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Man Arrested for Trespassing at WWE Performance Center Denied Bail

August 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Performance Center Canyon Ceman, Ace Steel, NXT

WrestlingInc.com has an update on Armando Alejandro Montalvo. This is the man who was shot outside the WWE Performance Center in August 2015. In June, he was arrested for trespassing and then later had another incident at the Performance Center. According to the new update, Montalvo was denied bail earlier this month.

Montalvo was previously out on bail when he was arrested again last June. His June 5 arrest includes charges of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Trespassing on Property After Warning, and Resisting Officer With Violence outside of a Walmart. He later posted $2,750 bond and then continued to trespass on the WWE Performance Center, where he harassed talent. The latest incident at the Performance Center took place on June 15.

Montalvo was later arrested again on June 22 while he was released on bond for again trying to go to the WWE Performance Center. He was later charged with Trespassing on Property After Warning. This is the arrest that caused his latest bond denial.

Per a court document filing, “Here, the Defendant is not entitled to a bond in this cast as he was out on bond when he committed a new law violation. There is no set of conditions that the Court could impose that would protect the safety of the community. It is, therefore, ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the Defendant’s Motion to Set Bail Bond is DENIED.”

Montalvo is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on November 18. His case is set to go to trial on November 30.