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Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Results From Tepic, Mexico 2.10.19

February 11, 2019 | Posted by Shannon Walsh

– Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide Results From Tepic, Mexico 2.10.19 live on Twitch on 2/10/2019:

During the pre-show a huge bus rolled up and the cameras showed every rudo on the card coming out of it including referee Hijo del Tirantes. A few minutes later another bus drove up and all the tecincos came out led by Lady Shani.

La Parka came out in a neck brace and did a promo about Los Mercenarios interfering in his match the other night and injuring his neck. Dr. Wagner Jr. then came to the ring. A person dressed as one of the masked crew (the people who pass out food and t-shirts to fans at the start of AAA shows) lurked around ringside. He interrupted them in a meek voice. He introduced Blue Demon, Jr. to the ring. He unmasked Demon and it was Hijo del Fantasma. They attacked Wagner and La Parka. Wagner was bloodied. Hijo Del Vikingo and Laredo Kid ran in with chairs and made the save. La Parka held his neck in pain and he was helped to the back.

Lanzelot, Villano III Jr., and Lady Maravilla vs. Dinastia, Nino Hamburguesa, and Lady Shani .. Nino pinned Lanzelot after top rope splash. Lady Shani gave Lady Maravilla a backstabber when Maravilla tried to stop Nino from giving the splash. During the match, Nino gave Dinastia and overhead press and threw him out of the ring as a weapon to take down Villano and Lanzelot. Nino then did a dive through the ropes. A big Valentine Heart graphic appeared on screen at one point in the match when Nino and Maravilla were in the ring together.

Jack Evans vs. Taurus vs. Hijo Del Vikingo.. Vikingo pinned Evans after the reverse 450 splash. There was a cool looking spot before the finish as Vikingo had Evans hung up in the ropes and then he walked on the top rope like it was a high wire and jumped off with a double stomp to Evans.

Monsther Clown, La Mascara, and Faby Apache vs. Maximo, Aero Star, and Taya Valkyrie… Taya pinned Apache with a cradle and fast count by referee Tirantes. During the match, Taya gave Apache a curb stomp. Tirantes argued with Taya and she tried to go after him in frustration. He tried to block her then she shoved him into Apache who accidentally gave him a drop kick. As Apache was trying to apologize to him, Taya cradled her and Tirantes counted fast in anger. After the match, Tirantes and Apache argued again. He shoved her. She sent him into the ropes and gave him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He recovered quick and clotheslined her down. Taya then went after him and she gave him a bronco buster. Taya came out wearing the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title on both shows this weekend and the announcers acknowledged her as the champion.

A video of Fenix appeared on the big screen and he was in a neck brace. He said he’s okay but he will be out of action for a couple of weeks because of the muscle contusion.

Flamita vs. Laredo Kid vs. Drago… Kid pinned Drago after a Spanish Fly. This looked like it set up Laredo Kid for a future title shot against Latin American Champion Drago.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr. in a Street Fight

Wagner pinned Blue Demon Jr. after a low blow and a Wagner Driver. This was a blood bath. Wagner had his head bandaged from the opening segment attack. This instantly became a handicap match as Lady Apache helped Blue Demon Jr. the whole match. Demon hit Wagner with a chair to the head and Wagner started bleeding again. Wagner eventually recovered and hit Demon with a chair to bloody him as well. Wagner tossed Apache over the guardrail to try to stop her from interfering but it didn’t last long. Wager later hit Apache with a chair over her back then gave Demon another chair shot. Back in the ring, Wagner and Demon gave each other a big boot which knocked them both down. Apache mounted Wagner and started slapping him. Taya Valkyrie ran out and went after Apache. Monsther Clown then came in to pull Taya off Apache. Joe Líder then came out with a chair and went after Monsther. Líder gave Monsther a DVD off the ring into a table set up below. The table half broke and tipped right over sending both guys flying off of it.

As the announcers were shown talking at ringside about the main event, a split screen appeared showing Dr. Wagner Jr. and Vampiro arguing on the side of the stage. Wagner was an absolute bloody mess! He said he wanted to face Blue Demon Jr. in a hair vs. mask match. Suddenly, he got jumped by Demon, Faby Apache, and Monsther Clown. They threw some production equipment on top of him before being ordered away by Vampiro and security. When Wagner recovered he said he now wanted to team with Vampiro and La Parka to face Demon and anyone else.

Laredo Kid (subbing for La Parka), Puma King, and Psycho Clown vs. Killer Kross, Rey Escorpión, and Hijo Del Fantasma

Puma King got the pin on Fantasma after fighting off La Máscara who tried to interfere. After the match King, Kid, and Psycho got jumped as they tried to celebrate. Escorpión took Psycho’s mask again. Kross took Kid’s mask. La Máscara and Fantasma took King’s.

The legendary announcer Hugo Savinovich said there will be an English speaking broadcast team “coming soon” to AAA on Twitch.