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Linda McMahon Becomes Republican Mega Donor After Failing to Capture Senate Seat, Supporting Donald Trump to Become President

September 25, 2016 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Linda McMahon

The Big Story for the Associated Press has published a new article today exploring how former WWE executive, Linda McMahon, has become a mega donor for Republican party. She made the move after she had two failed runs for the United States Senate in Connecticut.

Additionally, McMahon recently held a fundraiser in Greenwich, Connecticut for Arizona Senator John McCain, who previously supported McMahon during both of her Senate campaigns. Another event she hosted was for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was McMahon’s top choice in the Republican primary. According to the report, McMahon has contributed a total of $550,000 the super PAC America Leads. America Leads was a super PAC that supported Christie’s candidacy.

Regarding her move to become a political donor, McMahon stated, “I really got in, hoping to be able to make a difference. And when I wasn’t elected, I still wanted to still help, hopefully electing good people to do good things.”

McMahon and her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, are currently ranked 78th among “mega donors” for the Center for Responsive Politics. However, while McMahon previously supported Christie as her choice for President, she’s now supporting Republican Presidential candidate and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump. In 2007, she and Vince McMahon reportedly donated $5 million to Trump’s foundation. She’s quoted as saying on Trump, ”Once you’re his friend, he is loyal to the end. He’s an incredibly loyal, loyal friend.”

The article also notes that Linda McMahon believes Trump will be a good President who will be surrounded by competent advisors. Also, she thinks Trump has become a “a vessel that has housed this anger and this dissatisfaction” in the country.