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Logan Easton Laroux Laments AEW Dark’s Demise, Says It Was “A Great Opportunity”

June 6, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
AEW Dark Logo Image Credit: AEW

In a recent Fightful Overbooked interview, indie wrestler Logan Easton Laroux discussed the demise of the AEW Dark brand (per Fightful). Laroux, like many other independent talents, got a chance at a larger stage via appearances on Dark and Dark: Evolution. The wrestler expressed regret that those sort of opportunities are likely to vanish with the cancellation of the brand. You can find a few highlights from Laroux and watch the full interview below.

On how he ended up appearing on AEW Dark in the first place: “I have appeared in a lot of places, and the benefit to that is you meet a lot of people doing that, and hopefully you have a good match or they are impressed with you in some way and you make contact. Basically, just contacts through independent wrestling led to AEW through lots of people I’ve known in CHIKARA and Sonjay Dutt, he came from my school, he didn’t do any training.”

On the industry impact resulting from Dark’s cancellation: “With Dark closing, I do think it’s a bummer because it was a great opportunity for every level of independent wrestling. You’d see people on there who are pretty new and maybe arguably not ready for the bigger stage, but how do you learn other than getting on those shows. Then you’d see other guys like Rhett Titus or myself, who have been around, Rhett, who has been on bigger stages, but I’ve been around for a long time and to finally get that opportunity to show more of the world. I don’t know if the views were super high for Dark or Elevation, they probably wouldn’t have canceled them if they were killing it, but it is a bummer because it was a good opportunity for a lot of people. Even for their own guys in AEW to get the reps in. I’m curious where the new show goes and where that leaves independent wrestling. That was a huge benefit to independent wrestling while those shows were on.”