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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 11.24.20

November 24, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
AEW Dark
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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 11.24.20  

Hey everyone! We’ve got a zillion matches on this card and Britt Baker as Johnny Carson, so what more could you want?

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry Csonka’s daughters is still active. Please contribute and share if you can.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

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– Excalibur, Taz, and Anthony Ogogo are on commentary.

Vipress (AEW debut) vs. Big Swole (12-4)

Vipress is another wrestler getting an opportunity to showcase her skills in the AEW women’s division. They had some nice back and forth, but this was about furthering Swole’s spot as a future AEW Women’s title challenger. Swole got the win with her finisher at around five minutes.

Blake’s Rating: **

Lee Johnson and Aaron Solow (AEW tag team debut) vs. Alex “3” Reynolds and John “4” Silver (1-6)

The NEW World’s Greatest Tag Team is back in action. Solow had his chance to join the Dark Order, but for some reason, he decides not to. Why wouldn’t you? They’re the best. Taz blasting Cody as being an egomaniac is once again a commentary highlight. Excalibur also reminds us that Silver has the luxury of holding the Long Island record for largest baby at 17 pounds. He was FREAKING JACKED as a kid. Johnson was impressive yet again with his agility and athleticism, but unfortunately for him, Silver isn’t losing on free TV. Silver and Reynolds hit their combination finisher for the victory at around eight minutes.

Blake’s Rating: **3/4

– Leva Bates is in the library, where she destroys photos of her and Peter Avalon. She reminds everyone that knowledge is power, so don’t forget it.

Michael Nakazawa (2-5) vs. Trent (20-11 as tag team)

Hearing Justin Roberts announce Michael Nakazawa makes AEW Dark a must-see show each week. Taz in reference to Nakazawa: “He’s got a lump in his trunks.” Just tremendous. That leads to Bryce Remsburg reaching into Nakazawa’s trunks to take all the baby oil from him, which is quite a sight. Something else that is also a sight is the DOUBLE AREOLA PINCH. That’s what Nakazawa tried to do to take control, and it worked for a bit. Excalibur also used the “titillating offense” line, and this is seriously the greatest commentary team in the world. Nakazawa went to the oil, causing Trent to slip off during a swinging DDT attempt. The thong makes an appearance, but Trent regained the advantage and hit three consecutive knee strikes for the win at 7:07. Lots of comedy, but the commentary made it that much better.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Red Velvet (2-11) vs. Tesha Price (0-2)

Price has been impressive in her two appearances thus far, and Velvet, of course, is straight outta your momma’s kitchen. Good reversals early, and both women delivered some hard-hitting offense throughout the match. There was a weird camera cut at the end of the match with Velvet getting the pin at 3:35. Not sure what that was, but either way, I liked what I saw from both here as they continue to improve their skills.

Blake’s Rating: **

– Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard with Alex Marvez. Spears continues to hype him after the win against Scorpio Sky.

– Lance Archer brings out an enhancement talent and beats the hell out of him. Jake Roberts is out as well and they talk about their awesomeness, including Jake mentioning the cobra moment with Randy Savage. Archer issues a dare to anyone in AEW. Once again, good promo work from these two.

VSK and Baron Black (AEW tag team debut) vs. Private Party (9-9)

Private Party is as athletic as ever, but perhaps they’re to a point where they could use more of these vignettes and interviews to push their characters forward. The AEW tag team division is just so loaded that there are going to be teams that get sort of lost in the shuffle, and it seems that’s where Private Party is at. Nonetheless, they’re very talented, and this match was another example of that. Marc Quen hit the standing shooting star press off Black’s back to allow Isaiah Kassidy to get the pin at 5:49.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

KiLynn King (1-13) vs. Rache Chanel (0-3)

Pretty great opening sequence in this one, and King can really go. I know she’s been used in the enhancement role for a while but still think she’s a future star. She’s got the technical wrestling skills and understands the psychology aspect. King planted Chanel face-first with the Kingdom Falls to earn the win at 4:56. Win number two for King!

