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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 10.12.21

October 12, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
AEW Dark Evil Uno
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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 10.12.21  

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry Csonka’s daughters is still active. Please contribute and share if you can.

Also, 411’s Steve Cook put together a great piece on Larry’s top seven columns. You should read it.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

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Andrew Lockhart (0-1) vs. Capt. Shawn Dean (2-4)

I initially read this as “Darius Lockhart,” who had a terrific showing several weeks ago. I’ve got nothing against Andrew, but just got a little excited at a possible Darius return. He was that good. It’s nice to see the Captain back in singles competition, as it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen that on AEW Dark. He made quick work of Lockhart and did the deal to earn the win at 2:11.

Blake’s Rating: SQUASH

Ashley D’Amboise (0-9) vs. Kilynn King (12-10)

D’Amboise is another regular who has had several good performances thus far. Most know my thoughts on King, who is just a consistently good wrestler with a lot of solid matches to her credit. D’Amboise showcased her strength, then hit a nice swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. King was not having any of that because she came back with a variety of hard strikes. Speaking of hard strikes, Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki are gonna destroy each other, aren’t they? King continued the aggression and hit the Kingdom Falls for the victory at 3:01.

Blake’s Rating: **

Wardlow (7-2) vs. Darian Bengston (0-3)

Destruction. This one is gonna be glorious destruction. Taz agrees and predicts the same thing. What do you know, both of us fine gentlemen were correct as Wardlow took advantage of Bengston slipping on the top rope. From there, he hit the F10 for the easy win at 2:01.

Blake’s Rating: SQUASH

Anthony Greene (0-2) vs. Evil Uno (23-9)

Greene has been great in his two AEW matches thus far. That tag team match with he and Stallion Rogers against FTR is one of my highest-rated AEW Dark matches, so find that one if you haven’t already seen it. Good back and forth between these two, and it’s another match with some aggressive offense. I like it. Greene hits a nice crossbody on Uno for a near fall, but Uno battles back and hits a BRUTAL neckbreaker. That was something. Excalibur questions whether Greene is actually PPA, and to that, I say c’mon, Excalibur! There is only one PPA. Another excellent sequence from Greene, and he goes for another crossbody but misses. Uno makes him pay for it and hits Something Evil for the victory at 6:17. Entertaining match.

Blake’s Rating: ***1/4

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The 411
This abbreviated edition of AEW Dark featured four matches in 25 minutes, so it was short and sweet. Evil Uno vs. Anthony Greene was good stuff, and what's not to like about Wardlow beating people up? An easy watch for those looking for a little wrestling.

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