushes Batista, but The Animal picks him up and drives him into the corner. Batista throws Kennedy shoulder-first into the ring post three straight times. Batista stomps away on Kennedy. Batista chokes Kennedy with his boot in the corner and won’t break the hold. The referee disqualifies him at 8:35.

Winner by DQ: Ken Kennedy
This match never really took off for me, but I don’t think it was supposed to. They wanted to keep Kennedy strong, but also build on the fact that Batista is an animal, and when the animal is unleashed, it cannot be controlled. This did an alright job of that, but as a match, it fell flat. 3 for 6.

After the bell, Batista stares down the official. Batista then plants Kennedy with a spinebuster three straight times. Kennedy then eats a Batista Bomb. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

A video airs to hype the Hogan/Orton match at Summerslam the next month.

To pump up the main-event, a highlight package showcases Booker T’s transformation from Booker T to King Booker.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Rey Mysterio (c) vs. King Booker w/ Sharmell

Booker and Mysterio exchange words before the bell. Booker says that Eddie can’t help him. Mysterio doesn’t seem eager to tie up as Booker pushes him into the corner. Booker gives a clean break, and the crowd boos him, because apparently sportsmanship sucks. Booker shoves Rey into the buckles again, and Rey ducks a punch. Booker pounds away on Mysterio, beating him from pillar to post. Mysterio slips under a right hand and fires back. Mysterio shoots off the ropes and hits a leg drop for one. Both men tie up again, and Rey gets planted with a scoop slam. Booker follows up with a big back elbow. Booker applies a hammerlock. Mysterio gets to his feet and elbows Booker. Rey hits a flying mare to break free, and then tacks on a basement dropkick for two. Booker sends Rey into the ropes, but Mysterio comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Booker tries to ram his shoulder into Rey in the corner, but Mysterio moves and Booker goes shoulder-first into the post. Booker goes to the floor as Mysterio scales the buckles. MYSTERIO FLIES TO THE FLOOR WITH A SEATED SENTON! Mysterio hits a springboard splash to the back of Booker and covers for two. Mysterio goes for a springboard, but Booker ducks and nails a shuffle sidekick for two. Booker clotheslines Mysterio down to the mat twice and then covers for two again. Booker chokes Rey on the bottom rope, and when the referee scolds him, Sharmell pokes him in the eyes. Booker hits another kick for two. Mysterio goes for another flying mare, but Booker throws him to the mat this time. Booker hits a slingshot suplex, and turns it into the THREE AMIGOS! Booker hits a kick to the gut, but cannot connect with a scissors kick. Mysterio hits a drop toe-hold, sending Booker throat first onto the second rope. Mysterio goes for the 6-1-9, but Booker ducks out of the way. MYSTERIO HITS A NASTY KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Mysterio covers- ONE, TWO, NO! Rey Mysterio goes for another 6-1-9, but Sharmell trips him up! Nick Patrick scolds her, and ejects her from ringside! Mysterio tries for a wheelbarrow bulldog, but Booker drops him with a back suplex instead! One, two, no! Booker comes off of the second, but Mysterio boots him in the face. Mysterio then wipes out Booker’s legs with a dropkick. Both men are down. As they get to their feet, Mysterio lights up Booker with strikes. Mysterio hits a pop-up head scissors, and then nails a springboard cross body! ONE, TWO, NO! Mysterio comes off the ropes and hits a tornado DDT for two. Mysterio goes for a head-scissors out of the corner, but Booker throws him into the referee! Nick Patrick flies to the floor unconscious. Booker charges Rey, but eats his boots. Mysterio goes to the ring apron and hits a SEATON SENTON! REY FOLLOWS UP WITH A 6-1-9! Mysterio goes up top- FROG SPLASH! Mysterio has Booker beat, but the referee is out cold! Mysterio tries to capitalize, but Booker hits a low blow! BOOK END! Booker goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Book swings a chair, but Mysterio ducks and DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO BOOKER’S FACE! Chavo Guerrero rolls inside and has a chair. CHAVO SWINGS THE CHAIR AND KNOCKS REY MYSTERIO OUT COLD! Booker is stunned, and Chavo snarls toward Mysterio. Booker covers as Nick Patrick rolls inside. ONE, TWO, THREE! King Booker has stolen the World Heavyweight Championship at 16:48!

Winner: King Booker
While I’m not the biggest fan of ref bumps, this worked out quite well. It was also fun to see Booker work as more of a power guy due to his large size advantage. They didn’t do nine million nearfalls or avalanche German suplexes, but they made everything count and had the crowd in the palm of their hands. My one complaint is that the Chavo turn was a little too obvious. However, the crowd still fell for it, and the chair shot he laid on Mysterio was wicked. 4 for 7.

Sharmell goes into her “ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!” shtick as we close out the show.

The 411: This show reminded me a bit of Vengeance. There was a lot of stuff that was very good but not great, and there was also some absolute trash. The opener was a blast, the US title match was interesting, and Helms/Hardy was a well-worked contest with strong psychology. However, things dropped off from there with the Punjabi Prison disaster, the popcorn bra and panties match, and a Batista/Kennedy match that never left first gear. The main-event was a good way to end the show, and putting the belt on Booker was definitely the right move at this point. The good outweighs the bad enough for me to give this a small recommendation.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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