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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 9.15.20

September 15, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
AEW Dark
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Lovell’s AEW Dark Review 9.15.20  

Quick intro: Hey everyone! I’m gonna be taking over 411’s AEW Dark review moving forward. It’s one of my favorite shows each week, and hopefully, that comes through in my writing.

Also, I’ve been given the impossible task of following the late great Larry Csonka as host of the 411 On Wrestling Podcast. The podcast returned on Monday with a new episode, and we’ll have another this week. Be sure to find it on Apple Podcasts or any of your favorite podcast apps. We really appreciate you listening.

And as a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active. Please contribute and share if you can.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode of AEW Dark.

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– Excalibur, Taz, and Veda Scott are on commentary. Taz says Ricky Starks will join the commentary booth later in the show. Veda says she’s ready for the main event which is the eight-man tag. Put Cutler vs. Avalon where it belongs!

Red Velvet vs. Brandi Rhodes (w/Dustin Rhodes): Red Velvet is back and she’s straight outta’ your momma’s kitchen. Tie up to start and they exchange wristlocks, with Red Velvet showing her athleticism. Brandi taunts Red Velvet a little bit and then kicks her right in the midsection. Shoulder tackle from Brandi, but Red Velvet hits a high leg lariat for a two count. Red Velvet goes to the splits to choke Brandi in the corner. Shot of Brandi and then she starts mounted punches Steve Austin style. Brandi with more offense and a kick to the head for a near fall. More back and forth, and Brandi hits a slingblade for another near fall. HERE COMES ANNA JAY. She’s on the stage, and Brandi gets distracted as Dustin tells her to not get distracted. That leads to Red Velvet hitting a DDT. Anna Jay is not impressed. Flurry of offense by Red Velvet and then hits the knees to the back for two. Brandi reverses on the Irish whip and hits a spear and then locks in the Anna Jay rear choke and Red Velvet is out like a light. After the match, Anny Jay just smiles and walks to the back.

BLAKE’S TAKE: It was a short match, but these two played off each other well. Also, Anna Jay is the best. Just the best. *

The Butcher and The Blade (w/ Eddie Kingston) vs. Daniel Garcia and Kevin Blackwood: Butcher and Blade attack right off the bat and they’re here to take names and kick ass. Garcia and Blackwood get some teamwork going and clear the ring. But Butcher and Blade pull them to the outside, and Eddie Kingston is talking smack as usual. Back inside where Butcher suplexes Garcia and tags in Blade, who keeps the domination going. Double team chop from Butcher and Blade and they continue destroying Garcia. Butcher and Blade keep tagging in and out until Garcia tries to get away with an elbow to Butcher’s face, and when he finally makes the hot tag to Blackwood who rushes to the opposite corner and hits a flying kick to Blade. However, Butcher quickly regains the advantage with a shoulder drive to the midsection. Garcia starts chopping both Butcher and Blade, but that doesn’t work. They hit The Full Death to Garcia and that’ll do it.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Strong showing from Butcher and Blade as they continue their momentum. Really love the chemistry between these two. Garcia took an ass-kicking, but he made it look good. That’s all you can ask for. *1/2

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs. Dani Jordyn: Excalibur pushes the debut of Miro, who just a best man, he’s THE BEST MAN. Dani goes behind Penelope early and taunts Penelope. Dani hits some forearms to Penelope in the corner and then rolls her out with a dropkick to the face, sending Penelope to the ford. Dani goes for a tope suicidia but Penelope pops her in the face. Penelope goes to work and picks up Dani and delivers a gutbuster for a two count. Sabian gets on the apron with Dani’s burn book and Penelope rips some pages out and shoves them in Dani’s mouth. Fantastic. Penelope goes to use the book as a weapon but Aubrey Edwards stops her, which allows Dani to regain control with some offense and a thrust kick to the face. Dani goes for a German suplex but Penelope reverses and uses the bridge to hit the stunner. Penelope with a bulldog to the corner, and she goes up top for the shotgun dropkick to Dani, with Penelope holding her back afterward. Penelope gets up and hits the Fisherman’s suplex for the win.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Penelope was favoring her back after the move off the top, but may have just been a hard landing. Another match of experience for both women, and they’ll keep getting better. *

FTW Champion Brian Cage vs. Megabyte Ronnie: Reminder that Megabyte Ronnie is the No. 18 competitive eater in the world, according to Veda Scott. Starks calls Cage an absolute unit, and he’s not wrong. Cage picks up Ronnie, but Ronnie escapes. That wasn’t a great idea Cage drops him. Uppercut in the corner from Cage and then a knee to the midsection. Cage throws Ronnie into the corner and starts with a few shoulders to the midsection. Cage with chops and forearms and Taz lets us know that Cage hasn’t had a hot dog since he was nine. Good to know. Ronnie gets some offense going and hits a running knee to Cage’s face. Cage picks up him and kicks him right in the face and then delivers a huge left-arm clothesline. Ronnie slams Cage to the mat and HE’S GOT A HOT DOG. It’s the People’s Hot Dog Elbow and that has pissed off our friend Brian Cage. He destroys Ronnie and hits the Drill Claw for the win at 3:07.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Cage’s 27-year streak of not eating a hot dog was the difference in this one. *1/2

