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Lince Dorado Bickers With Fans After ‘Goodbye’ Post

September 16, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Lince Dorado

As we noted earlier today, Lince Dorado posted a message to Instagram that appeared to be him saying goodbye to his mask. He provided no context, but he did get into spats with WWE fans in the comments section.

He first posted a comment and said: “Wow so many people who never comment/liked on my post unless ya see something negative. Shame on you! To the true supporters, one love! Everyone else, good freaking bye!

When a fan told him that he was “trying to get our attention cause you don’t have supporters,” he replied: “Your mother doesn’t love you.

That kept going, as the fan said it wasn’t serious and they just started paying attention to him this week. Dorado replied: “Peace if you ain’t give it from day 1 don’t need it now.

Another fan asked him if he said goodbye because his mother left him. He answered: “That’s the best you got? Recycled my comeback damn lame.

Yet another said he was depressed because he can’t get fan support. To that, he responded: “Depressed my life is amazing homie! $ in the bank, fwine girl what you got? Lol

He also wrote to another fan: “Hope one day you find what makes you happy homie lol

Finally, one of the fans insulted Dorado and then also insulted autistic fans. He replied: “Way to make fun of awesome people. You have been erased from my memory you pos.

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