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Maria Kanellis On Not Micromanaging ROH Women’s Division, Allowing Wrestlers Freedom To Express Creative Ideas

September 28, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Maria Kanellis ROH

In a recent interview on the Battleground podcast, Maria Kanellis discussed not micromanaging the ROH women’s division, allowing wrestlers the freedom to express their creative ideas, and much more. Here are some of the highlights (via Fightful):

Maria Kanellis on the challenges of performing without a crowd: “One of the most interesting things right now about Ring of Honor is the fact that because we don’t have a crowd, we are trying to figure out what comes next. You know, what’s going to be good, what’s not. You’re also trying to play to an audience that doesn’t give any feedback, though, here we are, and we have to make sure we hit those cameras because that’s all we got right now. Our production team is fantastic, they are amazing, and they capture everything with the quick-moving style of Ring of Honor, like the fact that they capture what they do is incredible, but you must remember that that’s who you’re playing to right now.”

On not micromanaging the ROH women’s division and allowing wrestlers the freedom to express their ideas: “So as far as my part and what I’m doing right now, I am not micromanaging. I don’t do that. Is there an idea? Yes. Is there a concept? Is there a direction? Sure. Can that direction change? Of course, it can. Yeah, but I do not micromanage. I do not give people a script. There are a few women that want more structured scripts. Sure. But for the most part, we do not micromanage and everyone is collaborative. So we will sit down, we will discuss it, if it’s not working, let’s fix it. If someone’s suggestion is better, let’s do that. I don’t want to be the focus. I’ve spent 17 years in this industry, I can take a step back, I’m totally fine with that.

“If my idea sucks, and if the segment sucked, I will own it and say, I’m sorry, I will fix it. Like, I am okay with that. Because at the end of the day, everything stops with me. That’s just how I work. But at the same time, we will try things, and whatever it is, we’ll figure it out. There are many things over the course of this tournament that did change and there are many — even the guys have thoughts and ideas about it. Especially, you know, veterans, like, The Briscoes or Lethal, or if they ever have a suggestion, I want to hear it, show them these brilliant minds and wrestling. I want to hear them. I have no ego. I just don’t.”