Santana and Ortiz vs. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr.: Santana and Pillman start things off, as Pillman showcases his athleticism. Pillman with a tap to Santana and that sets him off. Dropkick to the back of the head and Pillman gets up pissed and they exchange some hard slaps. Pillman gets to the ropes and makes a tag to Garrison who hits a leg drop on Santana, but Santana gets up and delivers a BRUTAL chop to Garrison’s chest. Garrison with a splash in the corner, but Santana regains control once again. Ortiz into the match, and Santana with a leapfrog and bulldog that leads to a two count. Ortiz with a dropkick to Garrison who is taking a beating here. He throws a punch at Ortiz who knocks him in the eyes and then works on him in the corner. Garrison over the top on Ortiz in the corner, however, the momentum heads back in the favor of the bad guys. Santana back in and we lead to a double suplex on Garrison. Ortiz then delivers a shot to the face on Pillman. Garrison with a rolling elbow strike and he tags to Pillman, who quickly hits a clothesline off the top. Pillman slapping the hell out of Santana, who hits a tope suicidia on Garrison on the outside. Pillman with a delayed vertical suplex, but he delayed too long, with Ortiz hitting a powerbomb. Ortiz sends Pillman into the ropes, and Santana kicks him right in the head to allow Ortiz to get the pin at 6:11.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Good stuff here. You had the experienced tag team showing off their experience, which helped them win the match. Plus, Garrison sold like a champ, and Pillman is a very good overall worker. **1/2

Jessy Sorensen vs. Will Hobbs: This is now the AEW Dark Review Featuring Will Hobbs. Sorensen hits Hobbs, who immediately trucks him. Hobbs with power moves in the corner as Excalibur plays up Hobbs’ performance in the Casino Battle Royale. Hobbs with more power as he goes for a spear in the corner, but Sorensen gets out and for his efforts, he gets a spinebuster from Hobbs. And now Hobbs slams Sorensen into the corner and hits an Oklahoma slam for the quick win at 1:20.

Blake’s Take: Will Hobbs. Grown Man. NR

Ivelisse and Diamante vs. Skyler Moore and Rache Chanel: Hip toss from Moore, but Ivelisse escapes and goes for the knee. Diamante tags in and Moore picks her up for a bodyslam. Chanel in and we get a little teamwork, with Chanel hitting an impressive spinning back elbow. Ricky Starks says he loves Chanel’s fashion sense. Diamante with a diving back elbow, and Chanel with an orthodox takedown before Diamante takes control. Diamante with the tag to Ivelisse who starts smashing Chanel’s head on the mat. Ivelisse with a kick to the spine and then she locks on the dragon sleeper. Chanel eventually fights out and hits some hard forearms, but Ivelisse isn’t having that as she hits a suplex for a two count. Diamante in and she hits a diving dropkick to the corner on Chanel. Diamante with a clothesline for another near fall. Moore gets the hot tag and she gets a head of steam going and then uses the head scissors takedown for a front slam, but Diamante makes the save. Ivelisse throws Moore into Chanel, knocking her off the ropes. That leads to Ivelisse hitting a kick to the face for the win at 5:27.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Pretty physical match between these two teams. I really enjoy Diamante’s work. She’s a badass. *1/2

Colt Cabana vs. QT Marshall w/Allie: The whole Dark Order crew, minus Brodie Lee, is out here to “support” Cabana. Some technical exchanges early on. Cabana hits a shoulder block and he sends QT to the outside. Allie isn’t exactly happy with this display from QT. Back inside, and Grayson is PISSED. He comes over to the ring and starts yelling at Cabana, and that allows QT to go on offense. Dropkick from QT but it only gets a two count. Cabana tries to regain the advantage, and he finally does with some help from Dark Order. Cabana with a quick splash for a couple of near falls. Cabana with chops in the corner to QT, who battles back with some stiff forearms. Cabana sends QT in the corner and then rocks him with an elbow to the face for another two count. Cabana locks on the nerve hold and QT gets out, but Cabana back to work on the arm and back. Here comes QT with some shots to the face and then a flying shoulder and Manhattan drop. Scoop slam from QT and he’s got all the momentum. He goes up top and hits a diving back elow as Evil Uno is angry. QT tries to finish it, but Cabana reverses, then QT reverses for a near fall. Cabana with a series of rights and goes for the Flying Apple but QT reverses and gets his own near fall. QT goes for the diamond cutter but misses, and Uno comes over to distract the referee, which allows Grayson to come in and hit the knee strike to QT. Cabana then hits the rolling clothesline for the win at 6:59.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Solid back and forth match. This one obviously continues the story of Dark Order trying to get the best out of Cabana, and they did a nice job pushing the storyline forward. **

Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates): HERE WE GO. Cutler comes out and Taz wants to know about his dragon mask. The Young Bucks are at ringside cheering Cutler on. Avalon charges and a BROUHAHA has broken out at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. They quickly go to the outside and then roll inside with Avalon hitting a butterfly suplex. Cutler hits his own suplex as Taz thinks this is about T-shirt royalties. Cutler to the apron and he shows off his athleticism with some impressive offense before hitting a tope suicidia to the outside. Leva Bates isn’t happy with these. Cutler throws Avalon into the corner but we get a reverse and then Avalon is angry and nudges Leva out of the way. They start exchanging chops as Leva keeps pleading with them to stop. Avalon hits a tope suicidia in the process and then back inside, Avalon with a cross body and gets a near fall. Avalon locks the leg but Cutler gets to the ropes. Avalon grabs Leva’s book but she rips it a way. That allows Cutler for the driving reverse DDT for 1-2-NO! Cutler picks up Avalon for a backbreaker but tiger driver from Avalon gets the 1-2-NO AGAIN! Avalon up top and hits the split leg moonsault for the wi….2 again! Cutler escapes to the apron and hits a springboard elbow drop for another near fall. Cutler puts Avalon on the top rope and Leva is terrified. They exchange punches on the top and both fall to the outside. 1…..2…..3….4…..5……6……Avalon tries to get in but Cutler pulls him back……7…..8…..Cutler does the same but Avalon grabs him……9…..Avalon makes a rush for the ring…….10! Double countout!

BLAKE’S TAKE: Your winners, and still defeated, Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon. True stars in the making. Probably the best double countout match I’ve ever seen. ********** (one star for each count in this classic double countout)

Best Friends vs. Maxx Stardom and Dontae Smiley: Good luck following that match. Stardom and Smiley is a cool tag team name if you ask me. Chuck with some offense and he quickly tags to Trent, who lands some vicious chops. Trent with a headlock on Smiley, who reverses with some excellent athleticism and a dropkick. Trent comes back at him with a running knee strike. Another tag to Chuck who hits a back suplex and elbow to the chest of Smiley. Tag back to Trent and Smiley tries to get going, but Trent reverses with some rapid-fire shots to Smiley. We get a Smiley reverse into a flipping neckbreaker, as Stardom tags in. Cool move from Stardom who reverses into a bulldog. That doesn’t last long as Trent gets the advantage and now Chuck is back in and he clears Smiley to the outside. Chuck follows and throws Smiley into the barricade, then Trent spears Stardom. More teamwork from Best Friends and now it’s stuff piledriver into Trent hitting a jumping piledriver for the win at 5:34.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Sometimes, putting over a team’s teamwork is all it takes to make them legit. This was a determined effort from Best Friends, and they did a good job playing up their seriousness after the match ahead of their fight with Santana and Ortiz on Dynamite. **

Dark Order (3, 4, Grayson, and Evil Uno) vs. Private Party, Billy, and Austin Gunn: Billy starts with Reynolds. Billy with a quick one count after a lateral press. Austin comes in and he quickly tags to Kassidy, who then tags to Quen. Now we’ve got another tag to Kassidy, which leads to a sunset flip and dropkick combination for a two count on Reynolds. Austin back in and he gets a splash in the corner and then hits a backdrop for another two count. Dark Order finally gets the match in their corner as they swarm Austin, and Grayson comes in with some vicious kicks. Uno into the mix and he stomps on Austin’s fingers. Austin tries to make a tag but that won’t work. Reynolds back in but he gets a backslide from Austin for two. Austin makes it over the Private Party gets control of things and mock Dark Order’s hand signals. Quen regains momentum and starts hitting various kicks before Aubrey Edwards gets distracted, which leads to Dark Order doing some shenanigans.

More offense from Dark Order and they continue working on Quen with even more shenanigans. Uno hits a brainbuster on Kassidy for a near fall. Quen finally gets going but Silver and Reynolds prevent the tag. Uno goes off and knocks everyone off except for Billy. Double suplex attempt on Quen, but Quen gets out and uses his athleticism to dive to make the hot tag to Billy. Billy takes a shot at everyone and sends Uno to the outside. Billy then hits a sit-out slam for a two count. Billy goes for his finisher but Uno pulls him out. Kassidy with a guillotine on the top but Renyolds gets some offense. Now Quen with a spinning DDT, before Silver hits roundhouse kicks and a brainbuster. Austin in and he hits a double clothesline. Billy hits Grayson, and now Austin is running wild. That leads to Uno making a tag and then Fataility on Austin gets the win at around 12ish minutes.

BLAKE’S TAKE: Another showcase for Dark Order’s dominance. They’ve come a long way since their debut, and this worked well as a good showing for them. Everyone on both sides got their moves in, including Billy still kicking some ass as the veteran of the group. **

The final score: review Average
The 411
Another mega edition of AEW Dark with 11 matches, but that's what the show is for. It gives the talent who aren't frequently on Dynamite an opportunity to add experience, while also showcasing wrestlers from the indies. Cutler vs. Avalon was an obvious classic that should be in the double countout Hall of Fame, and there was other fun stuff included. Not the most noteworthy edition of the show from a storyline standpoint, but we had some solid showcases for the featured stars like Best Friends, Santana and Ortiz, and Will Hobbs. Also, bring back Ben Carter!

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