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Low Ki on Jim Cornette Believing He Knocked Out His Tooth, Discusses Others in Industry Who Badmouth Him

May 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Low Ki Jim Cornette

– Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, Low Ki discussed his fallout with ROH and Jim Cornette in 2005. According to Low Ki, Cornette believes that Low Ki was the one that knocked out his tooth in an infamous backstage incident in ROH.

Low Ki also discussed the perception of if he gets a bad rap in the industry or possibly being misunderstood. He calls it a “difference in commitment.” Below are some highlights from the podcast.

Low Ki on not getting along with Jim Cornette: “Well, he thinks I’m the one who knocked out his tooth. So, he was a little upset about that. I guess he holds a grudge.”

Low Ki on if there’s any truth to him knocking out Cornette’s tooth: “Well, I don’t discuss stuff that goes on in the locker room, so I’m not going to discuss it here. Because it seems to be common practice nowadays where people just want to blurt out whatever they feel and just let people wonder whatever is going on. And for what? This is all old carny nonsense. Do all your talking in the ring. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.”

Low Ki on if he believes he’s ever misunderstood or gets a bad wrap in the industry by others: “Oh, there’s a difference in commitment. There’s a complete difference in commitment. I knew that from the start. I saw the people around me and why they were failing. And the thing was, the stuff that I recognized early on was the stuff that I recognized about my career, why people were failing. They’re not busy [being] concerned with themselves and their responsibilities. They’re busy talking about other people. I let people talk and say whatever they want. That’s important to them, it’s their opinion. Their opinion is no business of mine. I stay in my lane and take care of what I need to take care of. That’s the reason why I’m so highly successful. I’m organized, I understand how to execute. People waste their time with things that are distracting, and they don’t serve with their purpose for them. They got something to say about me? Okay, that’s on them. But I’m not in their space, I’m not bothering them. They just feel the need to say something about me, so obviously, I’m doing something correctly.”

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Introduction (0:00)
On working with Tom Lawlor in MLW (1:00)
On his MLW contract status and if he is open to a long-term contract (2:02)
On the current state of the wrestling scene and rise of options outside of WWE (3:40)
On the launch of All Elite Wrestling (5:03)
On why his WWE run didn’t work out and being put in NXT (6:05)
On how he’s adapted his in-ring style over the years (7:15)
On his match with KENTA at ROH Final Battle 2005, and if he’d like to work with KENTA again (9:17)
On rumors of heat between him and Jim Cornette in ROH (14:22)
On if he has been given a bad rap by people in the industry (15:06)
On if he’ll be at MLW Fury Road and what Court Bauer’s done with the company (16:17)
On if Impact Wrestling is in a better place now than during the Spike TV era (18:16)
On his time in TNA and Dixie Carter being “used” by the company’s management (19:42)
On hating the Pacman Jones storyline in TNA (21:41)
On the most upstanding talent that he’s ever worked with (21:51)
On where fans can find him (25:51)

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