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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 11.10.20

November 10, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
AEW Dark
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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 11.10.20  

Hey everyone! What’s with this single-digit match stuff on AEW Dark? For the YouTube audience, I’ll be back on Dissecting Dynamite this week with host Andy Perez. Be sure to subscribe and join in on the fun right after AEW Dynamite!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry Csonka’s daughters is still active. Please contribute and share if you can.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

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– Excalibur, Taz, and RICKY F’N STARKS on commentary.

TNT (AEW tag team debut) vs. Chaos Project (4-2)

For the unaware, Terrell and Terrence of TNT are the sons of D’Von Dudley. Seems like a great match to get a table since hardcore legend Luther is involved. Then again, not sure if any tables are available thanks to Lana. I know the Chaos Project match against Chris Jericho and Jake Hager didn’t get a ton of love, but I do enjoy the pairing of Luther and Serpentico just because of their teamwork and the contract in styles. Ricky Starks agrees. Chaos Project controlled the match until late when Terrell got the hot tag and ran wild on Serpentico. However, it was the teamwork of Chaos Project that allowed them to hit their double team finisher for the win at 6:01. Good performance from TNT here. They’ve got the look and personality, so hopefully AEW brings them back for more action.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

The Acclaimed vs. Louie Valle & Justin Blax (AEW tag team debut)

Not gonna lie, I’m loving Max Caster and Anthony Bowens already. Caster is really good on the mic, and Bowens’ mannerisms are great. This was simply a showcase of their potential, as they were pretty much in complete control throughout the match. Valle got fired up with a flurry of offense, but Bowens hit an assisted cutter on Valle for the victory at 4:47.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Top Flight (0-1) vs. Baron Black & Frankie Thomas (AEW tag team debut)

Top Flight was very impressive in their AEW debut a few weeks ago against Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. Add them to the list with TNT and The Acclaimed as potential future tag team stars. Awesome Spanish fly from Darius led to Top Flight taking advantage. The finish seemed a little awkward with Top Flight hitting a double team move and a pin on Thomas for the win at 5:20. If they’re getting a win on AEW Dark as an unsigned team, it’s clear the company is pleased with them.

Blake’s Rating: **

– Pretty Peter Avalon is having dinner in an elevator because why the hell not?

The Hybrid 2 (3-5) vs. Adam Priest & Shawn Dean (AEW tag team debut)

Frankie Kazarian on commentary for this one, so they’re continuing to push SCU’s feud with Angelico and Jack Evans. Shawn Dean is another wrestler who needs a win! I’ve enjoyed his work on AEW Dark, and he was very good in this match as well. One of the wildest spots of the match was Evans hitting a 450 splash on Priest on the outside. Angelico locked on the submission move to force Dean to tap at 6:17. After the match, Evans taunted Kazarian.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Lucha Brothers (5-4) vs. Ashton Starr & David Ali (AEW tag team debut)

Welcome back, Rey Fenix! As much as I want a Fenix singles run, these two are just pure excellence as a tag team. I’m gonna give their AEW Dynamite match five stars and it hasn’t even started yet! Starr and Ali had some nice spots in this match, but the Lucha Brothers did their thing with the package piledriver for the win at 5:27.

Blake’s Rating: **3/4

Dani Jordan (0-5) vs. Leva Bates (0-1)

Jordan reveals that Leva is already in her burn book and she brings up Avalon, and Leva is pissed. She’s so pissed that she locks Jordan in the crossface. Well, that pisses Jordan and she destroys Leva’s books and library card. YOU DON’T MESS WITH A LIBRARY CARD. These two worked hard and played up the dueling books, with Leva getting the pin at 5:04.

Blake’s Rating: **

Alan “5” Angels (6-10) vs. Fuego Del Sol (0-3)

This is a main event anywhere in the world! Two masked men on a mission. We also get a commentary reference for EL CONRAD THOMPSON, the podcast king of the world. Lots of Alabama talk from Taz and Starks, and have I mentioned how awesome the commentary is on AEW Dark? These three are terrific. As for the match itself, 5 and Fuego actually had a fun back and forth considering that their styles are similar. 5 hit the Wing Snapper for the win at 6:49 to keep the momentum going for the Dark Order.

Blake’s Rating: **3/4

Dream Girl Ellie & Jennacide (AEW tag team debut) vs. Ivelisse & Diamante (6-1)

To say that Jennacide has the size advantage in this one would be an understatement. At 5-10, she is massive compared to the other three in this match. Ellie showed some very good technical skills playing off of Ivelisse and Diamante, which led to Jennacide coming in and showcasing her strength. But it was Ivelisse locking in the submission for the win at 5:57. Would love to see more of Ellie and Jennacide on AEW Dark moving forward. The in-ring chemistry between these four was good stuff.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela (8-5) vs. Jurassic Express (10-5)

I’m fine with having signed talent in the AEW Dark main event, especially when you’ve got such a loaded tag team division. Kiss and Janela have developed a nice chemistry as a team. Jungle Boy hitting the Destroyer on Janela on the outside was the highlight of the match, even if it’s one that never really hit….ahem….full gear. Still, it was fine, and Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus hit a double team finisher for the win at 7:42.

Blake’s Rating: **3/4

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With the special edition of AEW Dark last Friday, this was a shorter show since it didn't hit double-digit matches. So, perhaps some will enjoy it based on that fact alone. It wasn't the strongest edition we've seen since there weren't any must-see matches, but this was the definition of a developmental show given that young talent like TNT, The Acclaimed, Top Flight, and others got an opportunity to prove what they're capable of. Also, I really did enjoy the team of Jennacide and Dream Girl Ellie. They offer a unique dynamic, and while Jennacide will get most of the attention for her size, Ellie's talent shouldn't be overlooked. Lots of obvious potential on this show, and that's what makes AEW Dark fun.

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