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Marigold Reportedly Has Working Agreement With WWE, Giulia Expected To Work Both

April 19, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Marigold Fields Forever Image Credit: Marigold

previously reported, STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa announced the launch of a new promotion called Marigold, which holds its first event on May 20. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Marigold has a working relationship with WWE, and Giulia, who is believed to be headed to WWE, will work for both companies. Giulia’s deal is not finalized at this time due to visa issues. The plan is for her to work both companies for a period of time, before she and her family move to the US. Either way, Marigold expects to work with WWE and have Giulia appear on several shows per year.

WWE flew Giulia and Ogawa to Wrestlemania 40 to make the deal. It was noted that Ogawa is hoping to get IYO SKY and Kairi Sane for a major Marigold event this summer.

There had been talk back in late 2023 of Ogawa working with WWE in some capacity, and at the time, he told Triple H that he would be starting a new promotion soon. It was noted that Ogawa is the sole owner of Marigold and WWE does not have any kind of stake in it. They also did not put any money into the new promotion.

As for Giulia, it was previously reported that she will debut on July 7 in Toronto and will challenge for an NXT women’s title. However, she does not have a working visa at this time. It’s possible that she could work the event without it. The belief is that once she starts with WWE, with the exception of a prior commitment, she will no longer work in Japan for anyone other than Marigold. She will also get a family support staff that will move to Florida with her, and a residency has already been set up.

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