Blake’s Rating: **

Sammy Guevara (10-8) vs. Marko Stunt (11-10)

Speaking of future stars, Sammy isn’t a future star. That’s because he’s already a star. This dude is so good, and while he’s a heel, we got some babyface tendencies from him here. Mark got a lot of high-flying offense in this match, including running off the stage and diving onto Sammy. But that wasn’t enough to take control, as Sammy hit the GTH for the victory at 3:45.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

– After the match, Sammy says he’s the best ever every single night and that sooner or later, people are gonna realize there is no bigger or brighter star than him. I TRIED TO TELL THEM, SAMMY! This felt like a babyface promo from Sammy, and it was good stuff.

Dreamgirl Ellie (0-1) vs. Penelope Ford (10-5) with Kip Sabian

Ellie was great in the tag team match a few weeks ago. Penelope taunts Ellie before hitting the knees to the midsection, prompting another great commentary line from Taz: “Dreamgirl Ellie gets hit in the belly!” Penelope made quick work of Ellie in this match by hitting the Fisherman’s suplex for the win at 3:18. This was pretty much a squash for Penelope as she tries to get into the AEW Women’s title picture.

Blake’s Rating: *1/2

Ivelisse and Diamante (7-1) vs. Lady Frost and “Bionic Beast” Jenna (AEW tag team debut)

Jenna was known as Jennacide in her previous AEW Dark match, so clearly they decided to make the swap to a more friendly name. Frost did a nice job doing all the selling for the aggressive offense from Ivelisse and Diamante, which built to the hot tag to Jenna. One of the things that is obvious with Jenna is that she moves extremely well for her size. Ivelisse hit the thrust kick into the code red combination, and that allowed Diamante to get pin Jenna for the win at 4:33. Jenna and Frost worked well as a team, with Jenna an obvious potential signing for AEW down the road given her size and skill.

Blake’s Rating: **

Brandon Cutler (3-3-2) vs. Adam Priest (0-1)

The Undertaker is retired, so the only streak that matters is Cutler’s. Ricky Starks is on commentary now, and he reminds us that Brian Cage eats steak and eggs. Of course he does. Priest had a focused approach working over Cutler’s leg, but Cutler mounted his comeback and hit the flying elbow drop and TPK for the win at 5:06. These two guys told a good story for a five-minute match. Most importantly, another win for Cutler. Rank him in the top five!

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

– The Waiting Room is back with Britt Baker. She says she’s getting comedy tour requests, and then makes a dinosaur joke before congratulating Renee Paquette and Jon Moxley on their child. Reba’s facial expressions and reactions are absolutely hilarious. Tay Conti comes out, and Britt jokes about not wanting to pronounce her name the wrong way while looking at Reba. Pure gold. Britt wants to know Conti’s favorite women wrestler, so she says Anna Jay, Red Velvet, Serena Deeb, and the most important wrestler, Hikaru Shida. Mail gets thrown to Baker, and it’s from TONY S. IN ATLANTA and he wants to know Conti’s relationship status. Put down the keyboard, Schiavone! Baker and Conti start arguing and The Acclaimed run in. Max Caster starts rapping and everyone dances. This was a great follow-up to the first edition of the Waiting Room last week, which seemed like a work in progress. This one was more compact and purposeful, and most of it all, it was highly entertaining. Baker is great in this role, and Reba is TERRIFIC as her sidekick.

Gunn Club (1-0) vs. Cezar Bononi, KTB, and Seth Gargis (AEW trios debut)

Colten starting to get some work here, so that’s cool to see. Also, Billy continues to not age at all. I promise this guy looked the same in 2000. Also, Gargis is making his AEW debut here, and he’s got a good look and convincing offense. Bononi has the same, and AEW clearly likes what they have with him because he’s getting a lot of work. Colten hit the Colt 45 for the win at 5:59. Good action in this match.

