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Major New Report On Nick Hogan Car Cash

November 28, 2007 | Posted by Ashish

Authorities have released a 133 page official report on the Nick Hogan car crash from last August.

The most shocking new detail from the report is that Hulk Hogan was with Nick, John Graziano (who was severly injured later in the car crash), and two of their friends, Barrett Lawrance and Daniel Jacobs, when he purchased two cases of Miller Lite beer, two cases of Corona beer, one case of Miller Chill beer, and five bags of ice from a Albertson’s store in Clearwater, FL. The report says that Hogan and the boys carred the alcohol together from the store.

They then spent time boating. Afterwards, they tried to go to Shepard’s Tiki Bar but could not get in because Nick was underage. The bouncer who turned them away told authorities that Hulk Hogan and all the boys except Nick were holding Corona beer bottles, while Nick was drinking from a plastic green cup. This information is key because authorities discovered after the wreck that Nick had been drinking despite being underage. The alcohol that he drank was likely bought by his father, Hulk Hogan.

The group then went to Arigato’s Steakhouse in Clearwater, FL with Nick and Graziano taking a yellow Supra and Jacobs and Lawrance taking a silver Dodge Viper. Both cars were owned by Hulk Hogan.

Investigators believe that the two cars then raced until Nick lost control of the Supra and crashed, leaving Graziano severly injured. Jacobs and Lawrance have denied that they were racing Hogan. Lawrance has admitted though that the Supra was doing around 100mph when it crashed. The speed limit on the street was 40mph.

Nick has been charged with Reckless Driving Involving Serious Bodily Injury, Use of a Motor Vehicle in Commission of a Felony, Operating a Vehicle with a Breath Alcohol Level of .02 or Higher while Under the Age of 21, and Having Illegal Window Tint.


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