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Lio Rush Posts New Videos Hinting at Possible New Character Direction

June 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lio Rush

– Lio Rush has raised some eyebrows with a series of new videos posted to his YouTube channel teasing a possible new direction to his character. Rush posted three videos to his YouTube channel earlier this week that play like teaser videos. The videos feature footage of Rush while he speaks in voiceover, talking about people needing to be saved and that it’s time for him to “stop playing by the rules” and “stop being Mr. Nice Guy.”

The videos were directed by David Daudin, founder and CEO of MYTO Studios, who graduated from Full Sail University in 2014. WWE, of course, runs NXT shows out of Full Sail University, though there is no direct indication that there’s a correlation there. There have been rumors that Rush is headed back to NXT.

The professionally-directed videos conclude with one where he says:

“So many questions with very little answers. I don’t know. I don’t even know what my name is. I don’t know why I’m here, who I am, Because it sure as hell isn’t the guy that got me here. But maybe it is. Maybe I’m turning into something that’s not meant to be, and I just need to remind myself of who I truly am. Maybe I have a heart but then again, maybe I don’t. Or maybe I’ll just fade away so that I don’t have to face the facts. Or maybe the fact of the matter is that I’ve already made my choice.”

You can see all three of those videos below, as well as one that was posted afterward which features Rush in a room in front of a camera, talking about how he has dreamed of being on top since he was a little kid and he’s “been siting here trying to figure out what my purpose is in all of this, and I think after 64 days I’ve come to a conclusion. [My purpose is] to motivate, to inspire, to give everybody out there in the world something to believe in. Someone to believe in.”

He goes on to say he wants to show people that they can get through any struggles, achieve anything and be anything as long as they believe themselves, “and make it out of this mess that I’m in.”

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