Blake’s Rating: **3/4

Panda Express (AEW tag team debut) vs. The Jurassic Express (12-5)

It’s the battle of the EXPRESS. And let me tell you, the Panda outfits are wild. Truly wild. I was also fairly certain Taz was gonna have a field day with Panda Express, and he did not disappoint. Ultimo Panda gets BLOWN UP running the ropes a few times, and I cannot stop laughing. This was a comedy bit, but my goodness it was hilarious. Luchasaurus fighting pandas is also something you didn’t realize you needed until you actually saw it. As expected, Jurassic Express got the win at 6:27. I can’t say I expected this match to go six minutes, but I guess the battle of the express deserved it, mostly for the commentary.

Blake’s Rating: **

The Hybrid2 (4-5) vs. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. (2-5)

Really glad TH2 is getting more love in AEW because they are a fun team with a unique skill set. That’s the type of team you want Pillman and Garrison working with as they continue to develop their chemistry in the ring. TH2 was in control for the majority of the match, and Angelico locked on the Navarro death roll to force Pillman to tap at 6:21. Impressive showing from TH2.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

– After the match, TH2 attacks Pillman, but Top Flight make the save. Good storyline advancement heading into their match on Dynamite!

The Acclaimed vs. Alex Chamberlain and Damian Fenrir (AEW tag team debut)

Caster raps that “Acclaimed leaving bitches on their back looking up” and I cannot spot the lie. IT’S WHAT THEY DO. Their chemistry is also getting better and better. They once again worked their magic, and Caster hit the diving elbow drop on Fenrir for the win at 4:49. Caster also kissed Fenrir’s fingers after the match, which was something.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Matt Sydal (5-3) vs. Alan “5” Angels (4-6)

I came into this match thinking these two guys would work well together, and they did. Lots of good offense and reversals, and it’s incredible to see Angels’ progression since he started working those early pandemic era Dynamite shows a while back. 10 distracted the referee, and that nearly allowed Angels to score the upset win. However, Silver regained control and planted Angels for the victory at 9:39. This was a fun match and would love for these two to work together more.

Blake’s Rating: ***1/4

Fuego Del Sol (0-4) vs. Peter Avalon (0-27-2)

Someone has to get a win here! Then again, we could have a double countout or double DQ. Fuego is the ultimate underdog, and of course, he also brings out the best in Taz on commentary. Fuego tried to hit the tornado DDT, but Avalon hit his finisher for the WIN at 4:31. He’s on the board in AEW! 1-27-2! Surely this is setting up the Cutler vs. Avalon rematch for the main event of Revolution.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

Chaos Project (5-2) vs. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson (12-2) vs. Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela (8-6)

This is quite a mix of teams here, so it made sense to have a solid BROUHAHA before the match even started. Lots of action as you would expect, with all three teams working really well together. Each team got its spotlight throughout the match, but it was Uno and Grayson hitting Fatality for the victory at 8:57. Nice work from all three teams, with Uno and Grayson still one of the most underrated tag teams in the game.

Blake’s Rating: ***1/4

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This was the longest edition of AEW Dark ever at two hours and 47 minutes. Yes, it was essentially a pay-per-view. The difference is this was free wrestling, so I won't complain. Let me say this: One of the main reasons I enjoy AEW Dark because I find it fun to watch young talent work on their skills. But it's becoming impossible to not give the weekly AEW Dark MVP award to the commentary team of Excalibur and Taz. Ricky Starks and Anthony Ogogo are great in their roles, but the chemistry between Excalibur and Taz is nearly perfect. They add so much to a show like this that needs good commentary to hook people for two-plus hours. They're simply one of the best commentary teams in pro wrestling. As for other standouts, Sammy Guevara was only on screen for about seven minutes, but his star power was as obvious as it gets. I thought the second edition of the Britt Baker talk show segment was great as it's perfect for her character. Reba's comedic contributions shouldn't be overlooked either. Elsewhere, Sydal vs. Angels and the three-team main event were both really good, and Cutler and Avalon are on a collision course for one of the biggest matches in the history of pro wrestling.

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