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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 6.1.21

June 1, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
AEW Dark
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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 6.1.21  

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry Csonka’s daughters is still active. Please contribute and share if you can.

Also, 411’s Steve Cook put together a great piece on Larry’s top seven columns. You should read it.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

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The Wingmen (1-1) vs. The Gunn Club (2-0)

WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE IN THE CROWD?! This is a first for my AEW Dark review duties, which started nine months ago. Nine months, folks. That’s basically the equivalent to how much Billy Gunn has aged since 1998. Of course, you need this kind of crowd when you don’t have Austin Gunn in the front row. He might have been the crowd MVP of the AEW no-crowd era. Taz informs us that Billy is 7-foot-4 and Bononi is 7-foot-9, and I’m not sure that’s accurate. Great crowd reaction for the Gunn Club, but Pretty Peter Avalon doesn’t care about that as he got involved with some shenanigans. Nemeth becomes “Handstand Hammerlock Jones” at one point in the match, and Taz says something about Nemeth reminds him of the late Chris Candido. I’ll tell you who Nemeth reminds me of, and that’s Dolph Ziggler. They work to the hot tag to Billy, and he hits the Fameasser on Bononi but Nemeth breaks up the pin. However, Nemeth gets a Colt 45 for his actions, with Gunn Club getting the win at 7:38. Every wrestling match should have a crowd!

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

– Video package hyping Bear Bronson vs. Jungle Boy. I would assume the return to less matches means we’ll get more of these on AEW Dark. I’m a fan.

– Jungle Boy says he’s focused on Kenny Omega, but first, he’s got a match with a bear. Jungle Boy is gonna show why he’s ready to be AEW World Champion.

Kris Statlander (5-0) vs Robin Renegade (0-3)

The crowd loves them some Kris Statlander. Can’t disagree with them. Trent and Chuck Taylor are wearing super sweet silver shorts and pants ringside. Renegade gets a BOOP early in the match and also gets an ass-kicking to go along with it. However, Renegade takes advantage for a bit and showcases some power with a suplex. But she doesn’t have the power of Statlander, who followed it up with a deadlift German suplex. Statlander was impressive before her injury, but she’s been very good since returning to the ring. You never really know how a torn ACL will impact a wrestler, so luckily she’s as good as ever. Statlander hit the Big Bang Theory and got the victory at 5:08. Statlander was bleeding from her mouth after the match, which probably won’t please the aliens.

Blake’s Rating: **

TH2 & Serpentico (AEW trios debut) vs. The Dark Order’s Alan “5” Angels, Stu Grayson, and Alex Reynolds (AEW trios debut)

Taz was disappointed they decided to play Chaos Project’s music instead of TH2’s. I get it. HUGE pop for Dark Order, and it’s good to see our friend Stu Grayson back in action on AEW Dark. He was another MVP of the non-crowd era on this show. JOHNNY HUNGEE is ringside, and I’m just glad AEW held off his eventual AEW World title win until crowds returned. Give the people what they want! It’s also crazy to think that this is Angels’ first AEW match with a crowd in attendance since he was a part of those early pandemic episodes of Dynamite. Dark Order ran Luther to the back early in the match, which evens the playing field for both sides. Angels looked good in this match, and so did Reynolds, who was in the hot tag spot. The tide turned to Serpentico and TH2, with Evans hitting a nice 450 splash for a near fall. Jack Evans found himself isolated in the ring, and Dark Order used its fantastic teamwork to allow Grayson to hit Nightfall to earn the win at 8:27. Entertaining match.

Blake’s Rating: ***

Diamante (11-6) vs. Red Velvet (15-4)

I assume AEW is going to eventually sign Diamante, as I think she’s proven she can be a nice asset to the women’s division. But you’d obviously have to include Red Velvet among those that made the most of their opportunity during the non-crowd era in AEW. If you go back and watch her first match and fast forward to now, the improvement both with her character and in-ring skills has been pretty good. Taz called himself “Humble Jones” while praising himself during the match, once again proving Taz’s awesomeness as a commentator. The usual hard-hitting offense from Diamante in this one, and they went back and forth a bit. Red Velvet hit what Taz described as a bullet cross body off the top. From there, Diamante hit several big moves but Red Velvet kept kicking out. Diamante went for another big suplex, but Red Velvet quickly countered and kicked her IN THE FACE to pick up the victory at 7:14.

Blake’s Rating: **1/2

– Dark Order in its hangout, and Angels reminds everyone that he was reading my notes about this being his first performance in front of an AEW crowd. Reynolds says the fans are now behind the Dark Order. Join the Dark Order!

Bear Bronson (8-7) vs. Jungle Boy (7-1)

Still have no clue what the Bear Country masks are, but they are excellent and I want one to wear while doing the AEW Dark review. Reminder that the AEW Dark regulars were the first to experience the awesomeness of Jungle Boy’s new theme song. That also applies to Taz signing the song. Crowd with a Jungle Boy chant before the match, and another reminder that he is only 23 years old. What a talent. That talent was on display in the match, as Jungle Boy just seems to understand all the little things that make a wrestling superstar. Everything he does is just so smooth and effective. The return of crowds should also be good for someone like Bronson, who can really improve his skill set as a singles wrestler with Bear Boulder sidelined. Bronson tried to take control late in the match, but Jungle Boy hit the driving elbow strike for the win at 7:32.

Blake’s Rating: ***

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The final score: review Good
The 411
This was a fun AEW Dark sprint with five matches in 56 minutes. The show is essentially getting a reset with AEW returning to touring, so it'll likely resemble the pre-pandemic editions that mostly featured competitive matches between signed talent. That should entice both the casual and hardcore AEW fans that tuned out due to the show's length to add it to their weekly rotation once again. As for this edition, Jungle Boy is a star, and everyone loves the Dark Order. Also, pro wrestling with crowds is better than pro wrestling without crowds. Enjoy it!

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