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Lex Luger Is Hopeful For WWE Hall Of Fame In 2024 Induction

February 26, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
WrestleMania 9 Lex Luger Image Credit: WWE

On the most recent episode of the Lex Expressed podcast, Lex Luger discussed the WWE Hall of Fame.

Luger has not been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but is hopeful that this will be his year. Here are the highlights (per Fightful):

On the potential honor: “Wow, that would be a nice storyline. I get a little buzz every year, lately, as time has passed. A lot of people, we’ve talked about this a little bit before, people go, ‘Lex is not in? I thought he was already in.’ I get that all the time. ‘You’re not in?’ I go, ‘No, not yet. Hopefully someday because it would be such an honor.’ I always tell people it would be such an honor,” he said. “There’s definitely more buzz around it this year. I don’t know if them including me more on The Bump and some of the stuff over the last couple years, I’m not sure if there is a direct correlation there or not or if they even give it that much thought prior to a selection. Obviously, I’m flattered and honored that so many people have brought it up.”

On Eric Bischoff: “Eric Bischoff, we don’t talk a lot or anything, but we have a special relationship now. The kind words he had for me, I love Eric Bischoff. I never thought that would come out of my mouth. He gave me a huge compliment on that they should put me in. So yeah, I’m definitely complimented, flattered, and honored when people say it, and obviously what a huge honor if and when it happens for sure. If it is this year, man, that would be, like you said, storybook. If not, and it’s down the line sometime, I’m just hopeful.”

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