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Mandy Rose, Lana Reportedly Made Six Figures on Instagram Last Year

January 15, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mandy Rose WWE

Mandy Rose and Lana were among the top-earning celebrities on Instagram for 2020. LoveUX has a new article which compiles a list of the top 100 celebrities on the social media platform, with Rose and Lana coming in at #100 and 83, respectively.

Celebrities make money on Instagram through a variety of methods including sponsored posts, brand partnerships, and ads. The list includes all of those metrics, though it did not count sponsored posts for a their or their family’s brand, posts that promoted charity work, and posts that had the #gifted hashtag unless it was specifically as an ad.

Lana’s revenue was an estimated $625,922 off 59 sponsored posts (averaging $10,608 per post), while Rose made $490,104 from 71 sponsored posts ($6,902 per post). Of course, this came to an end with WWE’s new rule banning associations with third-parties, and both stars’ sponsored posts have been deleted.

By comparison, the top five earners for 2020 on Instagram were:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 38 sponsored posts (estimated $24.4 million)
2. Kevin Hart – 70 sponsored posts (estimated $18.3 million)
3. Ellen DeGeneres – 60 sponsored posts (estimated $15.4 million)
4. Lionel Messi – 33 sponsored posts (estimated $14.2 million)
5. Virat Kohli – 53 sponsored posts (estimated $10.2 million)

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