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Mandy Rose On Finding Out She Was Returning To WWE NXT, How Her Character Has Evolved

November 2, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Mandy Rose WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

Mandy Rose was recently interviewed by Fightful, and the new WWE NXT Women’s Champion discussed a variety of topics, including finding out she was returning to WWE NXT, how her character has evolved, and much more. Here’s what she had to say:

Mandy Rose on finding out she was returning to WWE NXT and how her character has evolved: “I got the call and I didn’t really get much explanation, which is kind of the usual. I didn’t expect anything less. It’s one of those things where they want you to help some of the other talent out, need a good heel, and I said, ‘Sure, why not.’ I live in Florida, it’s not that bad of a commute for me. I kinda just went with it and it worked out really well. I am in the process of helping a lot of the other talent and other women. In that process, I think I kind of evolved myself, in the best way possible. I kind of felt like I needed a little bit of a revamp or whatever it may be. I think we all go through those moments where are characters have to evolve and change a little bit or find some other layers to your character, in a sense. I have and I’m really enjoying this ruthless side of me. I knew I always had it, but sometimes you need the time and space for it. You know how it is on TV, it’s hard with the women getting…we’ve come a really long way but it’s hard with all of us and sometimes you can get lost in the shuffle.”

On the convenience of working in NXT: “It is done a little differently than when you’re in a different arena every week, but I love it because it’s easy for me, it’s just a drive every week so I can’t complain with my commute. Also, it makes everyone feel more comfortable because it’s the same spot and the same areas where you reflect before you do your promo. Our fans are amazing in Orlando so that’s really nice. They have a cool setup, especially with 2.0. I like it, I think it’s awesome.”

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